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First proper day back!

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And they weren't hideous!! :wub: In fact, the 2 hours I spent with my form were almost pleasant (although they demanded a minute's silence for Steve Irwin, and it was the only time they were genuinely silent for the entire time :rolleyes: ). Year 10 and year 9 classes were both thoroughly squashable (and even managed to work in silence for a bit!). The 10s are gonna be quite fun I think, just hope I can drag pieces of coursework out of them. A couple of characters but I think I can put up with them cos the rest of the class are pretty nice. Considering the Year 9s are a second bottom set, they were really good! Only 2 beastly ones and I had words with both of them :D I did end up with 5 kids in at break, 2 at lunch and one in at lunch tomorrow, but it's good to be mean for the first few weeks. Year 9 drama was as expected - chaotic, and I didn't really know what I was doing, but they weren't bouncing off the walls and we pretty much got through the lesson plan. As first ever drama lessons go, I'd call it a success! Need to be meaner with the group on Thursday cos there's a right beast in there - hopefully he's leaving at Christmas though! :D

Lovely year 11s and sweet year 9s tomorrow... :( I'm almost looking forward to going to work :D

It won't last...

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