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Went to Camelford and Tintagel, saw Gran she's looking thin. At Tintagel we drove passed the battle for Camelot re-enactment which looked cool but Cornwall was packed. Lunched in Boscatle, more family and wedding is June 16. There's a few B&Bs up for grabs tho - so we did think maybe we'd buy one and we saw a mobile home towing a car and K said that was the answer. Most of the pixies are bare stone now - shame i preferred their bright colours.

Tonight it's damn hot!

Just been reading the Paganism thread - wow! It's crazy how analytical these people are and Neitzche is possibly the icing on the cake. And this stuff about the mind too. Unbelievable seems they've never come across the medicine wheel. And to say spirit can destroy soul - we all get consumed by fire! It's all very amusing and an interesting insight into how science will never find anything of the old ways. Someone did mention the interconnectedness of the old religions, but I'm unprepared to waste so much hot air on another religious argument thread.

EDITED: I ignored my own council and posted.

Checked B&B prices around Tintagel they're only half a million but it would mean selling this and no more festivals - we'd have guests. We couldn't close in hi-summer. Will have to consider it if we ever get bored of festies all summer long.


Target Practice

Well two significant things today:

Firstly it's the first anniversary of my Dad's death. It's depressing having no family as they're the only folks actually interested in what you're doing. I've seen him briefly in the 'otherworld' and he's happy enough i think. But I've kind of knocked the whole spirit stuff on the head the last few months, too many people opposed to my views i guess and withdrawn myself from the edges of the spiritworld. I've had the occasional trickster, laughing at my situation and flash of other paths but not often and i feel too filled with inertia to dive into other possibilities.

I've not returned his shamanic mask and staff to Vanuatu yet, who knows when I will? My sister wants us to and says he asked her to return them upon his death. But the journey creates too much fear to consider, maybe I need some kava to grow more adventurous. Meeting all those village elders without him! It's weird to think he met so many religious people over the years, took part in so many ceremonies and was so prepared for his death - but it doesn't help the fact he only hinted of his impending end and had to travel half way around the world to die near the temples he felt most spiritual at. I still don't feel he's assimilated into the universe yet tho. Possibly he's around my grandmother or his wife or even us, his children at times.

At least he was able to go to the temples of the clouds, not restricted like mum was with her cancer, unable to even leave the confines of the hospice. Her spirit seems have dissolved willingly into the waters of the world however and I'm used to her passing now. Doesn't say i don't miss them both occasionally.

The inertia continues into my existence, wasteland indeed, I can't face either Grandmother or step-mother today and really i should get in touch. Perhaps tonight after the second thing - Our first archery lesson. Hope it's good and the weather holds off long enough for our 2 hour session. We're both a bit nervous about it. Z for her performance and me for the people - I mean what type of person is an archer? Guess we'll find out in an hour or so.


No they don't wear green tights. They were actually quite cool down to earth people and after a while i was hitting bullseyes (Gold!) everytime. Got asked if I'd done it before as i had natural 'string walking' - how cool is that?

In further developments to point one:

Off to see my nan tomorrow for lunch, cheer her up a bit - i phoned her in the end. After step mum had phoned she's away tomorrow til 18th and dad showed up - well kind of - she heard a noise as though she'd dropped something, looked and there were her earrings from her wedding day which had been missing for years - she was convinced she'd lost them abroad. Nice of him to do that for her i thought. Made her day too. Though she's a bit low, obviously. She was putting a very brave face on.


To explain for Bus:

So it's May and we've got 12 festivals line up for the year. So K takes the car into Nationwide for a complete service, explaining it's got to do about 2000 miles in the next 3 months and we're prepared to pay to ensure it all runs smoothly.

Should have guessed when she came to pick it up at the allotted time and it was still in bits, that it was gonna go pear shape. However they said it'd be ready in half an hour, so a coffee later she leaves the garage.

During the drive to Wychwood the car sounds a bit ropey. So it's taken back in for a check up and given a clean bill of health.

IOW the next weekend turns into a disaster, it's a hot weekend, the fan breaks, the engine overheats and the radiator cracks. We limp into Newport hours late and can't get on site as the Press Box has closed, we miss the first night and have to B&B it.

Car is looked at by another Nationwide garage, who patch up radiator and ensure fan works by us manually plugging and unplugging it.

When we get home car goes back to Nationwide, apologies and new radiator and they 'check nothing else is wrong'

We next use the car for Cornbury on journey home engine sounds funny and fan is making funny noises, suspension is creaky. Guilfest a week later and the journey home becomes a nightmare. It takes hours and hours to limp home, with no fan - the thing has disintergrated - we're doing 20mph and getting too tired - no garages open on A303 and engine starts miss firing and timing slowly becomes more shot away.

Car goes back into Nationwide, shattered fan is replaced, they say it's fine. Timing still shot away and it's misfiring. We consider selling it and decide to see how much we'd get part exchange.

K takes it to her 'old' garage for an estimate, they show her (we know nothing about engines) oil leak over engine, cracked Cam cover, damaged fuel line, damaged cam belt, exhaust to engine thingamy is missing, exposed bit of engine that is anything flew up inside would break it. Fan is still cracked - plastic shatters in hand! Both brakes and suspension are 'dangerous'

They recommend not using car full stop. It is due MOT next week and won't pass on anything. K and Z see a new car they fall in love with. We get hire care for weekend to get us to Reading, and use Fiat around town until finance is agreed. Fiat will be scrapped tomorrow after we gave it to garage today.

K is livid with Nationwide, got a detailed report of what's wrong with Fiat along with their report of clean bill of health! She's mad, wants compensation and has photos of damage, negligence and broken stuff. she's emailed head office using tips on wwww.howtocomplain.com.

We have new car which we'll stay on path to wilds of Dartmoor to pick up Z tonight in.


Having seen the bbc coverage of Big Green Gathering today I rather wish i was there then i followed the links to Truck http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/collective/A13343843 - and I'm definitely going next year it's the week after Guilfest. so here's the plans already for 2007! subject to change of course!

So that'll be:

Hi Fi South (possibly) or Run to The Sun (we've never been and it is local)

Wychwood (essential)




Cornbury/Priddy (more likely the former)

Guilfest (possibly line up dependent) or possibly Larmar Tree although more likely is Tolpuddle in 2007

Eastern Haze, Village Pump or as i say most likely Truck (as it's nearer)

WOMAD 25! (which makes six festies on the bounce! From Glasto, is this possible?)

More than likely Guilfest week will have to be chopped out. Or Calling scrapped depending on headliners.

Big Chill (possibly)

Endorse It or Shhhhh. (depending how good the former is compared with the latter.)

Beautiful Days 5

Reading Festival or Sunrise (The latter being much nearer)

Pilton Party/Folkfest (one's the night before the other - must get tickets next week for this year's)

I'm hoping to add next year and Out There if it's on and Lost Festival too.

That's 14 festivals next year! No way K will go to all of them! More than likely do 12.


Said goodbye to the old Fiat this morning - it's only a piece of metal right. But I've got feelings for the thing! I mean it's got 3 Glasto parking stickers on it. It's got those dents in it. It's got character! The new car looks all new and errrr new. It's not got that personalised look to it. Gonna miss the bleedin' thing and I don't even drive!

In other news need to remember to book tickets on megatrain for the footie - Plymouth v QPR (seems there's loads of us going now). Need to join the Everton DC supporters club from Vina Del Mar - where i was born!

And Stuey 22 has only got his new G/f who is 16 pregnant! We won't be ribbing him about it oh no, the flavour of the language might be a novelty tho! :rolleyes:

Off to some pub in the wilds of Dartmoor tonight - it's not the same when it's not cold and snowy!

Fish still alive! Just!


lazy days

Ah well the boss is still away, says he may not even be back by Friday - bonus ball!

Spent most of last night trying to fix the Quake virus - bloody nightmare! Mind you if i wasn't such a cheap skate I'd by proper malware protection instead of winging it with Microsofts oblivious Defender (Beta) also 2 of the fish are suffering.

One has dropsy (Neon Rainbowfish) and the other is on the bottom looking a bit on her last fins (Blue Gourami). So checked water stats - all spot on! Dammit why are there particular breeds so bleedin' hard to keep? Lost more of these than anything else. All the rest of them are happy as Larry including the baby black neon.

Endorse-It tickets arrived this morning as did a present for Z. Still not bought the laptop she wants for her birthday - still hunting the cheapest deal. Looks unlikely what with the new car (Mitsubishi Colt) well smart with ambient night lighting that we'll be able to book the tipi now! :(

Which reminds me must order moonlights for fish off ebay - oh and a dress and big wig from around the French revolution - for Endorse-It Ladies Day and the Beautiful Days Ball.

right better do the two German magazines, see if a Beautiful Days site map is up (posted meet details - bet they move the bar.) everytime i arrange a meet the site has changed so the tent isn't there!

Oh and forget chav the new phrase is OMGy - heh heh innit, you get me, yeah? :rolleyes:



So here is my first ever errr blog. No idea what I'm doing but at least I've finished my WOMAD review and can concentrate on my daughter's birthday organising, possibly even buying her a present. and whether we can afford the tipi at Endorse It.

Well with this agreed

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it's gonna be fairly sparse innit. :rolleyes:


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