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What a day!

Wow - slightly hung over after a glorious weekend. The mighty Everton thrashed the Reds! Yay! We managed to find a pub to watch it in. For a while yesterday we were top of the League!!!

I'm able to tolerate smoking marshmallow leaves and so severely cutting down on my nicotine intake! Plymouth were all over QPR and unlucky not to have won - they drew - but the team are playing football Akos (golden boots) is class and so is the mighty Uncle Barry. They're good enough on yesterdays performance to fight for play offs. Plymouth isn't half as nice a city as Exeter tho and the new development meant we missed the train! Today I've cleaned the whole house and really enjoyed being at home on such a nice day. Currently in a middle of a photo shoot.

And Exeter has a load of decent music coming up soon, some real quality acts at The Phoenix too, it's all good!


Back to School

Well I'm being driven mad at work by Sleeping Beauty - I'm putting a comic book with games in it of the story together and the story is too short so I'm having to pad the thing out and trying to do it by just adding floss rather than my natural instinct to add superfluous stuff and confuse kids through out Europe. You know like saying she had a puppy or that her sister escaped the curse etc. But no i have to stick to the traditional story, bah.

Anyways, it's also the first day back at school. And Z's first day at 'big school' she was up before 6am and dressed. She's so excited and I'm so proud of her, if a little in shock that by the time she leaves this school she'll be old enough to leave home!! Kids grow up fast!

We had all the photographs taken before she left with grinning from ear to ear and a uniform - a little on the big side and now she's started her first day. Something she's been planning for ages.

Buying a new bag (bags), pens, folders, pencils, pencil cases and loads of stuff for months. Guess she'll be gearing up for Halloween next. Which reminds me I forgot to tell her to ask three of her friends if they want to do the Halloween costume shoot this weekend. I doubt she'll remember with everything else going on. Blimey, it won't be long'til she's too old to do that too!

Giving up cigarettes is putting me in a bad mood! As is the whole gettting up early thing! worse still i better forgo the pub tonight and go straight home to hear all about it! What with that and having to watch the England match at home, it's going to be a bit of a culture shock tonight.

Heard some good news from Neil but I can't say anymore than that.


Unfit 3 months!

Ack ack ack!

went to the gym lunch time for the first time in 3 months - couldn't face the weights so did a 6K cross train over some hills and backwards for a while for half an hour in total. Damn thing almost killed me! I'm now feeling very stiff and achy!

Conclusive proof doing festivals for weeks on end does not make you fit! But at least I've been off the ciggies again for a few days now. Mind you my sweat was so stinky due to Black Reading Flu - i think it's best to burn my gym kit in a controlled environment! :D

/me Collapses on the floor! :P



My daughter was just watching CBBC and they had a TV show on called Friends International a tv programme about a girl who had moved away from her friends in England to Vanuatu - where i used to live.

In the programme they showed the Rossi restaurant and it's gardens where we used to play, the basketball courts behind our house, our house, Tanna beach - oh how i miss the beach! The volcano on Tanna, the Tanna holiday cottages, BPS primary school, the road from Vila to the golf course and loads more places - oh how it wrenched at me.

To see places i visited every day in my childhood and places I remember so well and have not seen in 22 years - they still look the same. If Z wasn't in need of a decent education I'd sell the house tomorrow and move back there. Guess i have to wait for her to finish school and my Gran to pass on before I have no ties holding here and i can go home. But I miss the place so much and it made me miss my parents too. Why did we ever come here to this country?

There will be more heart wrenching tonight as the Equator programme goes to Indonesia tonight, a place my dad loved so much and died there. I doubt that it still looks the same as i remember it though, there's been too much development over the last 20 odd years.

I certainly don't feel like going to Folkfest again today. I don't feel like doing much. :P


blah Bad Weather

Well after a night filling my veins with real ale at the pub last night and awaking to find it's a hoolie outside we decided not to go to the festival today and stay at home instead. Which has been fine as there's lots of football on and the house needed a tidy up - but i keep crashin' out i need fresh air and a field to stay awake home comforts seem much too comfy and I've only been awake about three hours all day.


Feast of Footie

as posted in eballs:

We've arranged a jolly boys outing for the boys from Exeter to Plymouth as some of us support Plymouth and some QPR.

So we'll be going down there on the 9th september to watch the big game.

However before that Everton play Liverpool in the Moyseside Derby - and our train gets to Plymouth 15 minutes before kick off in that match.

Anyone recommend a pub showing the match by the station? As the pubs i go in before the football usually, have no tv's and are by the ground, not good for those of us in QPR shirts and i want us to be able to watch the game without hassle.

Then after the match we're back to the pub to see Man U play Tottingham - what a feast of football we're having that day!


Oh and Everton have The Posh in the Carling Cup, should be easy.


Black smoke!

Grrr - as usual returning from Reading has led to slowly feeling more and more like crap every day until yesterday a stream of black gunk issues forth from my nose and i get the Reading flu.

Now, i feel awful, my deadline at work has slid, my reviews of Reading sunday night still haven't been written - thankfully i took a huge wedge of notes and I've been in work half an hour and feel a mess.

We've got Folkfest at the weekend - and metcgheck has it as one of their events - which i think is quite cool and we're all looking forward to seeing Dragonfly again. Our first free festival of the year and we're hoping it'll be at least as good as Strawberry Fayre.

I've also managed to sort out with Granty somewhere to stay for The Celtic Beer Festival in the vaults of St Austell Brewery!

Here's last year's info:

St Austell Brewery Celtic Beer Festival

The 7th annual Celtic Beer Festival at St Austell Brewery takes place on Saturday, December 3.

Now firmly established as a key date in Cornwall's social diary, the festival is one of the county's biggest and best parties of the year and is expected to attract hundreds of real ale and music fans from across the South West.

This year's event promises to be as atmospheric as ever, set in the unique surroundings of the old wine cellars and vaults beneath the Victorian brewery.

The festival is organized and staffed by volunteers from the brewery, together with suppliers, with all money raised going to local charities in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Dorset through the St Austell Brewery charitable Trust.

As well as the opportunity to sample St Austell Brewery's own award winning ales, there will be a great range of real ales donated by local and national brewers across Cornwall and the British Isles and St Austell's head brewer Roger Ryman has been busy working his magic to create more than a dozen special beers just for the day.

More than 80 brewery staff will be on hand to run the day and make sure guests have a brilliant time. This year for the first time all food will be provided by a team of St Austell Brewery's pub managers led by St Catering Development Manager, Paul Drye – all using fresh Cornish produce and some using beer in the ingredients. The team will be putting in all their efforts for free and all food profits will go to local charities.

Music is an important part of the day and the line up includes a combination of local and in-house bands offering a mixture of rock, dance and soul. The line-up features:

12- 2pm Cunning Old Celts

2.30-3.15 SOS

3.30-4.00 Save from Oblivion

4.15-4.45 Paris

6.00-8.00 Horseband

9-11 Sex Slaves from Hell

St Austell Brewery Head of Marketing Jeremy Mitchell said: "The festival is always a fantastic event, with an unbeatable atmosphere and something that everyone at the Brewery is looking forward to."

The St Austell Brewery Celtic Beer Festival takes place on Saturday December 3 from 11am to 11pm in the vaults below St Austell Brewery.

Tickets £5.00 per person - includes free commemorative glass.

The vaults are huge and there's stages and bars all set up underground - old school cornish style like they would in the old Smuggler's caves. Live music, local food and great beer. Green light for 02 December 2006

It's £5 again this year! :P

A lot of these click are also there! Yummy!

More pics here!



Reading was awesome saw loads of bands and have loads of write ups to do, stayed up til late watchin the cabaret, really knackered now but had the best Reading for ages. We were gonna knock it on the head, but with it being so good, not sure we can! Turns out GreenMan doesn't clash with it. But i do wanna do Sunrise if it's on. Have to wait and see.

Here's my score card for the weekend:


Mr Fogg -7 pretty nice

Duels - 6 alright

Fields - 8 like it crazy Icelenadic influence

Send More Paramedics - 8 Zombie Rock

Panic! At The Disco - 7 Karma Police and bravery in adversity clinched it

Guillemots - 6 better than usual

Gogol Bordello - 10 blinding!

Peaches - 6 fun but it grated after a while

Fall Out Boy - 4 run away big mistake!

The Sunshine Underground - 8 gonna be big!

Mystery Jets - yawn 5

Bouncing Souls - sounded better than the band above 7

Secret Machines - super! 8

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - 9 would be 10 if the sound was better

The Vines - 8 smashin' literally!

Bodycount -10 "f**k Tha Police, mother hubbard!"

Twilight Singers - 8 shame about the weather

Tim Tin Yen - 7 laugh out loud feel good funnyman

Bedouin Soundcalsh - 9 lovin it!

Cabaret 10 - goth soundtrack for necrophilia and blood lust with tits my kinda show!


Flogging Molly 9 - jiggy jiggy jiggy!

Wolfmother 7 proficient metal

Milburn - 8 Arctic Monkeys 2

Be Your Own Pet - rubs knees! 7

Futureheads - thought they'd be rubbish but 7

Automatic - 6 for band (10 for crowd)

Alexisonfire - wow! 9

Flogging Molly - yeeeeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh 10!!!

The Fratellis - groovy party 9

Raconteurs - music lesson in class 10


Mastadon - noize! 5

Metric - lovely gonna be huge 8

Tapes'n'Tapes - Dissappointing 5

Humanzi - old skool! 7

Forward Russia - why? 5

Dresden Dolls - awesome! Drumming and War Pigs! 8

Less Than Jake - Yeah! 8

Lady Sovereign - impressivevbacking band better than i epxected 7

Hope of The States - it's all over now! 8

Goldie Lookin' Chain - still works 7

Broken Social Scene - wow! 8

The Klaxons - who? 10

Placebo - band 4 tits 6

LarrikenLove - 7

Hot Chip - groovy 9

Pearl Jam - mighty 10! Awesome!

Saw 46 acts plus bits of others! an impressive tally i reckon. eFesters count was pretty good too. Met pogal, timmah, shrew, granty, paul tm and the twag. Not too bad seeing as i missed the meet. Plus i met Ffi from Endorse-It's brother and Potts (lest i think it was him) from Pronghorn - who knew far too much about me! :D . The eFesters lighters all went in 20 minutes!

Had a fame moment when i met Robbie and Tubes from Soccer AM, told them they were the most famous people i knew as far as i was concerned, oh how we laughed! saw the Premiership trophy up close too - Man U have won it a lot! And took a piccy of it- it's bigger than i thought it was. it was there because Reading had made the Premiership.

All the fish were quite happy with us being away but demolished the orchids! Cheeky gits can't they eat the cheap plants?

Z is making her directorial debut this week making a film at the Arts Centre and I'm having to source models and a location for the Halloween issue of the magazine as well as write up my Reading notes. Soon as festivals finish my work load goes up, typical.

Ah well it's already tuesday and last festival of the year is on Saturday, least i can have a blow out at Imperial this friday. Before we start to scrimp and save for next year! :P


Reading tonight

Feeling reasonably excited today - and no it's not the outtolunch rum on the way to work! My magazine for today has been put back to tuesday - result!

Not only that metcheck predicts much better weather for Reading - yay! Well except for the packed I've packed all wet weather gear and no chance to repack before we leave.

As it could be the last year we go for a while we'll try to cover nearly every band! A slog but we're both up for it this year.

I appear to not need sleep anymore K thinks this means I'm getting old as i have had late nights being up for ages

Last night i was putting our 'efest and friends' photos on here:


I tried to put them on the photo galleries on the forum but kept getting error messages and then got a message saying I had used up my album allocation - so i scratched it.

We realised we'regetting old tank syndrome with the fish tank - hence the sick fishes - good old tropical fish forums helped me out - my KH (Calcium) levels in the tank were crashing - i forgot to put some salt in since about May! So we sorted the tank with salt and blackwater extract and the fish look well happy now.

Set fish feeder last night too. So they should be fine for the next four days. Just hope there's no powercuts.

I've also discovered myspace! oooo hours of fun!


Beautiful Days was great it was so good to meet so many of our friends that we'd not seen all summer! Least we'll meet twice next year with Glasto back on.



Beautiful Daze is all written up, and I've just got one mag and two covers to go and then it's Reading Festival. Gotta check the stats on the fish tank tonight and have got me hair cut. Could do with an early night tonight.


Beaut Days Overview!


Bloomin’ Heck! What a Ball! I couldn’t wait for the fourth Beautiful Days hoping it would at least live up to the previous three, which from its superlative start has been bettered each year.

I really should put more faith in the organisers, Exeter-based promoter Dave Farrow and friends who really have nurtured the growth of Beautiful Days carefully and are clearly realising their vision to put Devon at the top of the festival tree.

This year’s festival was better and grander than ever! Not only that seemed like everything I moaned about last year was fixed too. The rains of 2004 returned but our spirits weren’t dampened and I only wore a plastic emergency poncho briefly for about an hour all weekend as there was plenty of places, stages and tents to hide out of the rain and at some points lightning and thunder, making those in the crowd who went to last year’s Glastonbury skittish but it drained away leaving hardly enough mud to make hand prints out of.

At first glance the bill looked lightweight compared to previous heavy punchers in earlier years. But there were some great performances, which I really enjoyed over the weekend and the weather and the billing conspired to send people further a field and discover new things.

Whether it was the workshops of the kids’ area, entertaining performers. Escot Education, the ‘Pussy Parlure’ Spiegel Tent, the tipis of The Bimble Inn or of course the two covered stages of the two Big Tops or the Otter Brewery fuelled Beer tents, festival goers found new experiences in the cover from the rain.

The Pussy Parlure and The Bimble Inn were new additions to the festival as were additional traders and caterers but still not a corporation or mega franchise or advertising in sight. The great choice of festival shopping and wide selection of very sensibly priced food and some colourful characters to sell it to you had also been expanded.

The size of the whole site had grown with the car park now on the flat cornfield at the top of hill opposite the site the family field running down the steep side of the slope and the campervan field on the more level flanks.

The number of tents seemed much more and the distance to the usual camp spot seemed much further, so thank goodness for Trikes4transport and their cycling taxis, it took just a few minutes to find one and for a very reasonable price everything from the car was transported to the campsite in one trip, more time to put the tent up, relax in the sun and enjoy a beer at a hugely grin inducing price of £2.20 for their very own Beautiful Days. Yummy!

I’d been concerned that busy crowds would lead to a lack of mobility about the site, shuffling in crowds is no fun and having no space anywhere would ruin the festival, but it never seemed to feel that full of people in the arena, numbers being comfortable and everyone happy. I met so many new people I’d not met before, random encounters, a chance comment, a grin or something amusing to watch would break into conversations that could last hours.

Then you’d meet them again the next day as the numbers are small enough to be able to do that, no need to phone my mates, old skool ‘festival meeting’ style returned where I’d just bump into them sometime later. The best thing about more people being there was that more dancing in front of the stages, more crowds to clap with, more to laugh with, drink with and mix with.

I’d possibly be worried if it continues its expansion too much more, but it was an effortless leap in these first four years really and with all the sight art, the performers, the bands, the children and the fun it retains the true spirit of festivals. The only downside the campsite toilets took a hammering from the extra numbers, as there didn’t seem to be any more than last year.

The small festivals really seem to be getting themselves organised into tremendous weekends of fun. I’ve not even mentioned the bands, purely because Beautiful Days offers so much more and this year they added the spicing on the top with the Masked Ball! The Ball was an occasion to remember with the audience masked in designs from the simple to the resplendent, the band members joined in, huge glitter balls hung from the stage, an amazing night and a brilliant festival idea.

It really made the weekend for me personally walking through a bizarre crowd of people. Seemed everyone was getting involved, from adapting wine boxes, leaves or caution tape to make a mask, to whole costumes which counter-pointed the robots, rabbits, scuba divers, mermaids, bears, bathing gents, camel riders, chefs and chickens, landing officers, queens, fairies, angels, giants, demons who were wandering around the festival all weekend!

I’ve been lucky to go to so many good small festivals this year and Beautiful Days has been the friendliest and once again at the top of the festival list for 2007. Thanks to Mr Farrow, The Levellers and everyone else involved in making it so wonderful and who make it better every year.

Another fabulous weekend in a field and let’s not forget the fantastic music. I said earlier before I went I thought the line up was weaker than previous years. Well that’d be because the organisers had found some lesser-known gems. See day write-ups for band reviews. In fact personally Beautiful Days was about so much more than the bands, they merely complemented the whole experience.

The whole family can’t wait to go to the fifth birthday one next year; I really wish I was still at the festival, a magnificent weekend Ball with an unsurpassable atmosphere. Beautiful site, Beautiful people, Beautiful Days!



Blimey how good was that finale last night? Wow! Levellers rule! Brilliant weekend - musically a bit average at times, but lots of folks to meet - the most friendly festival of the summer. The most fantastic fun 10-12,000 people can have in a field! Cycle Taxis were such a brill idea! That walk would have been a killer else! So many people met, so much fun had! No more vodka!!!!

And i pegged Jeremy, B) but i think it fell out of his dreads!


No beer at the pub!

Last night went up the New North Bridge Inn for a beer and they had none - only bottles and cans no draught stuff at all!!! Never been to a pub without beer before.

Worked my butt off in work and it's all done, awaiting proofing and signing off then I'm off to the pub and then home to pack for Beaut Days. Terrific!

Will blog when i get back!


Carnage! Total anarchy from start to finish, our daughter was alreadt tired (and so were we) from waking up at crack of dawn to see if her presents were about. Then waking us up to ask if she can open them. After a debauched weekend at Endorse-It my eyelids were still plastered shut and my brain wouldn work - so i was knackered anyway.

Present opening followed and then ensued hours of setting up her bleedin' laptop for her, and having to move the wireless router cos it wouldn't see it. Finally done and what happens one of the gouramis decides to pop her clogs and one of the neon rainbowfish has exploded on side of gills! Terrific! Quick burail of the gourami - you're not supposed to flush them down the loo as they carry tropical diseases and with our warm waters these days could spark an outbreak of some amazonian lurgey.

Next up buying decorations and a mountain of junk food, then putting up decorations. Kids have no bleedin' idea on tasteful decoration and even less about room layouts - much chaos and gnashing of teeth as balloons were put in doorways etc.

Then we collected the little darlings, got stuck in a traffic jam and arrived late for 10 pin bowling. Two games, four kids - three, THREE hours! I had a review of Endorse-It to do for chrissakes! junk food meal - and all the other kids use 4-6 sachets of tomato sauce on a plate under 4 inches across of fries! WTF! Plus constantly buy sweets! But only drink water cos it's good for them???!!! Mind you food and drinks (guinness for me) for all six of us came to £18 bargain!

Went out for a fag. The whole place is no smoking! and watched 14 year olds pissed out of their brains on cider fall over in the road or defy gravity and remain upright at dizzying angles while trying to get off with each other.

Came home, left them in living room, to eat more snacks, play games and bitch at each other. where i became a waiter pandering to their bleedin' wants for hours, until finally I miss Lost and get them to get ready for bed. Stick on Nanny McPhee and they settle down. I type like a nutter (sorry Neil or Speedyscott as it probably needs to be re-written) the Endorse It reviews, going off notes i clearly wrote while totally out of it on stuff.

Finish about 12.30 and decide to go to bed, downstairs the little darlings (of be-elzebub!) make a bleedin' racket all night! They stay up all bleedin' night! Making more noise than a 17 year old punk on speed and 5 gallons of cider! I can't sleep and prefer to stay awake as i know as soon as i fall asleep there would be a disaster and I'd only have to wake up. K sleeps throughout all of it! I need to buy ear plugs!

So now I have a mouintain of work to do and I'm knackered! I'm supposed to be seeing William tonight but have no idea whether he's read my message or whether I'll even make the pub! Footies on tonight too and I'm also supposed to be out for that!

anyway back to the grindstone and another small lake of coffee! But if you have kids don't let them talk you into letting them have a sleepover - not unless you go away for the night!


Endorse It Rulez!

Just got back from my best festival this summer! Grrrrreat! Truly tremendous, great music, great vibe, great people, great layout, great stuff! Great! A festival full of delights! Wonderful! Thanks LGO, Flounder, Pronghorn and everyone else - my daughter myself and the wife loved it! Eat Static were bangin' So many good acts that i have a whole bunch of highlights.


Endorse It

Well forgot to unset the alarm so got wokened at 6.30am this morning, so much for the lie in today. The weather here is grim and I have to agree with William that when it's like this it sure dampens your festival spirits.

But Metcheck now says some rain this morning (we aren't getting there til early afternoon so ground will be softer for tent pegs) Saturday temperatures hit 20 but there's a bit of mizzle in the morning (ah lie in weather) and a bit of rain Sunday night and then typical Monday is glorious!

(You really don't want to look at the weather forecast on Metcheck for Beautiful Days on Friday - bloody Bunnymen!) Which also reminds me - printed off the map oh no the car parks been moved and it's much further back looks to be the other side of next door's house! and we come in Fenny Bridges way on Blue as i suspected we would.

Anyways off for a bit, including Sunday at the centre of terrorism - High Wycombe! Yup better make sure we don't have any bottled water in the car! :ph34r:

Hope Endorse-It is as good as Shambala, my gut feeling is that it might not be, but i do hope I'm wrong. However Shambala have told me it's back on next year although they are looking for a new site!


Watched the F word two things:

1. Cooking garden snails is he mad? And feeding them to his kids! Reminded me of the minister and his burger!

2. He's a chef but he's never been to a slaughter house? How as part of my 706/2 i had to go to slaughter houses and reclaiming factories. How come he'd never been to one before is he not a real chef? -Surely everyone who eats meat should go to a slaughter house to see what happens? You can't think of meat dissaccoiated from animals surely? Had to laugh at how green Ramsey went!

Got kit all ready for Endorse-It - no idea how we're gonna fit it in the new car's tiny boot! Weather's looking okay for it - bit of rain early Sunday but we're off site early then anyway. Local weather forecast for Beaut Days looks okay to - bit of mizzle that's all.

Z's pre birthday excitement is reaching near explosive level!

OOOO ooooo and guess what? Dreadzone and Alabama 3 are playing Exeter in November at the Lemmy!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Z had her heart set on a laptop for her birthday - so i searched the internet and found an unheard of company called recracker selling hi spe toshibas for £299. Took the plunge and ordered. Bit my nails as no confirm came through. It only turned up 12 hours after my order was made! Then the confirm arrived on my email a few hours later!

Never guess who the invoice is from! Only PC World - bargain want a cheap laptop check these out:


I'm really impressed. ;)


Here Comes The Rain!

Everyone seems a bit despondant about the weather, but i don't seem to mind it in the slightest. K moans cos it effects her camera - and she has a point. But me I'm quite looking forward to my pint staying a bit cooler. Ground's too dry for much mud - so I'm happy. Only for Reading would it seriously get me down and that's only cos the whole place turns depressing. So I'm not that bothered!

I'm more worried about the non-appearance of Z's present from a website I've never used before! 24 hour delivery my arse!

I do already have that Oh no festie season is nearly over and there's still four to go. Then that's my holiday used up til Xmas! But on a plus note looks like we're gonna win the cricket! and on the downside Israel says it's now GOING to get serious - what were they doing before having a joke?

Which reminds me I must get around to putting V for Vendetta in my sig somehow. I'll do that now.

Liking the crazy plan to hide carbon underwater to cut down on global warming.

Reyes off to Madrid - hang on the shirt pic is from last season when arsenal played them. a dodgy story indeed and talking of that seems some Reuters photographer is in trouble for photoshopping his pics of Beirut. He's not done much darkened some smoke and added a lens flare :D;) Blimey the amount of photo shop we do - I'd never be allowed into Reuters!

and there's gonna be trouble at home tonight Lost clashes with Big Brother - where Z is hoping her hero Nikki makes a triumphant return. Sorted's on tonight too just to add to the complications as K likes to watch that. All this plus the Champions League ! Argggggggggggggggghhhhhhhh!

Oh and i thought I'd post this useful site in here. Makes it easier to find than searching Martin's PC! :D


Gonna miss the fireworks competition again:

British Fireworks at plymouth

This year's British Fireworks Championships in Plymouth will be bigger and better than ever, with all the previous event winners competing for the Champion of Champions title.

...and dartmoor has it's owen festival, heh ex-alarm heh loads of the old crowd going to this then! :)


Finally, as an ex-long distance runner! Well taking a long rest! :(

What the hell?click Cross Country is Child Abuse! Cos children are so fat! ;) Crazy world!


i don't like Mondays

It's the adjustment from the weekend and working in a sweat box. Did lots of work as I'm headed for a hugely complicated couple of weeks. Travelling to festivals, Z's birthday and a trip to High Wycombe all with hardly any days to do a mountain of work.

I'm feeling under the weather and irked by my mistakes, sometimes i wonder why i open my mouth when most of the time my factual knowledge is totally amiss. At which point i end up looking incompetent as usual. No idea why I'm feeling so low though - I've not even had any excesses i think perhaps I'm coming down from the last few festivals.

Whatever on a low ebb, but i decided to blog every day when i have access to a PC so that's what i have to do. Bought Zel's pressie tho and trying to work out how the heck i can fit in Muse!

Just remembered to re-fill the CO2 chamber and Jack and Sally the gouramis are still going strong.

What's going on with Andy van der Meyde? Seems he's been spiked in a bar in Scouseland - yeah right he had a beer too many i reckon. Shame i like players who get plastered. Hope he's okay tho - sure they'll give him some decent drugs in hospital!

The good news is there's an ISO downgrader for 2.6 for my PSP - so i can go and lots of games when I have more time. Fancy having a go on Field Commander and rthis:


Thou I'm patiently waiting for Kingdom Hearts 2.

The possibilites are endless in science news at the moment as they've been able to reverse evolution in rats. Lympstone Marine college has been doing the same with humans for years!

reversing evolution

Oh and panda cam has been showing baby's 1st birthday - that's cheered me up. ;)


More good local news Marcel is on the side of the Romanys and adding weight to a proper traveller site for them:


Cllr Choules said it was time to provide land for travellers. "I received several calls from people who are understandably upset about this camp," he said. "The police have been to speak to these gipsies, but there is little they or I can do while no proper gipsy sites exist.

"This is the middle of what I call gipsy season and while Devon County Council does not provide legitimate traveller sites, it will continue to happen year in year out." Those camped on the site were last night sitting around campfires and planning visits to beach resorts in the next few days.

Describing themselves as Romany gipsies, they said they would try not to intimidate park users. Peter Jones, 45, said they had been forced to set up an illegal camp. "Even though we're natives of this country, our culture and our needs are not catered for," he said. "In the Second World War our people, our fathers and grandfathers, fought for this country. We have no problems with other cultures coming into this country but they seem to be catered for while we are not.

"We teach our children old-fashioned traditions like hunting and fishing and living off the land. "Gipsy sites around the country have been shut down or are being run badly, so we are forced onto sites like this." He said they planned to stay at the riverside park for around two days. "Our dogs are tied up and we don't mean any harm to anyone coming through here," Mr Jones said.

Possibly I'll be a bit nicer to Marcel next time I see him. ;)


Mmmmm get your downloads on one of these!


Buffalo TeraStation Terabyte 1.0TB Network Attached Storage

that's 1000 Gigabytes!

tempting at £600

Compatibility with Buffalo's LinkTheater Wireless HD Media Player allows wired or wireless streaming of your multimedia files to your television or stereo in almost any audio or video format. With its sleek, aesthetic design and ultra-silent operation, the Buffalo TeraStation Terabyte Network Attached Storage offers powerful storage, server and multimedia solutions for both the SMB and consumer markets. Combining advanced fault tolerant data solutions, robust file security, and Gigabit Ethernet networking,

Think of all the HD space that'd free up - three PCs worth of MP3s and MPEG4s. :rolleyes: