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Just ramblings probably

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ramble ramble..

work was actually REALLY good today, i normally enjoy it but today was just a bit more. Everyone seemed to be getting on and having a joke and stuff. which is awesome! I just need to work my balls off trying to save for my new car now.... eek... Im considering making this years trip to Glasto my current cars last journey.... which would be an awesome send off :blink:

Im getting a bit too excited about Glasto now.. hehe!!



I have officially been trying to give up smoking for about 6 days now. i didnt buy a pack for 5 of those days and have cut down from near 10 a day (at max) to like 2 or 3, which I am proud of. I didnt turn into a wreck either like a few of my friends!!

Plus, nicorette is horrible horrible stuff!

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