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I'd just like your feedback to a project I am currently working on please !!

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Hi :bye:...

i'd just like to ask if it would be possible for you to give me feedback for my uni work?

I'm currently studying advertising and have been tasked with a project where I have to create something with the Apple brand for music festival goers via a form of social media. I have come up with a concept and would love to have some feedback from you as you are part of my target audience. My concept is the following;

"Jam with a Music Artist" --

Apple will be hosting an annual online music festival using facetime (an online media form where a person can talk to another person live via video calls), but using an altered format. Facetime will be tweaked to allow up to 6 people in any given video call/chat, and will also have a musical instrument component added to it, whereby a person who signs into facetime can select an instrument to play. There will be music artists online on facetime waiting for people to create music with and converse with. Non-apple users may join in by visiting an Apple store, all of which will be dedicated to this online festival for that day.

The basic idea is that people who sign into this online festival can create/recreate music with a music artist live on facetime. There will also be an option to buy the track(s) you create on iTunes.

To see rough visuals, please feel free to visit this blog; http://dfasocialmedia.tumblr.com/

I would love to know if this concept appeals to you? If so/if not, why? Thank you

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