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Terribly chirpy today. Doesn't the sunshine just make life better? No teaching today, 3-day weekend and nothing to do all weekend - bliss!

Happy bank holiday all!



So Thursday was Infadels day, at ULU, and aside from it being a muuuuch bigger venue than last time, and the fact that I had work the next day and wasn't drinking, they were superb again. I had been planning to leave early (they didn't come on til almost 10!) but once they started I had to stay and dance til the end. That "I Like Your Head" song is just so catchy. Acoustic version of "One of These Days" was excellent too. Put the album on my headphones as I ran down Tottenham Court Road to get to the tube station, and stood at Victoria dancing on the platform. Didn't get home til 1 in the morning, but was still dancing in my head!

Saturday night was the night I've been waiting for since I randomly picked up a copy of Deja Entendu in the HMV at Victoria station on my way to uni one day in 2004. I don't really know what to say other than "Wow". I did feel quite old in there, as expected! But the crowd were one of the absolutely best crowds I've seen at a London gig in years, especially in such a large venue (compared to the Damien Rice fiasco a couple of years ago, it was worlds apart). We all sang every single word, hands in the air, lighters (!) up, no pushing, no shoving, very, very little talking between or during songs, friendly and all so up for it. Was suprised that the front of the crowd didn't look that mental, especially during some of the louder bits, but some guys on the tube on the way to Victoria were talking about a circle-pit so there must have been something going on!

Say Anything were a pretty good support but to be honest we turned up late, though the fact a lot of people missed the irony of "Admit It" at the end made me smile a bit. Brand New appeared shortly after 9 and kick started with Tautou followed by Yeah. After that it's a blur, but they played pretty much all of Deja, bar one track. They also threw in the No Seatbelt Song AND Soco Amaretto Lime, which I love! One of the other demos made an appearance, there was a huuuuuge long breakdown in Okay I Believe You where something went on with some guy on stage, and Jesse threw his guitar up in the air and let it drop. The first encore was Take Apart Your Head (apparently the lead single from the new album, and very, very good), Sic Transit (Die young and save yourseeeeelf! Man, that was good!) and SeventyTimesSeven which was enough to send me into palpitations - truly, truly, truly, awesome. After that, the rest of the band left the stage and Jesse played a semi-acoustic Jude Law and Play Crack the Sky. I couldn't have asked for more - other than them coming back to do it all over again :rolleyes:

Only 2 little niggles though - 1) Why nothing from the rest of the band? It was like The Jesse Show - he did the final encore and the rest of the band weren't even on stage. None of them said a word throughout (Jesse was quiet too, especially in the first half hour) and they left the stage with barely a see-ya. Kinda weird I thought - the band need to work on their people skills! 2) Sometimes it was incredibly difficult to hear either Jesse's vocals or what he was saying in the few times he did speak to the audience. Not sure if that was cos of where we were standing or a sound issue, but it was a shame. Regardless, those two things are hardly enough to come close to spoiling the night.

And the best news? We got a release date for the album - 70 days and counting til November 21st!

Last but not least, on a bit of a high after the gig, we headed to Brighton for the Freestylers album launch at Audios and danced our arses off til 4am. They were exceptional. I really love that place - compared to some places like the HoneyClub, it's so unpretentious and friendly. Noone tries too hard and everyone smiles at everyone. 'Twas good stuff. Got home at half 5 Sunday morning so was f**ked for work on Monday but My God, this weekend was worth it! :wub:


First proper day back!

And they weren't hideous!! :wub: In fact, the 2 hours I spent with my form were almost pleasant (although they demanded a minute's silence for Steve Irwin, and it was the only time they were genuinely silent for the entire time :rolleyes: ). Year 10 and year 9 classes were both thoroughly squashable (and even managed to work in silence for a bit!). The 10s are gonna be quite fun I think, just hope I can drag pieces of coursework out of them. A couple of characters but I think I can put up with them cos the rest of the class are pretty nice. Considering the Year 9s are a second bottom set, they were really good! Only 2 beastly ones and I had words with both of them :D I did end up with 5 kids in at break, 2 at lunch and one in at lunch tomorrow, but it's good to be mean for the first few weeks. Year 9 drama was as expected - chaotic, and I didn't really know what I was doing, but they weren't bouncing off the walls and we pretty much got through the lesson plan. As first ever drama lessons go, I'd call it a success! Need to be meaner with the group on Thursday cos there's a right beast in there - hopefully he's leaving at Christmas though! :D

Lovely year 11s and sweet year 9s tomorrow... :( I'm almost looking forward to going to work :D

It won't last...


Back to work :(

Okay, so I know people say teacher's get tonnes of holidays, and it's true, we do. But I wish they were just a little bit longer :( First official day back at work today (sprogs return tomorrow) and I'm still thinking what the hell am I doing there but at least my classroom now looks all pretty and i've got timetables and set lists and stuff - rock and roll! :rolleyes:

Anywho, I met David Ford last week and I swooned a lot and talked like a drunken twat, but he did sign my ticket thing saying happy birthday which was lovely :wub:

What an incredibl boring blog! Infadels gig on Thursday though, that should be provide some kinda fun! :D



The next fortnight is relatively gigtastic compared to the rest of the year. In fact, the last gig I was at was waaaaay back in June (I think :P ). Sooo, I've got...

David Ford - The Borderline - Tuesday: Weeeeeeeeeee! Had a nightmare cos I didn't know about tickets until after they'd sold out (it was a tiny date at a bar with only 130 tickets on sale). Due to the floor collapsing, they moved it to the Borderline - cue extra tickets, a whole day and night clicking refresh and screaming at the computer and LiveNation website and then...Ticketmaster! Yay! So, 4 tickets later and I'm terribly excited! I love the Borderline, David's amazing live and am going with lovely peoples so :D big grins all round! And it's my birthday the next day, and I don't have to go to work....Weeeee! He's not played in the UK since...err....a far while back, and the January gig was fantastically good...And I don't think the next time will be til M&C in December and at this rate, the tickets for that will be a mission to get hold of. Anywho - much excitement, happy happy :)

Infadels - ULU - 7th Sept: They were fab at 100 Club in June (?) and I can't wait for this one - their last UK gig for a while according to them, they've promised some new stuff...Danced my arse off the last time, much of the same this time (but less alcohol, work the next day :) )

BRAND NEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Brixton - 9th Sept: Did I mentioned I'm going to see BRAAAAAND NEEEEEEEEEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Favourite band, first time seeing them, SO excited! The lovely dayglo and deutsche harru are joining me (I think) and one other ticket to get rid of. God, I want this gig to be good, I don't think I'd get over it if they're shit :) :)

Okay, so it's only 3, but it's in the space of less than 2 weeks! And then there's Maximo Park in October, but I keep forgetting about it so will probably end up missing it by accident.

If anyone wants a Brand New ticket and can be in London on 9th September - let me know!!


Beautiful Days

Well, that was interesing :)

Really glad I decided to go, albeit very last minute. Walking on to the site on Friday afternoon confirmed it was definitely the right decision. FF & Vicki were stars all weekend, saving me a camping space and everything and letting me harrass play with the most well-behaved one year old in the world (not to mention the cutest :D ) and looking after me when I was aimlessly wandering around. Was lovely to see loads of efesters on Friday at the meet (cider on an empty stomach really is not a good move) and up at camp efests late on Saturday (that laugh - my GOD - and karlhippy was possibly the funniest person to watch all weekend - did he ever make it back to his tent? :) ). Was sorry not to spend more time up there :)

Think I only saw about 4 full sets all weekend, but Gomez, Dhol Foundation, The Crimea and the Levellers rocked my socks in particular. Caught bits of Dylan Moran, Dreadzone DJ and Krafty Kuts, which all sounded rather splendid. The Pussy Parlure was ridiculously busy whenever I ventured in there, very hot and sweaty, but looked fab and the Bimble Inn on Sunday evening was a hidden pleasure :)

I ache in places I didn't know it was possible to ache - sleeping in a bed was heaven last night. Just the washing to get through now :P:)


Gaaah packing!

Packing has never been my strong point - packing for festivals even more so. At least I have tent pegs so in the inevitable event of torrential rain at BDs, my tent won't get swept away :D I don't, however, have any babywipes, food, money or drink and I've lost my Hugoo which is very annoying! If you don't already know - this is a Hugoo:


(Woman not included)

It's incredibly squishy and wonderful for sleeping, which bearing in mind the enorrrrrrmous coach trip, could be a godsend!

But where is the f**king thing?!!

So I need to spend tomorrow doing those last few minute things (like actually start packing B) ) and print my coach tickets, and give some stuff to the lovely Bruce to take down, and get my parents to drive down with my funky candle thing that I wasted money on and then left in the back of their car.

In the meantime, I have to let the people who built the flat in to have a look at my plumbing (ooer) cos downstairs still have water pouring through the ceiling from...somewhere in the building. And I have to entertain my brothers for the day. They're sleeping on the sofa at the moment and look very cute indeed (except for talking to each other in their sleep which a) freaks me out and b ) makes getting to sleeo very difficult).

And instead of getting on with any of this, I'm pissing about on the internet, as per usual! B)


Being happy...

...is rather nice ;) Despite everything that's going on in the world and my bank account, I'm a very happy bunique today. It's unusual. I could get used to it ;)

Still pondering some kind of festival business... Need an image of a smiley scratching it's chin and frowning.

Severely worried that at 21 I've already become jaded and cynical where the media and the government are concerned. Is it all downhill from here then or will I have my faith miraculously restored?!


Other people's lives

How addictive is it, reading other people's blogs? I mean, I've done the blogger and MySpace thing before, and apart from one friend in the States whose blog can make me cry laughing, I've never been that interested in reading what other people have to say. I guess it comes from "knowing" people on the boards (or in real life for a lot of 'em) that makes it more interesting. FF's tales of Erica's loveliness are a particular fave! :( I'm sure it also comes from being on holidays and mostly refusing to get out of bed until late afternoon (the theory that it makes me not hungry is working though, I reckon I'll have food left til the end of next week!), constant flicking between different sites for something new to read and at the moment these are updated pretty regularly - how long will that last?!

Trying to think of things to look forward to that don't involve going back to work. August is looking pretty shite, aside from my birthday, which may be slightly more interesting. David Ford is doing an "industry" gig the night before and it sold out before I even knew it was on (well, with only 130 tickets on sale, it's to be expected). Utterly gutted, there's a pair going on ebay but they're currently sitting at £97 with over a day to go. Having forked out a small fortune for Infadels tickets in June, I can't really justify spending the same again on these ones. Speaking of the Infadels, they're playing again in September, and as tickets are only a tenner I should probably be sensible and get them now, rather than wait til they sell out as well. Damnit, I hate being poor! And I've just discovered Nizlopi have new dates in September too, and their new stuff sounds rather lovely... They were positively wonderful at the Borderline in December - I'd love to see them again! Gah.

Oh well, Brand New in 32 days! I am practically buzzing with excitement. I realise I'm going to be one of the oldest people there ;) But damned if I won't be queuing up to be right at the front (although I'm scared of being squished by the mini-emos). I'm hoping that as it's been a while since they released anything, there might be a slightly older crowd there. No doubt it will be full of similar obsessives as myself. And one of two fellow efesters :D Please, please, please don't let it be shit, I've been waiting too long for this to happen :D

Oo, and then Maximo Park in October - but I don't want to think that far ahead, cos that far means work. And having to try and get another 6 months in the flat. And still being stuck in my f**king overdraft. And trying to save for Christmas and next year's festivals.

Enough moping! Tonight should put a smile on my face (it is already!). Time to go find out if my flatmate made it back from Crawley last night or if I should be calling Missing Persons... ;)


I hate being like this, as a I genuinely DO like my flatmate, but I've just got back from a week of being constantly surrounded by people (or more specifically, very chatty and mostly drunk Irish family members) 24/7 and I'm desperate for some peace and quiet. This morning was fine - flatmate and her visitor went out, house to myself, lazed around in bed, bliss. Now, just as I want to get up and wander around the house a bit, they're back and showing no signs of moving. I know I'm being terribly anti-social, but sometimes living with someone else can be a drag. She did just sell me 200 cigarettes for £20 though, and considering my state of current impoverishment, it couldn't have come at a better time.

I've decided on a plan of action for the next 17 days (until payday) : Move around as little as possible, then I'll use less energy and require less food and therefore save money! So far it's working quite well...

(Avoiding any thoughts of festivals and the fact I can't afford to do any this year and how utterly miserable this makes me ;) )