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We're on a blog to nowhere....

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Dare to believe.....?

Im moving into the house tomorrow....... Am I?? Dare I to believe this?! I've had more false starts in the last 2 months than Doug Ellis has fired Villa managers so I can't quite bring myself to accept that this time tomorrow I'll be unpacking... Last weekend seemed a dead cert for the move...so much so that I turned down the chance of meeting up with 5co77ie to watch Argyle, but at the last minute it was all called off..

But now we're all exchanged of contracts and its gonna occur!!!

Cue sorting out phone lines electricity broadband connections and playstation (i know my priorities!)... :ph34r:

Stay tuned bloggers to see how it all goes tomorrow! :)


And now for the news...

Gawd its been a month since I updated... Well time flies when you're.....erm......being tormented by mortgage companies and solicitors and the whole nightmare of trying to buy a house!

So what's happening in the trilling blog to nowhere then....??! Erm.....

Good news!

The new job is going really well. Great people here, already found some festival people among my new colleagues! Plymouth still feels like a cool place to spend a few weeks, and as its Plymouth Music Week Im hoping to get out to see Rev Hammer in the Barbican on Thursday night!

Bad News...

Due to the house still not being bought, Im still in lodgings. This isn't actually all bad at all - its cheap, I get all my meals and the folks running it are salt of the earth Devon folk (Aurite moi lorvvvve?!?!?) who seem happy to do anything to help! I couldn't ask for a better place to stay! But its still rather like living with parents, its not my own place I can call home etc, and the food though homely is....well....meat n 2 veg traditional... I walk back after work passed rows of curry places in the student area looking like a bisto kid following the scent of rogan josh, craving garlic and junk food! Maybe its just what I need after a summer of festival food and cider though!!

Good News!

Being able to escape work yesterday after a stressful day of haranguing the evil goblins who reside in the castle of ye mortgage lender, inventing ever more fiendish ways to torment the mortals who beg for their money (there's a pattern emerging here isn't there!?), jump into the car and within twenty minutes be sitting on top of Dartmoor watching the sun set from the most beautiful place, reminding myself why I moved down to this part of the country in the first place.

Bad News...

Because the house still is not bought (hmmmmm particularly strong patterns now...) Im driving back (upcountry - see Im getting with the lingo!!) to Worthing every weekend to be with Mel and Seb...which is a strain on all of us since I get there late on Friday, shattered, spend the weekend recovering and then drive back here on Sunday afternoon. Not great, and now certain to continue to January cos we've decided its best if Mel and Seb don't move down til after Christmas cos things have dragged on for so long, so that we can have a Christmas not surrounded by boxes and half unpacked lives, and so Seb can have his 8th birthday somewhere familiar. Makes sense, but means more time apart :)

Potentially good, potentially bad news...

The mortgage offer should be out today (hooray!) but the evil ones may put on a retainer (boo......and sounds painful :ph34r: ) because (wait for it) we need a damp proof course and the idiots who did the quote put in a massive over-estimate for the plastering work. Over 2k for partial replastering of one small room. As I have some knowledge of these things, and have mates who are surveyors and ... erm.... plasterers I know this is laughable and the evil gremlins have been told this. However, they in their knowledge of the arcane arts of accountancy, know better than us and they probably will want to hold back 2k of my mortgage money......I just know their beady little yellow eyes and green faces will light up at the thought of the inconvenience to which that will put me!!!

Can you tell Im a bit het up about the whole thing?!?!??!

But telling you about it all, dear efester reader (maybe being a bit optimistic there!) has relieved some of the angst...!

Anyroad, it does seem that the light has appeared at the end of the tunnel and I may soon be resident of Cornwall, all official like. Which Im looking forward to, and hoping that the St Austell beer festival will be a good opportunity for celebrating and catching up with Kaz and 5co77ie - if you're still up for it folks the offer of somewhere to sleepover still stands and Im hoping we can have a laugh and a natter and distract 5co77ie from his worries for a weekend.

Thats all folks. More when something exciting happens..... Oh, ok then, more when I can find the motivation! :)


A life in flux...

Finally found time to update the blog...! Well since my last missive, what's happened...

We moved me out of the flat and away from the Toryboy's stronghols (Witney). Me Mel and Seb had an epic day with me being inaugurated in the Official Union of White Van Man. Having never driven a transit before we collected a van from Worthing, drove it to Witney and loaded my life into the back, drove back to Worthing and unloaded my life into Mel's house, then took it back to the hire place. Total mileage 250, total time 12 hours, total cash £75. Bargain! Hmmm...Mel's house is full of boxes......ooppss!

We managed to fit stuff into various corners/against walls/under tables/blocked doors/under beds at Mels... Well.....more or less.....just watch out for the boxes by the door as you come in....erm...don't knock against them....they WILL fall on you! And watch out for extra tumble dryer in the kitchen......erm.....anyone want to buy a tumble dryer?!?

Continued chasing solicitors/mortgage people/estate agents/banks/uncle tom cobbley to get the house purchase sorted asap.... Isn't that the kind of the thing Im paying solicitors/mortgage people etc etc to do for me?!?!?!?!

Ended my job and had the last day presentations/night out for curry and lots of beer and was genuinely touched by the things people were saying. Isn't it a shame that you sometimes only find out how valued you were at a a place and how much you'll be missed once you actually leave? Aww bless em.

Started my job in Plymouth. What a place!! I knew a bit about the city but I've been blown away by the places and the contrasts I've found. OK it may have places which are ugly and deprived and frankly a bit dodgy, but its also got amazing buildings and cool neighbourhoods, and some of the new plans and developments are really exciting. The Barbican is touristy but has some really interesting shops and places to explore. And everyone is so friendly! And I think Im going to be persuaded to be a Plymouth Argyle fan too...!!

Im living in digs for the moment - a guesthouse which normally takes foreign students but due to a slack period as a few rooms free. Its a bit like living with your parents! Brekkie at 8, dinner at 6.30 (meat and two veg), and my washing done too! But its also friendly and relaxed and the owners are salt of the earth devon folk. Itll do for a few weeks, but I can't wait to get our house bought and sorted out....

So there you have it - life in flux but all starting to come together. So where should I go in Plymouth folks...I hear the Moody Blues are playing at the Pavilions next week?!?!?!? :D


Life in boxes!

Oh gawd its started then... Im in my flat and my life is contained in boxes....apart from the CD shelves which are boxes anyway.. The cooker is cleaned so Im living on ready meals for this week, and I have a list of things to do such as 'book van for friday', 'call all the people who send me bills to say that I won't be here after friday', 'cancel milk', 'go out for lots of farewell drinks with friends this week'. That last one will probably ensure that none of the earlier items get done and that Im late for work every morning. Such is life!

The main stress is being caused by the thought that I will be technically homeless after Friday. Our house in Cornwall is not ours yet - contracts not exchanged etc although things seem to be ok so far *looks for something wooden to grab* Im moving my life down to Stripey Socks house in Worthing, from where both our lives will be shifted west when the time comes. So for the next couple of weeks at least, that will be my spiritual home while I live out of a backpack as if I was a student again! Part of me is looking forward to that, the grown up in me is frantically trying to get the house sorted...

...it'll be done dreckly, apparently....

But its all happening, which makes me feel better. And I know that come October/November we have Spookfest. And December we have St Austell beer fest. And all the upheaval will be worth it.

And I also managed to download Foxy and Tom's Bodyrockers tribute "I like the way you moo", which I heard on a mates phone at Reading and which left me giggling and in tears for about 15 minutes. Get it from here and listen every time you need a lift! :rolleyes::wub:


Busy Times!

Wow busy few weeks and at last I have a chance to update the blog! Well in between frantic times at work trying to finish off as many jobs as possible, and trying to hustle along a house purchase for the big move south west, I managed to fit in 2 fabulous festies! My 4th Beautiful Days and it just seems to get better and better! We arrived on site in the afternoon on Friday in dazzling sunshine, having survived what appeared to be a visitation of the Indian Monsoon over Salisbury, prompting us to question the wisdom of going off to sit in a field for the weekend....how the place avoided a flood of biblical proportions is beyond me! Luckily a text from 5co77ie telling us that the sun was shining over a busy Escot raised our spirits! The festival was wonderful - many highlights including seeing so many efesters, toffee vodka :P , the Bimble Inn, Otter Ale, Dhol Foundation, Steel Pulse, Levellers, etc etc etc....and the whole BD atmosphere. Can't wait for next year!

Then 2 days back at work before heading to Reading Festival.....on a coach......from Swindon.....which for someone living near Oxford is not the most sensible way to get to Reading! But hey, we had tickets! The waether was again kind with only a bit of rain, which I managed to miss by being in the Lock Up watching Bodycount (Bodycount!!!!!!!!!!!) with Ice T (Ice T!!!!!!!!!!), and again in the Lock Up dancing side by side with 5co77ie til my legs seized up to Flogging Molly. Fantastic band - if anyone reading this gets a chance to see them, do it. See the reviews for why. You will not be disappointed! I always find Reading a tiring festie - not much sleep, lots of cider, and roaming from stage to stage to see as many bands as possible. Very different from the chilled BD style. But despite talking with 5co77ie about these differences, and both of us feeling that maybe 2006 would be our last for a while, when I got home on Monday morning I felt more 'festivalled' than I have for a long time, and I know I'll be back there one day.... Even though Im now sneezing and hacking away trying to shake off the infamous Reading cold that everyone seems to have...

So now its back to reality, my last major festie of the year done. I've only been to 4 this year, but they've all been good. Now Im into packing boxes and surveys and solicitors and mortgages and moving and new jobs and other grown up things for a few weeks - the kind of things that festivals take me away from and put into perspective. The hassles will pass, and I can draw on the memories of festivals and the laughs with friends and random strangers......and if Keef could send through some toffee vodka that might help as well!

And I seem to have the October Spookfest and December St Austell beerfest lined up as well for when we're in our new home in Cornwall...! Things are certainly looking up! :D


Life in tents!

Busy couple of days getting ready to head down to Cornwall for the weekend. This has involved sorting out The Big Tent (Aka amityville cos its as big as a house and we seem to always manage to pitch it on a hill...!) plus other camping paraphernalia: gas burners, big bottle of gas which still scares me whenever I think of the large amount of highly flammable material currently residing in the back of my car, table, camping chairs, blow up beds pumps and lights, box of plates saucepans kettles penknife kitchen sink, etc etc. Thinking that the only logical thing is to get a trailer for all this stuff. Realising that the next logical step is a caravan and I will not, ever, never in a million years entertain that idea Im afraid...! Then realised that next weekend is Beautiful Days.....ie amityville again but without so much clutter.......and weekend after that is Reading which is good cos I won't be taking amityville but involves an interesting journey of us going from Oxford to Reading via a coach from Swindon.....but hey we got tickets!

Looks like its gonna be a while before I getto have a weekend lie-in in a soft bed in a bedroom with solid walls.....

Has also meant a few frantic days trying to call solicitors/surveyors/estate agents/mortgage people to get the house purchase moving faster faster faster!!! All of whom promise to get things done dreckly..... ;) But at least things are progressing....I reckon I'll be spending a few weeks in B&B/flats in Plymouth before the place is ready, but hey it will all be worth it eventually ;):(

Strange day today - High Wycombe is full of sirens and police looking for terrorists and searching houses for bombs. Quite an eerie feeling.

Time for a last cup of tea then off on our travels. ttfn


Ok one of the (many) reasons I want to move west is that the 'pace of life' is, in my experience, rather less frenetic than round these parts. Ie things don't move at the pace of a greyhound on speed chasing after a rabbit running as if all beelzebubs whippets were on its heels. Yes its a cliche but there it is. And I am therefore familar with the west country concept of 'dreckly'....or as it is spelt in other parts of the country, 'directly'. Simply put, if someone says they will do something dreckly, it means it will be done anytime between 'in a couple of minutes' to 'sometime next century' Its a similar concept to when your mate says to you on Wednesday evening at Glastonbury "Im just off for a wander up to the stone circle. Back in two ticks." And you don't see them again til Monday morning, which is why I love the concept....

.....until, that is, Im trying to sort out all the things you need to sort out when trying to purchase a house and wanting it to be ready by mid September when your new job starts, and you really want everyone involved to get a move on and generally get their behinds moving rather than demonstrating their mastery of dreckly ;) . Im being remarkably constrained. Im onlly calling people once every few days to chat about the weather, how's business etc before politely enquiring whether the survey is done yet, how's the chain shaping up, etc, when I actually feel the need to politely ask them to GET YOUR FINGER OUT AND DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Suspect this wouldn't go down too well though and would most likely be counter productive. :(

I need to chill out and practice the art of patience methinks. Luckily we're going to Cornwall this week to look at the house again and sit on a beach. Then off to Beautiful Days next week, which sounds like the perfect prescription to me ;) And ranting to the web at large is helping too! Really starting to see the value of these blog thingummies!


I've succumbed.... After thinking, nah, I won't do this blog thing, who would seriously want to know about the mundane-ities of my daily ramblings, and who I am I to think that casting a few of my thoughts into the cyber void will attract any interest at all, ...I found myself being drawn in......

Its compulsive innit?! So here goes....blog part 1!

Erm...well this is how most Mondays are - sat at work bleary eyed after a hellish drive to work from Worthing to High Wycombe via the M25, shakily looking around for coffee and biscuits. Life over the past couple of years has been conducted mostly on motorways since I finished a long term relationship, left my job where I could walk to work for a job in High Wycombe, yet stayed living in Witney commuting 70 miles a day (doh!), and then found a girlfriend in Worthing (doh doh!!). Travelling from Oxfordshire to West Sussex a couple of times a week forces one to appreciate the wonders of the South East motorway network....the first wonder being that anyone manages to get anywhere at all... However, it does mean that the inevitable traffic driving down to certain festies in the West Country can't possibly be as bad as the M25 at 5pm on a Friday....

But yeah she's worth it ;) !!

**Self Conscious Efests Public Service Announcement!!**

It should be pointed out that said girlfriend is an efester by the name of Stripey Socks. Yes we met at Glastonbury. Yes we met because of efests. Awwwww bless etc etc...

**End of Self Conscious Efests Public Service Announcement**

Glad we got that cleared up. On with the blog...

So is there a purpose to this blurb you ask?! Well, simply to say that life seems to be looking very very much rosier at the moment.....cos in a few weeks time Im moving to Cornwall......to another new (better) job.....and Im takin Stripey and the nipper with me....and they have festivals and cider and pasties and clotted cream down that way.....! And we just have this sense of (as Hannibal from the A-Team would put it) the plan finally coming together... ;)

So watch this space for perilous tales of how not to relocate two lives plus a 7 year old's entire world several hundred miles to 5co77ie's backyard gawd 'elp us! Or possibly for ramblings about complete trivia and the odd festival. Enjoy?!?!

Here endeth the first lesson. Ithangyou.....

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