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I gave birth

to a beautiful baby girl yesterday. She was a month prem. But shes doing fine. 6lbs4oz.

We havent chose a name yet - tho hopefully this will be done tonight.


just thought id let you know lol.


and you cant get it out no matter what.? Well i want an Overhead projector. The old style ones, nothing special. Ive got some 'arty' ideas right now and need one. lol.

Cant afford it right now tho. (typical January) so ive just got to wait.

Christmas was nice. Got lots of lovely things. Hannah got totally spoiled. Blue_mondays got very drunk.

New year for me was crap. Everyone got really REALLY REALLLLLLLY drunk, kept trying to pick up hannah, kept waking her. Ended up altho i was tired Hannah from about 5am was 'up for the day'... so i had no sleep at all and then had to have the whole next day cos noones else was in a fit state. lol. I swear next new year, i will no be in this postition. i swear. 2 years on a row, i cant even remeber what it was like to have a good time at new year. lol. But other then me i think everyone else had a brilliant time.

Touch wood hannahs been alittle better over the last 3-4 days... really hope its the end of a very hard month or so.

Ive also felt a little more positive.

Where going away a week friday to Scotland, my mum and dad are goign to stay in a log cabin place not far from Fort william. Where gonna go up with them stop at Glasgow for a while. (so the in-laws can see Hannah and blue_mondays can catch up with family/friends) then were joining my mum a dad for a few days rest/holiday while blue_mondays mum and dad have the baby. Looking forward to it alot. Ive been to the cabin place before, very pictur'ess', indoor pool, suna etcetc. :D Ill be celebrating my birthday up there too.

That'll take us to the end of Jan, then in Feb ill start shitting myself to save up for festivals lol. Altho i think were only planning one. Glasto. if we dont succseed there then probably beautiful days.

We only want to go to one so that we can go abroad this year. Havent been away in somthing like 7 years, feeling like i really need some sun this year.

Hope you all had a lovely new year :)



Baby hannah has been a nightmare recently. The poor thing. She's been teething sinse birth and already has 9 teeth (she's just 7 months) but her sleeping through came to a complete stop about 2 months ago. Now sh's up between 5-10 times a night. Mainly just to be held it would seem. :D We tried Controled crying but im a complete failiure at that, and after 2 hours of non stop screaming i went up watched her and then she vomited all over her self, so we had to get her up and change her. :) - ive not wanted to try it again sinse. And im just hoping it'll pass and its down to her poor teeth. She also full of cold for the last few days, so me and blue_mondays have had hardly any sleep at all.

Its getting really stressfull. He's working 12 hour shifts right now, and he has dermetisis(sp??) on his hands and his boss has told him if it gets worse he wont be able to work due to health and safety. (his hands are raw. its horrible)

We're mainly sorted for crimbo, which is a good thing, but right now i just feel like id trade every prezzie for a decent nights kip. lol.

oh and you might as well know im six months preggers. It came as deverstating news, i found out at about 4 months. Didnt have any signs. Its just one of them things and we have to just 'get on with it' now. That sounds horrible, i dont mean it like that. Its just right now it'll make us or brake us i think. :)

Im due end of March. Havent really told many people at all... think were both still coming to terms with it and getting used to the idea ourselves. Dont think we could take other people's jokes/harsh oppinions right now anyway. Blue_mondays i have to say has been a rock tho. Hes way stronger then me through this. Without him i dont know where id be.

Ive got a brand new computer that im made up about. lol.

god im tired. lol.


RIP, cuz John xx

On Tuesday morning my cousin died.

For the past 18 months hes been batteling leukemia , he went through all treatments till there was nothing they could do. Last week they told us we should just now try and make his life as comfortable as possible. Altho i supose it was in the pipe line, i think everyone still kept hope a mirricle would happen.

He wa the most talented, intelegent and loving in our whole family.And he was the bravest person right through. Known as the 'quiet-arty-student' one. He got a first at liverpool uni (the only person in our whole family who actually graduated at degree level) in Fine Art, then his Masters and then went on to get his teaching certificates, and in the last few years he has taught at A-level level at Roby College.

When i studdied Art at Gcse level he took grate interest and lent me lots of his books. When i went to do a diploma in Graphic Design, he came to my end of year show and gave me lots of encourgment and tips! :( (that was the last time i saw him, as he wouldnt let anyone see him in pain/ill)

He was also an amazing musisian, as a side job, he was constantly in blues-clubs in town playing. An absolutly amazing guitarist, always asked to join bands to actually make it big, but he always declined as art was his first love.

My mum and brother are having a real hard time with it. As John, of all the people in my family, was the most decent human being, the most tolerant, loving talented etcetcetctect they've lost thier belief in karma and such beleifs.

Next Tuesday will be hard.... a funeral should be a celebration of life, yeah.. but thats hard when they were only so young and had thier whole life infront of them. :(

Rest in Peace john xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


back from glasgow

went to glasgow for a week or so, to see the other half of the family more then anything. Had a great time. Lots of music and alchol, Accept i/we got arrested. Hand cuffed and put in a cell for 6 hours.

Indecent exposure. :(:(


worst thing.... they cut of ALLLL my festival wrist bands!!!!!!!!!!! like i was gunna hang myself with them or somthing ffs!!!

i had four. on for the last two years.. includin glasto.

bloody shocking.




I had a really good leeds fest. Wasnt expecting it - think the weather helped alot. - had a good atmosphear round me too.

Cant be arsed doing a big review or anything - i saw a few bands, the ones i saw were great. Espesially NIN and gogol bordello.

Heres a few pics:




me and blue_mondays


gogol bordello


ohhh and a few of my Hannah:






life and that

Really REALLY trying to get myself into the mood for leeds fest this weekend, its not happening at all. First year ive ever felt like this to be honest. I think its because of a numberous of reasons. The ticket mess up ive had really pissed me off. The whole confusion on tickets this year has been a complete shambles. Also there really isnt many bands i can get excited about. Of course TSP (why when i write that do think of 'tablespoon' lmaooo) and NIN, also gogol bordello (who i saw at glasto and thought they were bloody brilliant) - but thats, like, it. Maybe ive grown out of leeds, maybe i have been spoiled by glasto this year, maybe im really aware im leaving my little baby for a few days and im gonna miss her so much, maybe im just tired. I am, im just so tired these days.

My tent/bags/wellies/touch bloody everything is still in the attic at this very moment in time and still full of glasto mud. I just dont have the energy to go up there and sort it out. lol.

i know ive got to get it sorted tomoz.

havent got transport sorted either. ffs. im usless.

i wont go into it now but the last 4 months have been amazing - ive learned so much about myself and my little family. The only really negative thing thats happened is my sister.

I went into it many blogs ago, but she cant have children. She wont see little hannah and wont have anything to do with me. simply cos i have what she wants. Shes a very bitter woman now (shes almost 40) I feel anger against her because i found out some things she said while i was pregnant, fooking evil shit. - theres only so many times you can have sympthy/understanding etc before i think whats the point - she has so much anger against me and my inocent beautiful baby . . . i dont need her. Imm totally happy with my life and thats what counts.

but it is a sad loss truely.

hmmm well going into that didnt help my mood.

plus im hearing on the local radio over and over again about an 11 year old boy who was shot dead, not that far to me.


think ill leave it there.

promise my next blog will be an happy one - i have soooooo much to say about my hannah - shes got 2 pegs already! ohhh and shes massive - 6months clothing now. lol . (shes not even 4 months yet!) lmao.

right - see ya at leeds :(



last night i spent 2 hours writting a blog that covered the last 4 months. A very busy four months.

I 'previewed post' and read it through.....

then the bloody 'lecky went.

pissed off dosnt come close.

when i have a spare 2 hours i will write it again. one day.



I didnt sleep at all last night, i have been diagnosed with SPD (basically my hips/pelvis are struggling/crumbeling! under the presuse of the baby) so night time is especially painful :) went downstaires to watch telly for abit. Reading festival 2005 was on (this was at about 4am) Marlyn Manson wsas on singing a few tracks, but what was so funny was the sign language 'well presented blonde' woman was signing all the lyrics....and doing the same facial expressions as Manson.... was so funny durring 'dope show'.

It made me smile, in the wee small hours.


Right now everything in life is going perfect. Too perfect. Making me very parranoid that it can only go on like this so much before it all goes tits up again. lol. Forever the optimist me. :)

Nah, im really enjoying it.

Im in the proseses of moving house :) me and blue_mondays renting a little 2-up-2down place not far from here. (Not far from my mum!) Just a little cute red house. Saying that, the living room is massive, with dark wood flooring and a brand new modern fire and fire place. Both bedrooms are a good size too. Its really cheap, so should do for a few years while we both save for a deposit, so we can own a house in a few years time. (At this point we dont know where we would like to live permently anyway)

Health wise me and the baby are fine. Just 4 weeks to go now. *gulp*

I got Leeds festival tickets (after murder with seetickets and alot of confusion, but hey we got there in the end)

I got Glastonbury tickets (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and i just found out so did a few of my mates. :) but they've got a titpi!!!

Blue_mondays has been offered a job in Manchester, to be a chef in one of the most glamours resturants there. He's still thinking about taking it. (he will, he knows he will) were just working out finances and hours ect (brilliant oppertunity, its just he'll be working alot more hours, traveling, cost of traveling....and the fact he loves the job he's actually in at the moment cos he's the boss - in the new resturant, he'll have to work his way up from scratch...)

Anyway, it not everyday that life is this good!

I just cant wait for the summer to start. (its actually really sunny here in liverpool today aswell!)


Went to see JARVIS!


I spent the whole of my teen years following Pulp up and down the country, getting to see them live 10 times and meeting the band lots of times (meeting Jarvis 3 times) While at these gigs jarvis on stage has grabbed my hand, gave me a cigerate, a beer, ive poured water over his head etc - very up close personal stuff over the years. I last saw Pulp live in 2002 when i was 18. They split up shortly after and i thought that'd be it now. My years of waiting 7 hrs at the venue before the doors open, trying to blag my way into sound check, sleeping rough in London for one night cos i couldnt afford a hotel just to be at a pulp-fanclub members only gig - where well and truely over. lol. But last night i felt like i was 15 all over again! I got to the venue very early.... tho i couldnt convince the boyfriend to stay around 'that' long. But i made sure i was one of the first few in. Got right to the front (just like old times!) on the barrier. This might not sound that much to you lot, but im 7 and a half months pregnant! (pulp gigs have never EVER been rough i knew id be safe) I had to sit on the floor for the support band as i didnt want my back to kick in.... or even needing the loo when Jarvis came on.

Through the whole of Jarvis' set i didnt feel pregnant one bit! lmao, and as im in the third trimester that does not happen very often!.

To be honest, ive got the new Jarvis album but hadnt listened to it that often and it just wasnt growing on me. That and 'life' seemed to be in the way of me enjoying pulp/jarvis again. I drummed it into my head (the cd that it) over the weekend but still felt abit pissed that i didnt know all the words (backwards and sideways) like ive always seemed to have done when ever i saw pulp. Ive come away actually thinking that this was a good thing, i enjoyed this gig throughly and actually listend to every whisper and screech that jarvis made. And watched in awe. There was deffinalty somthing different about Jarvis last night, he seemed so energetic, emotianl and firey. Somthing that was certinaly lacking in the last couple of years i saw pulp live. I, back then, put it down to his age, last night prooved i was wrong.

To top the whole night, when Jarvis went off stage (before he comes on to do an encore) and came back with his regular cigerate and bottle of beer- he came over to me and gave me half of his beer. Just like he did when i was about 16. Absolutly amazing. Did he remember me hounding him back in the day? or did he just feel sorry for the 5ft pregnant one at the front? we'll never know. ;)

erm set list was something like this:

Fat children

Don't let him waste your time

Heavy weather

One man show

I will kill again


A to I

Big Julie

Disney Time

Big stuff

Black magic

Runing the world

somthing by a band called magazine

*goes of to play the album full-blast! and to dig out all the scap-books and posters*







its nearly been 2 months!

sinse i wrote anything!

well christmas happened, then new year. Both of which was really quiet really. Christmas was abit crap as me mum n dad decided to have a major fight 3 days before and didnt buy eachother anything or even spoke to eachother till about 5pm xmas day. lots of fun. Cant wait to have my own place again i tell ya.

For New Year me and darren went up to Glasgow, stayed up there for about 10 days. Had a good time :) Darrens 21st was celebrated up there too.But i hate this whole 'not drinking' me. I swear. I miss alcohol so much its untrue. (ive had the odd glass of wine or shandy - but i miss getting rat arsed i really do! lmao) Soon as the babys delivered i think i deserve a bottle of vodka! ;):(

Im now 25 weeks (six months, one week) been a bumpy ride this week, i had a normal check up last monday and they told me i have a bladder infection (i didnt even know) so im on 8 antibiotixs a day! and they're disgusting they keep repeating on me and making me sick. Then i had another scare yesterday (i wont go into detail) which was worse then ever before and had to go straight into hospital. 6y hours later and after ive been poked and proded in the unmenchanbles i got discharged. I have somthing they think called somthing but i cant remeber what it is LMAO. Basicaly a problem with my cervix that needs monitering. :) the bays health tho is perfect, shes a good size, strong heart beat and shes gonna be a kick boxer when shes grows up judging by how she kicks me all day! getting stronger and stronger every day.

Me and darren have nearly got £1000 saved. I think we've done really well especially with christmas being in the way etc. we should have our own place in the next few weeks. A family friends a landlord and is looking for a nice place. Oh and darrens got a job interview tomorrow a much better job than he has now (pay and hours) and is dead local so fingursd crossed

hmm think thats about it... my spare time is now spent on either the sims 2 or brocken sward 4 :(


bargins and work

my last post was well depressing, im much better now. I got a propper job! yay! lol this week im working 45hrs. Its shattering getting up at 6am - but the money will be great, ive been living on £20 a week for a long time so getting well over 10 times that is gonna make it all worth while.

im gonna keep the job on as long as i possibley can - i need this money for xmas, the baby, and a home! - its ok the job, i work on a buliding site (in the city centre - all this 'capital of culture buildin' makin')- i have to wear a bright yellow jacket and a hard hat! im the only female out of 200+ employers but theres a female receptionist is starting next week so yay for oestrogen.

in my break i nipped to topshop to try and find a nice dress to wear for a few inportant partys i have to go to over the festive period and found a dress (the most b-e-a-utifulllll dress) no price tag, no others around at all so went and checked it at the till - the dress has one button loop thats undune (would take 2 stiches to make it fine again) the woman at the till said it was £75 - but cos she couldnt find anymore of the same dress she sold me it for £18!!!!!! yayayayay - so i was a happy bunny.

ive had a few pregnancy scares, everythings ok - i heard my baby heart beat for the first time last week. :blink:

but its unsetteling to say the least. Bizzare how close and protective i already feel towards my baby.

Blue_mondays and i wont see eachother the whole of december! seriously our shifts just miss eachother all the time.

- were having a week in a hotel for new year and darrens bday so that'll be a nice holiday after the xmas rush. :huh:

i need sleep - im up in about 6 hours to do a 10 hrs shirt.



Been really low th last few days. And i cant really put my finger on why exactly. The pregnancy last 2 weeks has been harder than ever before. Even tho im well into the second trimester it should be where i 'bloom' and have energy and all that jazz. Well it aint happening as of yet :ph34r: I just feel like crying, i feel huge and ugly and i keep getting bladder infections one after the other.. And its only gonna get worse. I feel sceard too. My mum scares me alot, altho i know she dosnt mean to at all.... i dont think she relises what shes doing. When i talk about the labour she seems to bring up a tradigy that happened to her in the 60s. She was ignored and the docs thought she was 'off her head' when she went into labour and she gave birth on her own 3 months premeture. The baby died. She is obviously still upset and angery (she never got an appoligy from the hospital) and starts crying and stuff. She also lost a baby (Brian) that at 6 months old died of cot death on holloween.

Dont know if i menchened it in this blog but a while ago my sister got the fertilised eggs implanted and she had a waiting time of 2 weeks to find out if she was pregnant. Well she isnt. I still havent seen her (her choice) but she sent some 'pregnant' magazines around. My mum says she coping well.

Im actually crying when i write this. Sopose its good to get it all out eh? When darren asks whats wrong i never even have a good answer. i seem to be biteing his head of recently and i really really dont mean to - im sceard he'll 'have enough' and go back to glasgow (deep down i dont think he will - but life does have a habbit of being cruel dosnt it??)

*has stopped cryingg now* - bloody hell... do feel better now after a good sob.

I keep having horrid nightmares as well. Really horrid.

In other news nothing much at all. Oh, I have a brilliant idea for a buisness plan, but i cant be arsed talking about that now, maybe when i feel alittle better.


My scan

went really really REALLY well. Baby was moving around lots and i could see his heart beating. My bladder was really full (thats what the baby is leaning against) - seemed to piss him off! lmao. He tarted rubbing his face too (or picking his nose - who can say? lol)

was absolutly amazing seeing him, and blue_mondays face was a picture!!! hahaha. We went to mothercare after wards looking at cute things... only bought a baby diary thing tho for now. (for first sacn pic, first photo, first hand print kinda thing)

Blue_mondays my dad and my little sister all think its a boy now, think ive been brain washed into saying 'he' now.

My next scan is 21st Dec. I'll know the sex then hopfully.

Oh and im futher on than my calculations - im 12whs and 6 days. :) official due date is May 5th 2007.

oooooo it was LOVELY seeing him! absolutly an amazing experience.




oh and a photo i was meaning to put up - we saw Alex from Arctic Monkeys with his guitar the other day in Liverpool lime street waiting for a cab with a bouncer next to him.

crap photo but there ya go.



help . . .


I just purchased The Sims 2 + Pets expantion pack.

I already own sims 2 but its in the attic somwhere i think and ive gave up looking for it. Years ago i was REALLY addicted to the sims. I had all 7 expantion packs and could easily spend 24 hrs on it at one time and not even notice the time pass. - In alot of ways it took over my life.

When it comes in the post, itll probably ruin my life, relationships, career etc etc....

Its so addictive.... im actually having second thoughts seriously. Im justifying it cos darren spends loads of time on the xbox360 - completing loads of games and now hes playing LMA (which is a game that like, dosent finish) so.. hmmm....

I feel bad and like ive just started herion again after ive been clean for 2 yrs!!!!


5 days till my first scan! :ph34r::)


Last wekend


I just absolutly love this photo. Me and Blue_mondays near Runcorn looking like a scene from 2pints of lager! taken at the weekend.

Taken from my Myspace blog last week:

"""Last Friday was pay day

Me and Darren went into town, first off to the Pilgrim for a nice lunch but now all the students are back there was no space, so then it was off to subway instead After a huge footlong buttie we went shopping, mainly just mooching at stuff but eventually i bought the new HisnHers and Different Class deluxe editions and The Fratellis CDs. After that me and Darren went to Liverpool museum! *lol* we saw an aquerium, the egypsins, bugs, dinasours and abit of space. Then we went to the Planeterium. After all that we went the cinema, we went to see World Trade Centre. I didnt really wanna see this film when it first came out, but id heard loads of great reviews, which by the way is a complete LIE! - it was aload off poo. Anyway after that me and Darren went to Liverpool accedemy to see if we could get Babyshambles tickets of a tout, but the gig had been suspended till futher notice. Later found out that Pete Doherty was "exhausted" lmao

So we went the pub. The byker pub Swan, Just chatted and chilled for a few drinks there, before going to mcdonalds for some munch. I had the new 'Big Tasty' . . . its not tasty. but it is big. We got the bus home and went for a final drink in the local, but that big tasty made me feel totaly ill and i was sick. lovely.

T'was a really nice day and i felt soooo happy all day (with exception of the fluke sickness) And we entertained ourselfs for 12 hours in town!. We was absolutly knckerd and went straight to bed when we got home. Darren was in work at 7am the next morning. Poor love

Im now going to listen to me new cds!"""

oh and i now think im 10 weeks pregnant (by my estimation - but doc estimated 12 weeks) - will know for sure at the scan in 2 weeks.


9 weeks

my minds gone completly blank right now.... i did come here to write somthing...

I havent wrote a detailed blog on my myspace for ages, as i have to keep it basic as theres still people on me and darrens friends/family list that actually dont know about the pregnancy yet. So sopose here i can let rip! lol.

I still havent had any morning sickness yet!!! yay. And theres only 4 weeks of this termester left. (where your most likley to suffer from it)

i also got my oppointment for my first scan in 3 weeks!!

Find it amazing how a baby looks at 12 weeks - looks like a newborn! ill be able to get a picture already! :D

Otherthings ive been getting up to are:

working, worked in a hospital all last week - get paid tomoz! yay.

been the pictures to see children of men and An inconvienient truth. The latter being much better and a must see.

met up with kat and jenny (my best mates i hardly see these days)

went out clubbing for the first time ever not drinking!!! was still a great night.

Still been emotional - alot. Darrens brill tho - he knows when im being pissed off for no apparent reason to just give me a hug and tells me how much he loves me :D makes be snap out of it straight away. bless.

He insisting the babys a boy. Infact he KNOWS. apparently. :D I have no feelings either way. :)

Tho whole telling my sister thing happened over 2-3 weeks ago. We decided it best to tell her now incase she finds out she cant have kids and then tell her. I wasnt around, my mum told her. She was fine at first, but then sent a text saying she needed time to get used to it.

She hasnt been intouch at all. With mum or me. Oh tell a lie, i asked her to be a character reference for somthing and she didnt reply. Then replied a day later saying she didnt want to be :D:D my mum was pissed at her (i was crying) but shes been having all sorts of hornmones pumped into her latly too, and shes famous for her bitchyness and PMT.

Im still hurt by her tho.

And finding out my due date is the same day as her weddingday wont go down well either i dont think. *has kept that to herself and away from ALL family members right now* :(

Tomorow should be a nice day, taking darren out for dinner and a little shop in town, go the cinema, then if we can get tickets to see babyshambles that night cheap (might have to be off a tout :) ) we could finish the night at a gig. :)

Just see how it goes.



Leeds festival (bout time)

Its taken me ages to upload the photos of leeds festival, only got round to it today. Id write a whole review but to be honest i dont remember enough!! :rolleyes:

WEDNESDAY @ LEEDS (bout 5pm???)

arrived and it was thundering and pissing down had to go to the box office pick up 'early arriving' tixs and ran back to the car to dry off for a few minutes (hoping the rain would ease..... it didnt) before having to put our tent up.


me wet and little sis in background


blue_mondays in his wet-suit


wednesday night 95-aside footie going on (buy this time id had a bottle of vodka and didnt care i was soaked as was our tent)










So there ya go. :wub:


being 'up the duff'

well, i think most of you have heard my news that last week i found out i was pregnant. Me and blue_mondays are really happy about it, altho a complete shock.

I think im now as 'used' to the idea as i can be. :rolleyes: lol.

Blue_mondays has ben brilliant :( ive been up and down like a rollercoaster this week. From complete excitment and loved-upness to tearfull-panic-ridden-mess.

Went to the docs this week too, im 7 weeks pregnant. I havent had any morning sickness yet - but im overly tired ALL THE BLOODY TIME, feel the need to nap every afternoon and be tucked up in bed by 10pm lol. Also get lots of headaches.

Hornmones are a mess too, bit tearful at the slightest thing, but i know what it is now so i can relax and not think im going mad. lol.

My family have been brilliant. My dad, the one i most feared telling, actually started crying and gave me a hug. - When i say crying, i mean shiney eyes. Thats the best ya get out me dad. lol.

Worst thing is. My older sister. I think ive menchened before that she is having IVF treatment at the mo' (shes been trying for a baby for over 10 years) and due to massive scar tissue in her tubes she now has to do ivf. The last 2 weeks or so shes had to inject herself with all sorts of hormones. Shes really down and sore at the moment and negetive about the whole thing. (there complications i cant be arsed going into) So ive desided not to tell her about my suprise. I think, tho she would be happy for me, she just dosent need to know at this time. Wait a few months and who knows, we could be preggers together :D bloody hard not telling her. out of my sisters im closest to her.


charlie is FINNNNNEEEE :D (my doggy that had a heart attack)

she was in the vets about a week, came home, she was not herself at all for a few days but now seems her old self!! - shes on lots of medication for the rest of her life now - but she seems to be coping brilliantly.

errrmmm.... anything else....

blue_mondays is doing fine in his job :D he really likes it :) altho the 6am mornings are taking there toll lol.

i wanted to go the cinema tonight, but all the fils i wanna see arent bloody out yet!

children of men

an inconvienient truth

both look like really good films. Typical one of the few times i fancy going the cinema and theres nout worth seeing till the following week or so. lol.

right im off... bed time! lmao :wub:


My dog charlie last night seemed over excited, not in a waggy tail way but in an unsettled, breathing way. Cos she was making so much noise i decided to take her for a walk round trhe block to make her tired to settle down. (this is at about 11:30pm)

She didnt even make it, after a few yards her breathing and coughing was so loud and scarey people were opening thier curtins in the street to see what it was. I knew somthing was wrong, but shes been abit off this week (peeing in the house, her ears smelling etc) so i thought it was part of this infection she's seemed to have. I carried her round half the block and back to the house.

After half an hour this irratical heavy breathing hadnt stopped, if anything was getting worse. We phoned the vet. Took her to meet the vet at the vets place. (£72.50 call out charge!)

He listened to her heart and took her temperature, and said she'd had a heart attack, was inalot of pain and it was touch and go. He gave her 4 needles, and took her away. She was crying at this point. :wub:

We went round to my sisters all night as we couldnt sleep, and i was/am so tearful.

at 8:30am today we could phone the vet, he said she had pulled through the night, but shes still sedated with the druggs and shes very subdued.

He thinks its a vaulve problem, but wont know till 3pm today.


not a photograph of her - but its her exact twin, i stupidly dont have a digi photo of her, nor a scanner. :rolleyes:

Obviously we'll pay for her and what ever she needs, but we're all so skint, my mums gone round to members of the family today to lend money. This is so horrible.

But she pulled through the night. Surley thats a good thing eh? esp. as the vet seemed so negative last night.



yay an interview!

finally have an interview tomorrow for a job in a college!!!

as ive said loads in my blogs, been trying so hard for a job this summer (esp. a graphic design one) and this morning at about 10am (id been ringing jobs sinse 8am) i was close to tears - as ive done this every single day for weeks and weeks and never even got an interview, then the phone rang and it was a job call back that i applied for a while ago!!!


Darrens starts his job tomorrow. :wub: on really good pay and it seems everyone there really likes him already, plus he's his own boss!.

things are looking good. :(

we were both pricing houses yesterday too (to rent for now)

fingers crossed eh!!!

Oh yeah - leeds festival was brilliant!, all my photos are still in my digicam - need to get them on to the comp but i cant find the wire i need. But as soon as its found i will and ill write a proper review of the shanagans that went on.



omg.... they better bloody swap it!!! only cost about a tenner tho LMAO.

*this is for leeds festival and the carling can for cold can beer thing*

also bought a massive bottle of vodka

box of red wine. (=4 bottles)

26 packets of crisps

26 breackfast bars

8 pot noodles

20 penguin bars

bottle of fanta

orange juice

bottle of coke

should get me and blue_mondays through for a few days :P

im gonna try and buy wellies tomoz. - other than that im packed and ready baby!!!!

*is sooooo excited now*

oh, anyone reading this, can somone give me the direct link of Carling actually stating this beer thing... having a slight problem making the boyfriend beleive me!



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