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The Reluctant Jester

Last week my Da had to go see his Consultant at the hospital, After 30 yrs of illness he finally got a diagnosis last yr of " Palindromic Rheumatism " From what we have read online, etc its quite a rareish illness and its blinking hard to diagnose,

Last week my parents arrived at my house my Ma was quite agitated, My Da was upset but was boiling ...

From what transpired my father was made to feel like he was wasting consultants time .. He has to have blood tests every 2 weeks with regards his drugs .. ( at gp,s ) ...

The consultant said my father didnt need the blood tests every couple of weeks any more , My ma only a mere mortal pointed out that my da was on a drugs trial and surely would require more monitoring as per instruction from himself ( consultant ) Who had advised this trail would last 12 mnths .. ( da,s been on drugs 6 mnths) His organs are at great risk .. He took this trail becuase of pain ... So needs some sort of reassurance every couple of weeks ..

The consultant then got really arsey with my da , My fathers Irish and sometimes his accent is slightly hard to understand ..I mean VERY slightly , He suddenly turned ... Stating loudly sorry I dont understand a word your saying ...( my da has lived in UK for 35 yrs ... ) As you can imagine the room became quite HOT ........ nothing was resolved , He even asked wether my father needed an interpreter, My parents calmly stood up and left ...But before they left Outpatients my mother sort of made a largish speech ( stood on a chair ) addressing the queue ... warning the poor souls of their inpending visit to consultant ,

I,m happy they are my parents , They stand up to the establishment quite often ... I had a childhood of hanging about nuclear installations, Fighting the cause.......... Getting arrested etc ... ( not me mother) ...

Not bad for a 60 yr old .. Just wish she,d slow down ..

The Reluctant Jester

Im all for recycling, HOWEVER I,ve found out tonight we have some sort of microchip within our Grey bin , According to our local goverment website It,s inactive and they dont have any plans to use the chip ... Hmmmm .... (Apparently costs a quid per bin to put in )

Partner was on about " Direct payments" to the council about what refuse we tip .. Tonight we have spent 20 mins trying to find this chip ! If anyone has knowledge about where this chip lives let me know !

This grey bin sat in back garden has become an object of hatred, Its concealing something I dont like,

I feel like abandoning it in the middle of nowhere to fend

for itself .. But its got this blinking chip so Im sure it would make its way home rather like a homing pigeon !

Im back at work after 3 weeks off .."Chuffin Heck" It was harsh on tuesday ,

We were supposed to be going to Beautiful Days, Couldnt because of illness on my behalf, Kids were gutted !!!!! They love the whole vibe of the festival as do we , Whilst having a nosey on the board looks like everyone had a good time !

Oh and whoever put the "Beautiful Day" on youtube we salute you !! It made our week , So sorry we couldnt join you ...

Right Im away looking for this blinking chip .. We,ve checked out the lid .. Need to have a nosey at the bottom of it now ! Paraniod NAH !!

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