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r.i.p maff

today was yet another sad day as i and a whole church full said goodbye to a freind

Matthew was stabbed a few weeks ago and died on the way to hospital to be pronounce dead on landing. only hours earlier he had been in my shop chatting and happy, rubbing my head and calling me a good un, we smiled at each other and did the old handshake. it is a fond memory that is spoilt by the fact that the "alledged" stabber was in the shop with us at the time, his face i will never forget.

maff was a sort of loveble rogue i suppose. never quite found his place in this world, he loved his family, friends and his dogs. he always had a smile for me espeacally when he was under the old peoples home having a can or two and saying he'll look after my van.

most people wore something pink in memory today at the funeral where many a tear was shed, and a smile too.

2 freinds of mine read eulogies and bore his coffin, i dont know how people can hold them selves together like that and read etc i am allways in floods of tears at funerals.

anyway goodbye Maff hope your running around with your dogs, with a beer in hand and the music loud.



goodbye rosie

twas a sad day 7 days ago, when i lost one of my best friends, one of my cats called Rosie or Squishy to Tor and morgan. She was 15 years old so not a bad age for a cat. She was buried under an apple tree in our garden with a white rose and a blanket and a wild rose planted ontop with stones surrounding it from ogmore beach (not too many, they were to go to a pre-school) She comforted me through some hard time and never waivered in her love.

have fun with the mice in cat heaven rosie



robbing scumbags

Well i suppose it had to happen sooner or later that i would become a victim of crime. Our shop which is a small independant retail unit which supplies my bussiness partner and i an income, not a very big one mind you, we take home between 180 and 250 per week each. and last week was such a bad week we took no wages at all, what happens, we get robbed. stock totalling nearlly 10k just gone, cash nearly 1k gone, chances of getting paid in the next 2 weeks gone. mortgage and all other payments gonna be hard now, shopping wife and lil un to support, fukkers dont think of that do they. yes we have insewerants (pratchett) but we will have to pay an excess and our premium will go up no doubt so there is a load of cash wasted (our wages again), redecorating (our wages again) external door need replacing and shoring up until replaced, who's gonna pay for that, mmm our wages again no doubt, a very grim month ahead i think, grim indeed. but do they think about it the bastards ooo i am very angry.

on a nicer note, morgan had another glasto dream over the w/e, she reckoned that we had won a competion and that the festival site would be opened a day early just for us three and that 3 daft monkeys, nizlopi and another band that she could remember each did a set for us. not bad choices for a 7 y/o.



morgans dream

well my 6 y/o morgan has glasto fever.

last night she told me that she had been dreaming about glastonbury (she comes every year and is a major part of her year, just like most of us) and it went a bit this.

All three of us got tickets and we drove in our campervan. when we got there i got tents out and we went to the entrance gates where if you had a ticket you got 2 wrist bands each ( reckon she has pass outs in mind) when we got into the festival main we found it to be all in rooms (she described it as being like a hotel, she's only been in 2 hotels) so we found out that we wouldn't need the tent so i went back to the c/v and drove them home (we live about an hour from site) we went into another room which she describes as having a funfair in it and a cinema bit showing kids films and there was small/babies kids rides too ( where we enter glasto is the pedestrian gate right near to the kids field) her intereset tailed off a bit then but i asked if there was any music and she just said "off course there was daddy it was glastonbury!"

thats the first time she has describe going to a festy and when she recalled it to me it was much more detailed but i have slept since then.

Beaut days tix have been brought, G next fingers x'd and then hopefully WOMAD for the first time.



85mph in a camper

well that was a great week away. totally relaxing, nowt to do but chill and spend quality time with lil g n tor, and not 1 argument.

spent loads of time on the beach, site was right on the edge of it so 2mins and toes were in the sea, lovely. rained 1/2 the week warm the other 1/2 so not bad for October. got wet so much had to go to a$da to buy some more trousers but at £6 a pair no woories there.

the van had its first trip about 350 miles round journey and behaved really well, took it upto 85 mph a couple of times and i reckon it had more there too as it didn't feel like it was killing it and it would happily sit at 70mph all the way inc up and down hills on the A30. made a few people smile seeing the old bus whip past them in their modern cars :ph34r:



1/2 term, off to pentewan

wayhay its half term in the sintor household and i snagged a week off from the shop, so for the first time ever we are off on a week long family holiday, thats not festival related, to pentewan sands

"earnest" went very well and to good revues in local rag. and a full on hhhaaaaaaaaaaaannnnndddbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaggggggg was dealt on the final night by a wonderful Lady B.

see ya in a week



ink refilling machine

well i cant believe it a month nearly since i last wrote here. so whats happened since then, well not a lot.

engine has been out of the van sent to scotland for a rebuild and back again and refitted only now for the clutch has gone so out it will come again, oh the joys of owning a vehicle, still at least i can do it without paying garage labour charges.

took delivery of an ink recharging machine this week, so it adverts every where costing a fortune so i hope it pays off as we will be in debt for the next 5 years for this thing, the only thing apart from a mortgage that i owe money on and i dont like it.

Tor has just over a week to go until "earnest" so its all hands to the script including lil g, who appears to be enjoying Wilde, not bad for a 6 y.o.

last night was the first without watching "Lost" a big chunk of my evening has gone missing, looking forward to the next season now.


summer's passed

well summer hols have gone again, tor's back to work and lil g back to school after thier 6 weeks off, oh its a hard life :rolleyes: it felt manic in the kitchen this morning at breakfast time after having it to myself for most of the summer holidays.

had a great w/e away near Wells last w/e, stayed at a campsite called haybridge campsite, on the cheddar road out of wells. £10 per night for 3 people camper + awning and electric hook up, bargain. some freinds joined us and 2 adults tent and electric was £8 per night. i would think it to be a good stop over for long distance glasto goers, about 20 mins from the site at a guess and not including traffic problems obviously.

so whilst away we visited wookey hole and cheddar gorge. wookey was 10.90 per adult and 8.50 for kids, that plus lunch (jacket spud with cheese £6!!!) came in around 50 for the day plus anything extra you buy so quite dear really. Cheddar however seemed better value for your pounds, around the same costs for and explorer ticket, but due to competion i guess, food was much cheaper, £3.50 for a big jacket spud with cheese and beans (different person eating the spuds each time) much better value. and with cider tastings (mmm legcrippler and toe curler being favourites) cheese tasting (here), sweet making places caves open top bus tour and jacobs lader not to mention other stuff too.

now the next decision is endoftheroad festival or not???


this week

well nearly the end to another working week. be glad to get this one done as we are off to beautiful days tommorow. well that is if the campervan engine holds up. got a new one fitted about 1600 miles ago and its beggered up, thankfully the guy who built it is the nicest mechanic in the world, proper old school.

been fiddling about fidora redhat linux today, quite good posting this whilst using it. might install it at home to save paying out to msoft.

oh come on i want to go home and pack.