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I went to a zoo, it was the worst zoo ever, they only had 1 dog, it was a shih tzu.

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I wonder about our fairweatheredness, its pissing down outside and now, yes we are still making the trip to leeds, as we need the ticket, but the camping element has gone by the by. I think we are getting old.

Oh the band last night, they were excellent, you need to know that.


Warped Tour.

How many of these blogs' first word is likely to be well. I guarantee most of them will start well this is my blog, or well this is my first post or some such similar posting.

Well then first post of a blog, as this is hosted by efestivals and because I have a different general music blog over at blogger, look for readyartbrut, I thought keep this to festival related.

You may know that I went to the Warped tour in California last month, the Warped tour is an established one day travelling punk festival. This year it was headlined by NOFX and Less than jake.

Outside of the opportunity to see nofx in California, this was one experience that we said ok, we have done that, no need to go again. If we did go again, it would be to a place that we new would not be so warm. Los Angeles on that day was blistering, it was so hot, and there was no shade, I burned badly.

The nice things about warped though is one the cheap merch, two the bands are ordinarily at their merch table and three lots and lots of free CD's.

The not so nice things are of course the heat, the really really over priced drinks and food, $4.50 for water, that’s around £3.75, even by the standard set by the likes of V or Leeds/Reading. The bands sets as well, I understand this but I couldn't say I was happy with it. With so many bands on even headliners only got 30 minutes. Also the queues, although the got through them pretty quick, the queue to get in was perhaps a kilometre, maybe even a mile, it was massive, and it would have been longer still if we hadn't sneaked in.

So bands, we saw Nofx, Anti flag, Senses fail, Alexisonfire, The Living End, Helmet, and a fair few more, but they were the standouts, particularly The Living End, who are rumoured to be supporting the Dropkicks and LTJ on their UK tour.

I would recommend Warped though, go if you can, enjoy it, get there early and take a rucksack, you get a lot of free stuff.


Leeds tickets.

I would like to say the preparations are in full swing for Leeds festival, it only being 3 weeks away, but they aren't, the tent will come out tomorrow as we are off up the north to collect a Leeds ticket, which I am selling at face value to a man that Essex befriended at download. It galls me to sell it at face value as I am a capitalist with a socialist heart, but fair is fair, I offered it at face and he will get it at face.

So yes, we are off to Leeds to get the ticket and then we are having an overnight camp in Halifax, then back down to Stafford on Sunday.

We have a similarly complicated set up for the other Leeds tickets, we will probably end up going to London to meet a guy to swap our two Reading tickets for 2 Leeds, it’s a long term arrangement and I hope the tickets are sent out soon so it can be done in good time.


One of the highlights for me this year at Leeds outside of the company, however that is a big thing, they are tried and tested thankfully, Teago has been to 6 festivals with me, Essex, (I don't want to big him up as he is quite a modest man, but Paul Essex is a prince amongst gentlemen, excellent company any time of the day and if you have the opportunity to spend time with him, please do) and the rest we were with at Download and little legs, the shortened version of a wife is used to my tantrums, outside of these people that will make any festival enjoyable, Clap your hands say yeah are appearing. I have liked this band for some time and continue to love them and the album, Leeds will see them in a tent and unsure just who they are clashing with but that doesn't matter, it will be them for PeterD at the expense of anyone.

I know they are derivative, and I think that is part of their attraction, where for other bands it can be a bit of a criticism, basically because I don’t think they pull it off too well, but if you wear your talking heads influences so openly, well I think that is a great reference point, a better reference point than trying to copy their peers.


My only criticism of the band is I think they need to concentrate more on the new material, Alec Ounsworth has a lot of material already wrote, he was a solo artists and CYHSY was merely a receptacle for that, his older unrecorded stuff is great, the new material being played on tour at the moment is not as good as anything on the album. I hope those older tunes get trotted out soon or I fear that their star will fade as quickly as it shone.

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