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I went to a zoo, it was the worst zoo ever, they only had 1 dog, it was a shih tzu.

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Tilly and the Bawl

I wanted to explain my previous blog entry and the foul mood that unfortunately that came off the back of. I think part of it stems from the my thoughts on death and having someone very close to me die, and recently due to things here in real life that death although happened a few years ago, has been in the forefront of mine and my families life over the past few weeks, this coincided I suppose with the aftermath of some Australians death and peoples attitudes to that. I linked that to how I was feeling. As it goes and let me explain, 2 years ago, niece who was like a daughter to me died. World fell apart, serious mourning, still think of her everyday. Sister, mother of niece fell pregnant with a little girl, due late October, early November, sister had been informed of issues that may occur, she is studying to be a midwife and was dealing with the issues, I am an asset manager, and wasn’t dealing with the issues, as it turned out though, baby Tilly born this weekend, all well and nice and good and healthy, but ginger and that’s something that’s in the genes, apparently. But anyway, I was just a little agitated over that and shouldn’t have taken it out on a message board.


A few more.

The Orchids then, the soundtrack to my teenage years, obviously during my fey, twee, sarah records indie pop days are headlining the indie tracks festival in derbyshire, they reformed a while back and I wept into my cardigan sleeve with joy. It seems that they are playing a festival in Derbyshire called Indie Tracks. Also playing with them is MJ Hibbert, I have a 7" (naturally) by him, and it extols the virtues of lazy office work, works alright if its a proper job. MJ Hibbert is the man, he talks sense. Also playing are Bearsuit, they featured highly in the very last peel session, I dont know them all that well to be honest and the rest of the bill is made up of twee as you like indie bands and the DJ's from retro and indie night how does it feel to be loved amongst others. Looks a certainty that we are going to go, will probably get the tickets tonight, and that aside from one weekend (new harry potter book) is July full. What about september then speccy? I hear you cry.

September then, it looks like tonight that we are also getting End of the road festival tickets, Lisa really fancies it, unsure why, possibly the super furries, possibly as a friend of ours is playing, possibly god knows why, but still, it looks like it is set in beautiful surroundings and a great way to top off the year.


Endorse it.

And so it starts again, after talking to Jacketspud and 5co771e at Ssh we decided that next year was going to consist of Endorse it and BD's and camping in between. Well early bird reduced rate tickets have just gone on sale for the former and if I can get in touch with Lisa I think tickets will be bought, 65 quid is not to be sniffed at. A very good price for a festival in this day and age when organisers are happy to attach a hundred pound price tag.


Efests radio

I have been DJ-ing on efestivals radio for the past couple of weeks, the first week was very very enjoyable but it seemed I was beset with problems last week. It has since transpired that my splitter for my broadband connection was faulty, I have replaced that and it seems that my connection issues may have disappeared, however I am not massively confident. My thinking was that my connection no longer drops.

So the shows then, well the listening figures didnt set the world on fire, this week will hopefully be a different as I have now come out to my friends and they are going to listen.

The tracks themselves, on the last show have really been a mix that might make it on to a tape or something that I havent heard in a while that I love. I dont think its too obscure, I dont think Glen Campbell is obscure, but by the same token I know what I dislike and I will avoid them, Kooks, RHCP, Muse, Coldplay, U2, Radiohead. If there was 3 listed there it would be the unholy trinity, it isnt it is 5 and I guess honestly if I dug around I could maybe find one track that I like by all of them, bar the kooks, and the RHCP track would be a cover (Higher ground) Maybe I will insert a new feature next week, songs I like by bands I hate.

So tuesday I do it all again and by Sunday afternoon I will have all of the music ready, I think its going to be a good one this week.


Festivals 08

Still pissed off with Sky broadband and as soon as we can get out of this contract we will.

That said its November and we have tickets to 2 festivals booked already, ssh and Bearded Theory. As soon as Workhouse tickets are for sale we will be buying them and there is still talk of doing BD/Endorse it with a camping holiday in between, time will tell as they arent massively cheap. We also fancy a local one called middle of nowhere which we always tend to be on holiday when its on so that will be good to get to and if anything small turns up we will be off to that.


Leeds tickets.

I would like to say the preparations are in full swing for Leeds festival, it only being 3 weeks away, but they aren't, the tent will come out tomorrow as we are off up the north to collect a Leeds ticket, which I am selling at face value to a man that Essex befriended at download. It galls me to sell it at face value as I am a capitalist with a socialist heart, but fair is fair, I offered it at face and he will get it at face.

So yes, we are off to Leeds to get the ticket and then we are having an overnight camp in Halifax, then back down to Stafford on Sunday.

We have a similarly complicated set up for the other Leeds tickets, we will probably end up going to London to meet a guy to swap our two Reading tickets for 2 Leeds, it’s a long term arrangement and I hope the tickets are sent out soon so it can be done in good time.



The last time the tent was out was at download, my kid has loads of storage in the attic room and the tents go back there. Yesterday she got a tent out as they have gone to Newquay for the week and she tells us that of the 4 tents that should be there, there is one. A little alarmed by that as they aren't like a cutlery set or a gas canister that could easily be in a dark corner, its 3 f**king tents, one a large one and 2 2 man tents.

I am hoping it is just my kids dim wittedness and they are there, but this was all backed up by her boyfriend who as the americans say, has smarts.


Cud at Birmingham last night.

The support was excellent, a chap called Rob McCulloch, will be looking into him later today, really good.

As I have said I last saw Cud at Glastonbury festival, they were the highlight that year, that was around 93. So last nights gig had been a long time coming. Puttnam had clearly gained a bit of weight, but who hasn't I know I am not the bloke I was 13 years ago. William and Steve didn’t appear to have aged at all, Steve being the drummer from Cud. They have a new guitarist for these dates and I think that is the only sign of any real animosity. They played I've had it with blondes, eau water, robinson crusoe, hey boots, alison springs, vocally speaking, love in a hollow tree, strange kind of love, only a prawn in whitby and a few others that I didn’t know or cant remember what they were called.

Carls voice had a fair few effects on but still really really strong, and he was like a panther still patrolling the stage, his stage presence is still immense and as musicians they are still fantastic. Carl forgot the words to a few songs, that’s not surprising though and the guitarist, Felix had a few issues with his fancy dan pedal. As a band though they were a joy to watch.

Outside of the band, obviously the audience, everyone was over 25, possibly over 30 and as such the atmosphere was as different a gig I have been to in years, the possible exception was the frank and walters earlier this year. It was packed, near a sell out if not sold out, me and lisa was at the front and that si where we remained, the crowd were crazy for cud and it was raucous, but in a good way, no crowd surfing, which I detest, and just really friendly people, a brilliant atmosphere, absolutely brilliant. One of my gigs of the year, if not the best this year.


Leeds festival.

wednesday leeds.

bitch of a journey due to poor direction on my part. Got in though and tent up and gazebo prior to the down pour from hell. Then its make friends and party, there was 5 of us that initially arrived and later joined by 2 more. From here, me and paul essex. essex started drinking as soon as he got out of the car and carried on pretty much all weekend. Too much wine on wednesday night ensured that its a blur.


Thursday. We are joined by the rest of the party and late in the day it is the meet. Initial thoughts are that most people are glad that the two over powering pearl jam fanboys are at reading, and there was some merciless piss taking going on. While essex did his best to be the party, me and the missus stood back and done some people watching, spoke to phatman, the name may suggest that he is girthsome, he aint. Captain drunko was pleasant comapany as was fletcher, kilgore and northern desire and lofty. We met loads of others but it had to be said there are a lot of cliques out there and its difficult to get into them. Aside from that efesters are a varied bunch, but a pleasant bunch. Lofty came back with essex and they drank lots of alcohol.

friday then. First on, metric,


they were bloody excellent, then over to the main stage and last 2 songs of the fantastic killswitch engage, taking back sunday were ok, as ever blighted by shit sound,


less than jake were pretty damn good, then it was back to the tent to change wellies into trainers. At this point I may have shouted at the queue for the on site hairdressers, if you are more concerned about your hair than music, you are at the wrong festival. Post BFMV we headed back and bumped into phatman briefly as he was returning from slayer, he liked them a lot he said. We head back to the mainstage and I really really enjoy my chemical romance,


placebo follow and do a set of mainly late career stuff and its excellent, fearing for our ears, we are away before pearl jam have played a note. To the tent and a few drinkies. day 1 over. During all this we went by one of the tents and saw the fat face of a kooks man, they were a bit bollocks.

Saturday. late start, nothing till panic at the disco, who had a huge crowd and an appreciative crowd, they are great. I start drinking at this point. I go off to see get cape wear cape fly and get a great spot at the front. He is just stunning, really fantastic.


As soon as he is done, off to the main stage for fall out boy. They are ok but outside of the singles a very weak band. No more bands for us until yeah yeah yeahs, they were good, but the kaisers followed them and they are just the best all weekend, a great set and they are true showmen. After that its to the caberet tent for fastlane, right up my street them and a great end to the second day, an excellent day spent with friends.


Sunday, last day.

c**ts at the campsite have already put cannisters in fires and got my back up so we are packed and ready to go, we will watch some bands but we aint stopping. We arent alone. Milburn first, the tent is packed and 75% know the words to all their songs, we dont, they sound like the arctic monkeys. Next be your own pet, we are on the barrier for it and, this isnt a joke, I fell asleep whilst leaning on the barrier. We decide to go and watch rob rouse and mitch benn, both very funny and helped me recharge my batteries. Dirty pretty things, hmm, not too good them, A bit of hawthorne heights and then the fall, the first time I have ever seen the fall in 19 odd years of gig going, mark e smith is a f**king legend. clap your hands say yeah, were shockingly bad live, really ropey sound, but still enjoyable.


After that and the heavens open, we go, thats leeds. My last major one, next year its small all the way and more of them.



c30 c60 c86 go!

I am 36, I realise my age wont mean much to you or this thread but it sets a scene.

I read on nme.com that a couple of gigs are happening to celebrate the 20th anniversary of C86, I appreciate that only a handful of people on here will have heard of C86 and a few less will actually have heard it. C86 was initially a covermounted cassette that the nme put out in 1986, later getting a vinyl release. It comprised of indie bands from that time who were categorised under shambling as peel called it or jangle pop or indie pop, but following that release, c86 bands.

Primal scream had velocity girl on there, the soup dragons appeared as well as the wedding present. Mcarthy who fragmented into stereolab and indie stalwarts half man half biscuit and the pastels. My personal favourites were mighty mighty, stump, the wolfhounds and the fantastic therese by the bodines.

I read this week that finally this will be getting a cd release very soon and this is fantastic news. Outside of dennis Wilson second album I cant think of any other release that I have wanted to come out on cd more.

Unsure what the point of this thread is so have changed my mind and going to stick it my blog.


The Glastonbury Effect

One thing that tends to happen over Glastonbury week, we have an influx of dickheads that descend on efestivals, its as if they are aware that the moderators are away.

2 years ago there was a right plum and if I can recall the thread I will post a link to it.


Work catch up

Let me waffle about work for a bit, its been a while and a considerable amount has changed since my last work related entry. I changed careers and the people were pretty much intolerable, I mean they just sat and talked shit about Dr Who all day, which is ok if you have been doing the job for 10 years and know what you are doing but not me, I didnt have the first clue. So this was driving me up the wall and was pretty much going to go back to Asset Management, (still with me? good.) So I told my manager this and implied, or is it inferred? anyway, I suggested that my trainer was f**king inept. Last monday I get offered a place on a new team and by jingo its great, learning SQL (Oracle and TOAD), a little Unix and have been booked onto courses, marvellous.


Warped Tour.

How many of these blogs' first word is likely to be well. I guarantee most of them will start well this is my blog, or well this is my first post or some such similar posting.

Well then first post of a blog, as this is hosted by efestivals and because I have a different general music blog over at blogger, look for readyartbrut, I thought keep this to festival related.

You may know that I went to the Warped tour in California last month, the Warped tour is an established one day travelling punk festival. This year it was headlined by NOFX and Less than jake.

Outside of the opportunity to see nofx in California, this was one experience that we said ok, we have done that, no need to go again. If we did go again, it would be to a place that we new would not be so warm. Los Angeles on that day was blistering, it was so hot, and there was no shade, I burned badly.

The nice things about warped though is one the cheap merch, two the bands are ordinarily at their merch table and three lots and lots of free CD's.

The not so nice things are of course the heat, the really really over priced drinks and food, $4.50 for water, that’s around £3.75, even by the standard set by the likes of V or Leeds/Reading. The bands sets as well, I understand this but I couldn't say I was happy with it. With so many bands on even headliners only got 30 minutes. Also the queues, although the got through them pretty quick, the queue to get in was perhaps a kilometre, maybe even a mile, it was massive, and it would have been longer still if we hadn't sneaked in.

So bands, we saw Nofx, Anti flag, Senses fail, Alexisonfire, The Living End, Helmet, and a fair few more, but they were the standouts, particularly The Living End, who are rumoured to be supporting the Dropkicks and LTJ on their UK tour.

I would recommend Warped though, go if you can, enjoy it, get there early and take a rucksack, you get a lot of free stuff.


One of the highlights for me this year at Leeds outside of the company, however that is a big thing, they are tried and tested thankfully, Teago has been to 6 festivals with me, Essex, (I don't want to big him up as he is quite a modest man, but Paul Essex is a prince amongst gentlemen, excellent company any time of the day and if you have the opportunity to spend time with him, please do) and the rest we were with at Download and little legs, the shortened version of a wife is used to my tantrums, outside of these people that will make any festival enjoyable, Clap your hands say yeah are appearing. I have liked this band for some time and continue to love them and the album, Leeds will see them in a tent and unsure just who they are clashing with but that doesn't matter, it will be them for PeterD at the expense of anyone.

I know they are derivative, and I think that is part of their attraction, where for other bands it can be a bit of a criticism, basically because I don’t think they pull it off too well, but if you wear your talking heads influences so openly, well I think that is a great reference point, a better reference point than trying to copy their peers.


My only criticism of the band is I think they need to concentrate more on the new material, Alec Ounsworth has a lot of material already wrote, he was a solo artists and CYHSY was merely a receptacle for that, his older unrecorded stuff is great, the new material being played on tour at the moment is not as good as anything on the album. I hope those older tunes get trotted out soon or I fear that their star will fade as quickly as it shone.


Last night.

I meet up with Essex last night and Paul. Paul joined us at Download, this is him sans bandana, but with aviators.


Paul had the Leeds ticket off us and he seemed very happy. A good night last night, I am not Essex who takes the candle, burns both ends, gets bored with that and eats the f**ker. At download Essex ate glowsticks and hel0rz and I challenged him at Leeds to eat play doh, which he said last night he still will. He also told me last night that hel0rz is no longer going to Leeds, its not a deal breaker but you go to these meets and meet efesters and on the whole they are shy 13 year olds that cant string a conversation together, she wasn't, she was normal. C'est la vie though, I digress, yes I will be buying play doh today and Essex will be eating it. Back to last night, Essex isn't just Essex at festivals, where as me and little legs have a few pints, well Essex doesnt.

Odd dream last night, I dreamt I met hipster and bus, but I dont even know what they look like, I dreamed that Lisa kicked me out and for some reason I asked them if I could live with them, they said yes. For all I know they may not even live together. Really odd dream and totally random.


I may have been a little harsh on SMS, let me elaborate.

I ordered my tickets last September, paid for them and then didn’t have to worry when they went on sale. I use the tracker on Seetickets website and this told me that they had been dispatched. My kid who is a miserable shit and likes to stop up late and get up late was coerced into getting up at 8 so as not to miss those f**king idiots that masquerade as a courier firm (you see a pattern here). She did this for two days and nothing. So I call SMS and they tell me that would I like redelivery attempted at a work address, I said yes and they tell me that this will happen Thursday. Now lets rewind. Redelivery. I ask if they have a record of these tickets being attempted to be delivered, they said no record, I said how can it be a redlivery. At this point my voice started going a little higher and I passed the phone to little ern, she is better at remaining calm than I am.


16 Clumsy and Shy.

It was my intention that this efestivals blog was just going to be festival related, but as time has gone on it’s a bit difficult resisting just wittering. I have even tried to tenuously tie gigs to festivals. I can imagine it, today I walked my dog (that is really what it will be like) which reminded me off the first time I went to Glastonbury festival and on our way through Glastonbury town I espied a crusty with a dog on a string, not a cliché, there really was one, and I wound down the window and shouted get a bath you soap dodging bastard. Again this really happened, I am not proud of it, I blame it on youth as in the car we had a life size jeremy beadle face mask that we used to freak out motorists on the motorway to Glastonbury But there, that was my tenuous way of getting from one random thing to another.

SMS are supposed to be delivering my Leeds tickets today, to my wife at work, come the revolution, MFI, Heather Mills McCartney and SMS will be first against the wall, they make Rover look like a well oiled machine, SMS were called to ensure that our tickets were on the carrier pidgeon that will be doing the delivery and again they said yes. None of this will run smoothly and that’s why I haven't had that shit faced grinning enthusiasm that most of the other people who are going to Leeds have. I also feel that my enthusiasm for meeting what seems like hundreds of people off the leeds board is seriously waning. Do not get me wrong I really really want to meet people, and lots of them, and I know it’s a social element that makes festivals, but christ its hard work on a message board when the extent of someones conversation is slagging off a band, what will they be like in real life, I daresay as much of a shock that m******** m**** wasn't a ripped toned 20 year old ready to have sex with my mother, but a skinny 17 year old , estimated age.


Time off.

Every couple of years or so I feel the need to get off line for a while, normally centres around me feeling that I have been spending too much time on my PC or work creeps up and I need to concentrate that aspect of my life. Now it seems that that is the case at the moment, well a combination of the two. It’s a little more difficult now though, with one thing and another.


Thursday stuff.

I have been a little subdued post Leeds, plenty of work to come back to and joy of joys on Tuesday our whole local server was down where I store most of my files, I sat twiddling my thumbs all of Tuesday and was hammered with work on Wednesday. I am back on top of it now.

I see from the blog of bus that he is a serial early samich eater. I always always eat my sandwiches at ten, this stems from the days when I was an insomniac and may have been up at 3am, so come ten I was a hankering for sandwich. Now I get up at 5am it is still there, the need for food at ten. Today I have cheese sandwich. We are trying to be all good and go vegetarian, the reasons are manyfold, but it stems from being sickened by the pig slaughter on gordon ramsey, we discussed this at leeds and decided that as soon as the freezer was ran down we wouldn’t be buying any more meat, we are pretty much there anyway, we never really ate much meat in the first place.

Not much else is happening, off to see hips like cinderella on Saturday, should be a good night, hope it’s a good night. The week after they are at the albion so we are going to that as well. We hadnt watched them in quite some time and saw them just before leeds festival and realised why they are our favourite band.



I could do with a few more hours in the day today.

I think Essex's patience will be starting to wear a bit thin with me, it looks like I have got an excuse not to come out, but little frogmellas birthday broke the bank this month. Next month I have a mates 40th, that’s a meal in Birmingham and a hotel to boot, another expensive night, plus gigs and I feel Paul will be sending me abusive texts.

We tend to hibernate between September and Easter anyway, we get out for gigs but we have so many birthdays between those months and Christmas as well, it's rare that any spare cash is available. I feel bad for this, Essex is above average company, I feel guilty though that I always appear to be saying no to his invites. Still, soon be Easter.

The fratellis album has been keeping me entertained, as have the latest albums by death cab for cutie, the early November and get cape wear cape fly's.


sad day

Life online is an odd beast, I have had an internet connection since

around 96, 28k modem and it moved like a wounded dog, over the years I

have made acquaintances, some friends and some very good friends. I have

met heroes due to the internet and discovered more music than I could


I have friends in Salinas, London, Chicago, Leeds, Glasgow, New York and

other far flung places, St Albans for example. You know these people but

you don't really know them, the lady I know in Salinas I know she works

in a funeral home, that she is divorced, loves gardening, has an 18 year

old daughter that loves English music, wears a lot of hats and considers

what the Americans play to be football. Her daughter plays or played in

a band.

The lady from St Albans, I have known her online for it must be 5 or 6

years, she came from Jersey, likes indie music, calls the man she loves

by an abusive name whenever she talks about him, she has consistently

made me laugh more than any other woman and has a problem with her


Another friend again I have known for 6 years, maybe longer, I know that

she works at a record label, that she is married to an Australian,

vegetarian, her parents keep a couple of small white dogs, one died

earlier this year, and that her father up until last night was suffering

from cancer. He died last night and it really upset me, my relationship

with her started on a forum about a band we both had a common interest

in, then we both had blogs, that we still do and we read each others and

then we met a few times at gigs.

People wander into your life online, leave a shadow and then when you

turn your pc off, they are invariably gone, then there are the ones that

leave a lasting impression and when they have some one close to you go,

it leaves a mark on you.

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