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I went to a zoo, it was the worst zoo ever, they only had 1 dog, it was a shih tzu.

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Without getting too Arkwright, its been a funny old year, festival wise I made the move away from Leeds and Reading and if it hadnt have been for Latitude it would have been a break from Mean Fiddler and their ilk. 2008 is shaping up to be more like 2007 but certainly not the major ones that depressed me so much.

It was a relly enjoyable year festival wise, the rain hardly effected me and when it should have, it didnt, it never bothered us at all. The festivals we did attend, we met some lovely people who I hope I will see at some point in 2008, they not only made me feel welcomed, but also my wife.

Musically, away from festivals at the start of the year I spoke about a gig hiatus, http://www.efestivals.co.uk/forums/blog/pe...p?showentry=701

Well we almost stuck to it, we saw Hips like cinderella twice, the cribs once and nofx once, which for us is pretty good going. Outside of gigs, the cribs or the view produced my favourite new albums of the year, the evangenitals and pullover did as well, 4 albums I have played considerably. Best festival performance could be the glitzy baghags at Workhouse or Camera obscura at Latitude, just because they played almost the entirety of their last album.

Favourite festival this year would be workhouse or shambala, the line up for the former, everything else at the latter.

Personally 2007 was a really bad year outside of festivals and music, but its only bad in my world, my dog got ill and cost us a couple of thousand to put right and the small print of the insurance policy meant that we could only claim 250. Lisas mum went into hospital for alcohol related illness, where she remains to this day, and you know a few other things. But in the end, its all ok really.

Found out in November that I could be redundant in the new year, so that combined with a temperamental internet connection (word to the wise, do not have skys broadband) meant that from around November I havent posted that much on efestivals, my internet frustrates me and during the day I am realtively focused these days.

And thats about it, an ok 2007, lots of room for improvement, a few highs, doing the efests radio, shambala, workhouse, my kid starting uni, pullover recording a new album. A fair few lows, but all in all, a good 2007.

Here's to 2008, hope you and yours have a good Christmas and a fairly stunning 2008.


Festivals 08

Still pissed off with Sky broadband and as soon as we can get out of this contract we will.

That said its November and we have tickets to 2 festivals booked already, ssh and Bearded Theory. As soon as Workhouse tickets are for sale we will be buying them and there is still talk of doing BD/Endorse it with a camping holiday in between, time will tell as they arent massively cheap. We also fancy a local one called middle of nowhere which we always tend to be on holiday when its on so that will be good to get to and if anything small turns up we will be off to that.


Shit week.

Shit couple of weeks all told, trying to concentrate on stuff and havent really been online too much.

The company I work for is shedding 20% of its workforce in march, I will know then if I am one of them, internet f**king connection is up and down more than f**king lindsey lohan, and quite frankly if one more unplanned expense comes up I will not be happy.

Dont get me started on work either, I work in an industry where you have to be pedantic, but for f**ks sake people take it too far.


Efests radio

I have been DJ-ing on efestivals radio for the past couple of weeks, the first week was very very enjoyable but it seemed I was beset with problems last week. It has since transpired that my splitter for my broadband connection was faulty, I have replaced that and it seems that my connection issues may have disappeared, however I am not massively confident. My thinking was that my connection no longer drops.

So the shows then, well the listening figures didnt set the world on fire, this week will hopefully be a different as I have now come out to my friends and they are going to listen.

The tracks themselves, on the last show have really been a mix that might make it on to a tape or something that I havent heard in a while that I love. I dont think its too obscure, I dont think Glen Campbell is obscure, but by the same token I know what I dislike and I will avoid them, Kooks, RHCP, Muse, Coldplay, U2, Radiohead. If there was 3 listed there it would be the unholy trinity, it isnt it is 5 and I guess honestly if I dug around I could maybe find one track that I like by all of them, bar the kooks, and the RHCP track would be a cover (Higher ground) Maybe I will insert a new feature next week, songs I like by bands I hate.

So tuesday I do it all again and by Sunday afternoon I will have all of the music ready, I think its going to be a good one this week.


Endorse it.

And so it starts again, after talking to Jacketspud and 5co771e at Ssh we decided that next year was going to consist of Endorse it and BD's and camping in between. Well early bird reduced rate tickets have just gone on sale for the former and if I can get in touch with Lisa I think tickets will be bought, 65 quid is not to be sniffed at. A very good price for a festival in this day and age when organisers are happy to attach a hundred pound price tag.


Shambala festival

My weekend was fun, to say the least. Thursday we left to go to Shambala in the wilds of Northamptonshire/Leicestershire border. The drive down was effortless but I was a little riled that there wasn't any signs for the festival at all and I considered this poor on the part of the organisers. So we roll up at the gate and there a re a few people milling about so we know that we are going to get a good spot for the tent. We head to the wristband exchange and it is at this point that we are informed that we are a day early, a whole 24 hours early, what an absolute c*ck. We get back in the car and decide that a night in a hotel would be better than heading all the way back to Stafford, we find a hotel in Rockingham and start on the wine and watch lots of Jeremy Kyle.

So anyway, the next day and we head there proper, we pull on and get a reasonable spot just behind the dance stage, ok its a little noisy but not a hardship, we can tolerate that, unlike the tw*t with a megaphone in the tent next to ours. And that is my one gripe, one man with a megaphone.

So anyway, when I first go there it was immediately apparent that the whole organisation was way more professional, that the facilities were excellent and the set up of the new site was way better than the last one. At first though, it didn't FEEL like Shambala, that soon faded though the arena was excellent, the stages were excellent, the workshops were excellent, the woodland area was excellent, the sports day, the healing field area, the hot tubs, the vegan food, the organic beers and wines, all of this was just superb.

Saturday night was party night of course and everyone, I mean everyone dresses up, Lisa was a cavegirl and I was Fred Flintstone, I met up with Scottie at this point, and his good lady, who it has to be said provided excellent company over the weekend. Whilst chatting another Fred Flintstone came over and female "boxer" with alternate fred, called me Peter, now this seriously messed with my mind, turns out it was the fair Jacketspud, her hubby Darren and her kid/interloper, again really lovely people, so saturday night was a drunken affair that involved the worlds worst juggler, a punk band and too much wine. I know people go to festivals and they say Saturday nights are a party, but really this felt like a party where everyone knew each other and everyone was out to have fun.

The whole festival was just immense and was really sad to be taking the tent down on monday, no criticisms, just a great time, a truly great festival. Met some lovely people that provided some excellent company, Kerplunk, sorry I didnt say goodbye, you had popped off as we were going.

But thinking about it, actually it was a horrible festival marred by lots of trouble, thefts, and burning of tents, there was no bar and heavy handed security, you wouldnt like it.


Thats another festival out of the way, bit different this one, difficult to explain how it was different, but essentially camping was at a proper campsite around a half a mile away. The campsite itself was lovely, Golden Valley near Ripley, certainly would recommend it to people who like camping, very friendly and good facilities, set in beautiful surroundings. The actual festival site was reached via a long narrow country lane which led to the midlands railway centre, hold on I hear you exclaim, a music festival at a railway centre??? Yes and they had steam locomotives that you could go on as part of your entrance fee.

So then, the festival, well I saw a few bands, singers etc and I will be brief here, The felt tips, drummerless sarah records type indie, Pete Green, pretty good and he did an acoustic version of blitzkrieg bop, The Hermit crabs, very much like camera obscura, the loves, the first good band of the day, excellent, bearsuit, nestled between the happy mondays and badly drawn boy as one of the worst bands I have ever seen, friends of the bride, pretty good stuff, the school, similar to heavenly, pretty good, persil, shouty nonsense but again ok, elctric pop group, appallingly bad, darren hayman, always a pleasure never a chore.

The festival, I would have loved this twenty years ago, and I daresay the same people would have been in attendance twenty years ago. It was full of indie snobs that still hanker after a field mice reformation and are stuck in 1987. The audience and the band that were in attendance for bearsuit made me actually leave the venue prior to the orchids coming on. Really really do not want to go back to this, and instead of getting people that are trying their best to impersonate ballboy (the felt tips), camera obscura (the hermit crabs) and belle and sebastian (practically everyone) book the originals.


Latitude Festival

That's Latitude festival done then, another one and the second of the year.

Musically I watched Silversun Pickups, Albert Hammond Jr, Charlotte Hatherly, Elvis Perkins, The Magic Numbers, CSS, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Bat For Lashes, Camera Obscura, Arcade Fire, Jarvis Cocker, Angus and Julia Stone and of all of those I enjoyed Camera Obscura, Silversun Pickups, Elvis Perkins, Angus and Julia Stone, Albert Hammond and Jarvis the most. I was a little disappointed by Arcade Fire to be honest, a lot of stuff from the second album.



That all said musically it wasnt diverse either, it was indie in all its varients, and it pretty much didnt waver off that all weekend.

The festival site was pretty nice, flat and not massively huge like Glastonbury and parking was quite close to the camping area, for a fat chuffer like me, this was important.

The facilities were a little sparse, one block of toilets for the whole campsite, and no bins at all in the campsite, none.

The bars thankfully werent Carling, it was tuborg, not that it made a real difference as I was drinking wine all weekend but still.

Not much more to add to be honest, wouldnt go back there, it left me hankering for a little punk and that was not going to happen. It was expensive and in all honesty, not worth the money. And Bat for lashes are absolutely shockingly bad.


Workhouse Festival

My first festival of the year then, Workhouse in Mid Wales, and we knew it was going to rain, we were prepared for that but I always say if I can get the tent up in the dry, the weather can do what it wants. We got the tent up in the dry and shortly after it started to rain and it didnt stop.

We ventured down to the arena on Friday and were totally amazed by its size, very small, very compact but very well set out, lots of small stages, all undercover, which was needed as the rain really did not stop. Musically I saw over the weekend, 3 daft monkeys, they were good but seemed a little disgruntled that they were that low on the bill in a small tent, they may not have been but they seemed unhappy about it.


The Destroyers, they were also excellent,


Inner City Unit, alas I was very drunk so cant comment, Kid Harpoon was excellent,


The Glitzy Baghags were my favourite act of the weekend,


Los Albertos never dissapoint and that was the case this weekend,


Plastic Passion were ok, a bit modern indie for my liking but Lisa liked them alot, Cream Tangeringe were good, ditto the Cracked Actors, Tarantism, I didnt like that much, all a bit bongos and jazz flute, not my bag baby, The Rubicks had listened to a lot of Metric, but pulled it off and finally Catch it kebabs, were fantastic.


I saw more and can elaborate on most of these but basically thats the lot. A man playing spoons seemed to join a lot of people on stage, he got everywhere.


So anyway back to the festival, friday afternoon, probably after the destroyers, I wander out of the baa tent and am milling around and this fella mentions the efestivals t-shirt I am wearing, it transpires its Karlhippy and we basically have the crack and meet up many many times over the weekend with him and Paul his mate. The last morning I wander out of the tent and who is pitched next to us, Karl, small world indeed, but helped make the festival even more fun than it already was, we will certainly be back there and it may be difficult to top this one this year.


A few more.

The Orchids then, the soundtrack to my teenage years, obviously during my fey, twee, sarah records indie pop days are headlining the indie tracks festival in derbyshire, they reformed a while back and I wept into my cardigan sleeve with joy. It seems that they are playing a festival in Derbyshire called Indie Tracks. Also playing with them is MJ Hibbert, I have a 7" (naturally) by him, and it extols the virtues of lazy office work, works alright if its a proper job. MJ Hibbert is the man, he talks sense. Also playing are Bearsuit, they featured highly in the very last peel session, I dont know them all that well to be honest and the rest of the bill is made up of twee as you like indie bands and the DJ's from retro and indie night how does it feel to be loved amongst others. Looks a certainty that we are going to go, will probably get the tickets tonight, and that aside from one weekend (new harry potter book) is July full. What about september then speccy? I hear you cry.

September then, it looks like tonight that we are also getting End of the road festival tickets, Lisa really fancies it, unsure why, possibly the super furries, possibly as a friend of ours is playing, possibly god knows why, but still, it looks like it is set in beautiful surroundings and a great way to top off the year.


Work catch up

Let me waffle about work for a bit, its been a while and a considerable amount has changed since my last work related entry. I changed careers and the people were pretty much intolerable, I mean they just sat and talked shit about Dr Who all day, which is ok if you have been doing the job for 10 years and know what you are doing but not me, I didnt have the first clue. So this was driving me up the wall and was pretty much going to go back to Asset Management, (still with me? good.) So I told my manager this and implied, or is it inferred? anyway, I suggested that my trainer was f**king inept. Last monday I get offered a place on a new team and by jingo its great, learning SQL (Oracle and TOAD), a little Unix and have been booked onto courses, marvellous.


I believe Sunday is Glastonbury Day, Glastonbury isn't a feature of my year, but I know for a lot of you it isnt just a feature, its a highlight, so can I wish you all good luck, I hope all efesters get tickets.


What a game trying to find a festival that fits the bill in mid June, we did have it down to two, Thimbleberry and The Big Session. Then we found reasons not to go, Thimbleberry, well it is mainly distance. We are in Stafford and its in Co Durham and a few little things in the review put us off. The Big Session, I really had my heart set on this, but for so many reasons we have decided against it, its in a city for a start, camping is away from the arena area, and parking is a relative distance too. I know the reasons for not going are minor and they are little niggles but they are niggles and I think we are perhaps going to just go camping. Although that one with the saw doctors playing looks like it may fit the bill, but thats at the back end of June. You think I am being fussy, go look up workhouse festival on the net and see how good that looks, that really what I want to go to a few times between now and July.


The Glastonbury Effect

One thing that tends to happen over Glastonbury week, we have an influx of dickheads that descend on efestivals, its as if they are aware that the moderators are away.

2 years ago there was a right plum and if I can recall the thread I will post a link to it.


This morning we bought tickets for Workhouse festival, thats the third booked and it doesnt look like it is stopping there. As I said earlier, we were so put off festivals, after a fair few years doing them, and just over the past week, its the same excitement we used to have, I mean real excitement, workhouse and blissfields have really got us looking forward to something and there would be more, and I really think there will be more.

Workhouse for a second, that festival looks on paper like it could be our yearly staple, I havent been yet and it may be a let down but so far it looks bloody perfection in a field, well not quite in a field, but certainly perfection. We get done with that and then its down south the next weekend for blissfields. There is a distinct possibility that it will be three weekends in a row and 2000 trees, but still June is looking too quiet, we are on holiday for the first week, havent stopped looking though.


More festyness.

A few nice suggestions for festivals in the summer have been posted in my thread over in other festivals. 2000 trees seems highly likely and possibly charlbury if it goes ahead, little ern fancies truck but thats a no no, then it becomes more about the music and less about the festival, well it would with truck anyway.



Looks like the festival thing has gone for a burton as well, yesterday we bought tickets for one small festival, and as soon as tickets go on sale for blissfields we are getting them too. Current talk indicates that we wont be stopping at 2.

We also bought this yesterday from belltent.co.uk


People who read my complaints know that I was bitterly against festivals this year after a lot of disappointments last year. The realisation came that it wasnt festivals on the whole that were the problem, it was they type of festival. In 2005 I went to a small estival and it was the best experience I have ever had, this year we will be back.


1987 and all that.

Nostalgia, I am not keen on the whole, Nostalgia tends to be 15 year olds saying how great something was even though they cant actually remember it or its Peter Kay saying Texan bars, they were tough werent they. That said 1987, twenty years ago this year. Was 1987 the quintessential year for music, was it ever bettered? Thats not an open question by the way, I dont want people replying no 1998 was because a shitty stereophonics album was released.

A post on another blog and thinking about it myself, I came to the conclusion that 1987 for various reasons is year zero.

The Wonderstuffs' Unbearable, Strangeways Here We Come, George Best, The Falls Hit The North, True Faith, Birthday, April Skies, Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me, Come On Pilgrim, Music For The Masses, Licensed to ill, rebel without a pause, Box Frenzy, That Petrol Emotions big decision, REM's Document, Big Blacks Songs About f**king.

Thats pretty strong stuff for one year, will the same be said in 2027?



11th of January, wow thats a long time, and loads to tell, too much so it will have to keep till Saturday, thank you for your patience.



It comes to something when you are too busy to even update your blog. I will try to put together a large post of some description soon. A quick recap. Off to the hospital today about my sinuses, hopefully nothing serious will turn up. Last year my doctor told me to cut out drinking, I chose not to listen to him, the same trouble I had last year due to the drinking is back. Outside of that all is good in the hood.



Its been a good year, enjoyable, in parts at least, sad in other parts but all told, all good. Due to another bad festival in reflection, we decided no more for next year and similarly, becoming bored at gigs, we arent doing them for 2007, outside of Brand new at birmingham, oh and we have a few get out clauses, the breeders anywhere, the pixies in birmingham or london, the sugarcubes anywhere, or lisa says billy talent anywhere, but thats it, althought darren hayman or ant dont count.

So where was I, this year, music, well some exciting bands, the continued popularity of clap your hands say yeah is great. Live, seeing Cud was great, Tenacious D, frank and walters, the fall, albums wise, camera obscura, the view's album is stupidly good and like being transported to 1992, the arctic monkeys, gene clark, the walkmans covers album, the ditty bops, the evangenitals and simply luke leighfield provided me with album highs.

Personally. I fell in love with my wife again around July, realised that althought I tell her I love her all the time and try to show it, I became besotted with her again and realised that she is the most important thing in my life. The kid started growing up a little more at the back end of this year and started to regret her attitude on holiday.

Work, well I went from loving a job to detesting it and starting a new one, its slow, but it will get better.

So my year in all was agreeable, I had a good year without any heartbreak, I hope 2007 is comparable.

Thanks for keeping me entertained and I hope that 2007 is good for you.

Really, you know the views album could be the best album of 2007, it is superb.

Have a good and safe night tonight.

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