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nobby the happy snail

So, it's been a while everyone.

I've been working away from home a lot for the last ten months in order to keep my job with my employer and then my Dad died suddenly and unexpectedly at the end of May so things have been quite difficult really.

However at last there is a ray of light.

I have been offered a new job with a large international company which means that my family and I can finally put the last year of uncertainty and anxiety about the future behind us.

It will mean relocating but we're really looking forward to the new start.

I really feel that things are starting to turn the corner.

nobby the happy snail

Baby update

So everything was set up for the delivery on Monday 11th but baby had other ideas. :D

Labour started in the early hours of Saturday 9th followed by a panic to arrange a baby sitter for the other two and a mad dash to the maternity unit.

Our new little girl was delivered by c-section (as expected) at 09.42 and weighed 7lb 11oz (in old money).

We have named her Seren May Boudicca.

Mother and baby are both beautiful and after two weeks leave I have returned to work for a bit of a rest. :D

nobby the happy snail

So today is my ninth wedding anniversary.

PLUS - my boy's first day in reception class at school ("How was your day?" "Lovely", "What did you do?" "Everything", "Who's in your class?" "Everyone" :wub: )

PLUS - the final hospital check up for the missus and the soon-to-be new baby (still all systems go for Monday! :rolleyes: )

PLUS - I had my redundancy statement (substantial :D )

PLUS - today I've had two different job offers come in to remain within the company (decisions, decisions :( )

and it isn't even tea time yet!

nobby the happy snail

So it's the last day of work before the holiday tomorrow.

Driving up to Southwold (Suffolk) tomorrow with the boy and the girl in the back and the (seven and a half month pregnant) missus in the front. Should be an experience. Still we survived the round trip to Cornwall in June without anyone killing each other so hopefully we can manage this too.

The boy's been very stroppy the last few days, talking back to his mother etc. Hopefully getting away from the confines of the house will improve his mood.

He's decided that he wants to go to Aldeburgh one day although he hasn't explained why. Maybe he just wants to torment the giant, mutant, killer seagulls? I imagine we will be taking a trip to Kessingland one day to give our best regards to Rula and Reggie as well. I don't imagine that we shall bother with Gt Yarmouth (as it is a shithole) so sorry Halls but I won't be able to kick Jim Davidson off the end of his pier.

In summary: a week of Adnam's finest for me with (hopefully) not too mant traumas. :rolleyes: