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so after reading messedups poems it dawned on me i havent written a song for a while or well lyrics u no what i mean thought of doing one right now but people might think im just copying beki or summin might write one in private and post it later

on other news forest vs carlisle tonight CMON U REDS!!


was just reading my last blog i posted and its funny how somethings never change, forest arent top but second and still in league one but i think this will be the season, italy did qualify for this summers championships and into a group of death my medications still fine still taking it still just working fine lol i performed richard III well and passed my HND but didnt get onto the top up year but alas i shall return in the autumn to finish my degree off should be exciting

hope some one reads this :D


so yeh not check my blog for a while nor ne one elses cus well no one was looking at mine so felt no need to write down my musings but ne way im at college rite now and needed sumin to do so i thought id come on and c whats been happening which is wen i see that my last post i did like ages ago has 15 trackbacks what does that mean lol ne way in other news my medications ok im on 4 a day tho i normally take 3 and just an extra one once in a while cus there strong im doing richard the 3rd 4 my final piece this term so that shud be fun ive got to go see a play about football 2 nite dunno much more then that so it shud be entertaining then after that im goin to rock city 2 dance the night away forest are still top just about which is good tho lady luck is starting to wain and italy won last nite so the world champions still mite make euro 2008 =)


bye bye David Johnson =(

he's had to retire oh dear add to that the defeat at home to oldham its been quite a deflated week at the city ground and nottingham this week got carlise on saturday so back to winning ways the only concelation from tuesdays games was the teams below us all lost too so no movement in the table


Thankyou Mr Kirk

wasnt that nice he mentioned me in his blog title =)

well ok maybe i will write a blog about leeds

it was immense!!!!! travelled down on my own again this year, actually i guess on my own 4 the first time, 2003 i got a lift up, 2004 was one of the coaches so there was loads of leeds people(obviously) and i happend to find a mate to sit next too, 2005 i made my way 2 sheffield 2 pick up mr ewan kirk, but this time i was on my own but i was ok and got into the leeds spirit by talkin to other festival goers by the time i got 2 leeds 11 on thursday then i got shuttle bus and go to the site rang mr kirk and we found each other and i found the camp and got set up

from then on the weekend was great met loads of ppl at the meet danced away in the duracell tent, got kept awake by the duracell tent, danced in the silent disco - which i absolutely loved a great idea and so surreal might try see how to set sum up locally tho the djs had sum rather varied tastes, wud of liked more emo and to see if u can have a silent ninja pit ne way..

i saw about 35-40 bands mostly full sets or near abouts for about 30 of hem and saw everyone i wanted to especially muse which was just epic in the rain just kinda fitted with the music like they were causin apocalypse to happen and that very moment i was fine untill i moved tho and then the mudd seeped into my trainers and it was very pleasent walking back to my tent but my sunday nite wasnt ruined as the rain letted off about 4 and i got out and went on the pursuit of people i cud just hang about with was a good night in the end =)


i bought a pack of haribo tooo

cant forget that, i wunder who looks at my blog apart from ewan lol

my tooth f**kin hurts too, sorry 4 the language but its just kinda gradually got worse during the nite

and ive stopped my tablets dont think they were workin sum how, as my bodys tellin me otherwise lol joy

i need alcohol 4 leeds i need money 4 leeds

i see my dad 2 moro so lets hope


friday i had my 3rd blood test yummy, and finally started takin 2 tablets a day 2 day is day 3 and i can say last week was a one off which im glad

also on friday i did my leeds shop with help from the notes in5om made about his shop i got nearly everythin i need just need to go back to asda for sum more bits and bobs =)

yesterday i went with my mum to see my aunt in leicester and we went out 4 the day i manged 2 c rabbits at the garden centre and ducks at stoney cove, then my aunties nutty cat ingrid when we got back

also 2-1 to the nottingham 2-1 to the nottingham

and yes we finally scored a penalty i think this most be a record for the most straight penalties awarded in a row 2 a team ever and then the most most missed in a row that have been given in row lol. still 2nd tho cus of vales late equalizier =[ cant have everythin it seeems


then along came the rain, but thankfully i had just about finished airing and just giving it an antibacterial wipe using those flash ones with the hard side and the normal side, get in

so wen it rained cue me hurling tent and pegs and stuff inside cus i didnt wanna roll it up wet (very bad idea) but it all went well in the end

said i was maybe gonna take my 2nd tablet yesterday, well i didnt, nor did i today :S, but i will 2 moro and ill take no for an answer.. frm myself if same thing happens ill have 2 ring the nurse saturday and chat

booked my coach ticket 2 leeds bus station saving my self 10 quid, tht i dont have ne way but oh well my bro owes me and im goin leeds festival food and bits shopping in a mo which reminds me ill have 2 note down wot in5omniac has bought so i dont forget ne thin.



yep third straight win still 2nd in the league on goal difference if only we had scored all our penalties weve been given so far (3) we'd be top now, i really think jack lester shud stop taking them for now lol but im chuffed

today was ok, for those who no nottingham i spent most of my day in broadway cafe and cinema with friends drinkin tea and playin chess and backgammon, yesterday i had my 2nd blood test my 3rd is next friday and i up the dose of my tablets monday so alls looking good no ill effects and i guess im starting 2 feel better i guess im not indifferent but oh well

love love


I like cooking i do

yesterday was wednesday, wednesday in my house is pasta day, and im the one who makes the pasta sauce =) this week was a good un, i can sum times be hit and miss, all depends if weve got everything, 2 day 4 lunch i made myself risotto with a bit of onion and bacon, also while that was cooking made myself sum potato salad (minus mayo) for later. i think i get this passion for cooking from my italian gran (who leaves round the corner) her cookin is just the best and i love my food its my grandads birthday on the 14th so were havin a meal round there on saturday and i cannot wait.

apart from that recently mum decided to clean the garage for the first time in 20 years, finally made true to her promise and hired a skip and i started manual labour with her soon following, now the garage is fairly clutterless compared 2 a week and half a go, all ive got 2 do now is shovell all the cack off of the floor, yes me not mum wen thats done i think ill get a pressure hose 2 wash all the cob webs away :ph34r: now i dont like spiders at the best of times but seriously ive seen so many in that garage and so many different species its made me quite queasy, horrible creatures :(

this seems to be my longest blog yet dunno why lol, tomoro i have my first blood test 4 my tablets its tablet number 8 2 moro mornin and my 2nd blood test in 8 days, damn i gotta get use 2 this shud start upping the dose in 2 days or so see how i feel, gotta take them 2 leeds which shud be fun, i gotta take them with food so looks like a very hardy breakfast or ill come a cropper

looks like this blog will last me a few days mite just post how my gettin punctured went dunno tho ill c and oh yeah finally found/worked out how to create categories how fantastic =)


oh yes what a result and playing away aswell and we missed a penatly so now were second after 2 games only kept of the top spot over goal difference im well excited for this season role on saturday and northampton away im not goin but wot an atmosphere colin calderwoods old club lol ne way today has been mostly uneventful again tried 2 debug my computer sum more got rid of spyware yesterday had a major virus binge today dont think its clean though damn thing lets just hope explorer stops freezing

p.s ne one going to leeds festival from the nottingham area in a car?


ok mum..i hear you

so yeah still on my summer break and havent yet found myself a 9-5 summer job and having been sacked from my part time job (as a pot washer doin 2-3 nights a week) my days have become quite similar, i get up about 12, mum berates me and say things mothers normally say to their lazy assed children, the thing is my mums voice really cuts in, when uve just woke up, makes my head vibrate and no joke, damn i need a job, i need money


yeh didnt make a blog yesterday (saturday) when this happend but

COME ON!!!!!!!

thats forest in the championship next season

oh yes im a happy forest fan now cmon colin calderwood

in other news, i like bus had 2 be in grantham 2 day (sunday) be it 4 10 mins

as i was catchin a connection 2 nottingham but i didnt like it one bit

:rolleyes: hate grantham


[this is wednesday nite]

hey every one ive had a good day today i suppose and a good night not to long ago in5omniac sent me a link to mean fiddler and well what did i see, stuart security arent at this years festival, and well im smiling so much now cant wait, tomoro im at hospital but dont worry its nothin serious just a check up, hope i dont get blood taken, hate needles and well yeah ciao



[this is thursday nite]

hey everyone, yeh it went ok 2 day starting medication 2 moro one tablet a day 4 10 - 14 days, with one blood test every week :rolleyes: oh the joy and yes they punctured my arm at the hospital 2 2day =( but oh well if it makes me better tho i wont no if its really havin an effect till 2-3 months time so fingers cross =)


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