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Making Festival Keyrings

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blog-0479274001374618439.pngHey there fellow festival goers hope everyone is well & looking forward to all the amazing festivals ahead of us!!! :rock:

I was wondering if any of you could help me though please? :help:

I make personalised key rings & bag tags & I've been asked to make a load up for a friends stall to sell at a few festivals this year but I'm really stuck on what to actually put on these key rings.. :startle: I've only made key rings with peoples names on them & As a festival virgin I'm really not clued up at all about what kind of things sell at festivals & if there's any particular words or slogans mainly used at these places..

I've posted a pic of a few types of key rings I make & any word suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!! :curtsey:

Many thanks if you can help me :bow:

:D LeeLee :D


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