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    So I'm just back from Electric picnic in Ireland.. and I don't like it a bit, I just want to session on for the rest of my life.

    This year I've just finished college so I had no money to buy the ticket but I had just enough money to buy some drugs and get up there with enough left to feed myself for the weekend.

    I went up early on Friday with a small gang of friends and my brother, all of which had tickets. I was going to be sneaking in alone. :ph34r:

    The only word to describe being left outside while your friends go in is misery, and you cannot let them wait for you cause they have paid there money and need to make the most of it. I started at about 3 o'clock and waked from car park B to stradbally village, though the village and out around the south facing side of the park. This diabolically long walk was to scout out all of the entry points and also to see how the security react to my presents {this is important = If you are humming around with out going into the festival eventually the security guards will start talking about you and informing the security up ahead of you that you look like a freak and are trying to sneak in}

    After walking for about 2 and a half hours I was at the point on the road to the south of the park that is closest to the corner of the Jimmy Hendrix camp-site. With patchy knowledge of the lay out of this area from Google earth I picked a place to start going cross country and hopped into the bushes. I crossed a few fields and hopped over a stream and then retreated to the shelter of a patch of bushes because of a low flying police helicopter flying over head. Not knowing whether it was looking for me or people like me I stayed in my bush for an hour an 20 minutes just to be safe and to have a joint.

    Once I was certain that the copter had hoped off I psyched my self up for the next stage of the sneak. I slowly climbed out of the gully that I had dived into an hours previous, quite stoned. I started down the path towards picnic and not 2 steps into my stride two guys walked across the clearing at the end of the path. They froze when they saw me while I walked sheepishly towards them down the path. Knowing that they couldn't be security I gave them the two fingered solute for peace and we introduced ourselves. They had the same plan as me so I was happy to join them and they were sound out. They were two brothers, the older one was a bit of a pussy and the younger one was quite young but very tough.

    I met the brothers just before we reached the bramble forest which is adjacent to the corner of the Hendrix camp site, underestimating the size of this scrub wast area we attempted to cross it. The bramble forest was a huge field lined with dikes and drains that was covered in thick briers. The level of the briers was normally above head hight but there were occasional shallow patches. This took us four hours to get though, it was endless. on the other side of the bramble forest (east side, just to the south west of the Hendrix cam site) there is a very dangerous water way with deep holes full of water and covered by briers. There is a weir crossing this little river that you can walk across if you find it and you will be in a good position for the sneak. We made the choice not to cross the weir and found ourselves feeling very exposed as we approached the park.

    Ok having snuck for five and a half hours a this point we were all ready to brake, give up and go home, had I been alone that is exactly what I would have done but since we were a team we had to go on. We reached a concrete bridge from the north side of the river. The bridge was quite exposed so someone called sketch and we hid staking out the bridge for a patrol. The stake out failed miserably because the second we popped out to dash across a tall and stern looking Scottish security guard got the jump on us and carted us out of the place.

    Dehydrated and morally crushed we wandered down the Timaheo Rd south bound away from the very bad idea of sneaking through the woods. We then approached a house to see if the inhabitants could give us some water. The man living there was a single plumber with a big machine gun sitting on his kitchen table, Ignoring the gun we chatted about sneaking in with him for a while and then he offered to drive us back to the car park.

    We started drinking in the car park and had some food to get our strength back before attacking again. Its half 8 The number of people around that were trying to sneak in was growing, some were sound and some were dicks but we all had the same goal. Walking from the main entrance up the cork road and back again for a bit of reconnaissance we built our confidence and looked for a way in. Wet tired and very stressed out we approached the main gate and then went right across the field and along the huge green fence that was keeping us out. we walked to the very edge of the field where it was dark and sheltered. Two other sneaks emerged from the dark behind us, wired and up for something crazy.

    The five of us grabbed two stainless steal fences from a quite barrier and rushed at the huge green fence. We jammed the stainless steal fences against the big green one like a ladder and piled over it. I was first over the fence and shimmied down one of the support polls, there were two security guards on the other side not ten feet away from me so I turned and ran. The too guards watched us pile over the fence 7 men strong at this stage and then turned there backs to us while we dispersed into the woods WooPing and screaming with excitement. We came out of the woods into the rave Neutronyx and made

    for the camp site.

    Here reunited with my gram of MDMA and my 18 cans I began to session.. hard. I took a big scoop of it and shoved it right up my nose. Drip Drip Drip lightly buzzing I tried getting into the main arena but was refused and turned around. I wandered back to my tent, not too discouraged and found own of the lads hanging around tripping on acid so I went out and started asking people for acid. With in about five minutes of looking I got my tab and popped it into my mount.

    After a pleasant hour of chatting back at the tents I came up and started staring at lights around the camp site and lost my mind in general. I cant remember the amount of tents I visited that night but it was friend making night and I met about 50 really cool people just up for a laugh.

    The next day I was depressed cause I wanted to be in the arena and I was coming down off the drugs quite hard. Attempting to get into the arena again I was turned around and narrowly avoided getting thrown out by spinning a story about sleeping outside and my wristband getting cut off. Then I went up to the box office and expanded my lie and try and make myself a legitimate festival goer. The manager at the box office was a young woman and she was so sweet and kind that I genuinely felt bad lying to her but I had no other option. My friend had attended with his girlfriend so I brought him with me to vouch for me and my lost wrist band in his girlfriends place. I initialised the conversation but before long it was just my friend coked out of his brain and Buzzing like a mutherf**ker chatting away to the manager about the details of my "ticket".

    Without a bother he got me the wrist band [legend].

    I went back to the tents to celebrate my final completion of sneaking in with a wad of MDMA shoved up my nose. Drip Drip Drip. It was then session time and we were passing joints, drinking vodka, Shit loads of beer and taking drugs.

    I find that Electric Picnic is always a kind of a competition between the indie fans and the techno heads to see who can take the most drugs and who is getting the best laugh out of it, being a simple stoner of simple tastes I sat right in the middle and had a laugh off both sides.

    The recommended drugs I would say to look for are, MDMA, Acid, Yokes and weed.

    If your taking the ecstasy I would say go for the MDMA cause its allot cleaner then yokes but the dosage is undefined making it easier to OD on whereas with a yoke, you take one and BOOM!

    So Iv just got my wrist band and I started the MDMA off with a line snorted to get maximum bang for my buck. Then I drink on and buy a disguise to ware while I'm buzzing, I picked out a stylish hat for €8 with €2 knocked off. The hat wasn't enough though I needed some dasent shades too, I'm in the shops looking for shades and three girls come up and are like let us pick them!!! So they pick me out a smashing pair of green sunglasses and garnish them with a purple flower in the top right corner.

    So were chatting any way and its going good until one of them lets it slip that they are all around 16 years old, I'm 23 :O . I was buzzin and they were so sweet that I just couldn't leave them so I took them all on the Ferris wheel and got them ice-creams :lol: . Ok that was really fun, buzzing is class. I knew there were some real women around not too far away so I got rid of the young pussy but not before one of them talked me into taking her on a date to the silent disco at 10. Which I did and it was class! Took her to Arcade Fire as well which was unreal! I was now hanging with a 16 year old girl her 18 year old {legal ;) } friend and my best friend.

    I was quite subtle about my drug habits in front of the girls cause they were so young but that all changed when my buddy arrived, first he pulls out a joint and were strolling around listing to music and getting stoned then he takes a bomb (MDMA wrapped up in a skin) and I take an other dab (A fingertip of MDMA sucked). So we were BUZZING :blink:

    Soon the young girls realise that we aren't going to do any thing with them and that we are completely demented and they bolt.

    And I says "Awww Yeah!"

    So me and my buddy head into body and soul to meat a chick that we were talking to the night before and she is f**king nuts but she wasn't up for it on Saturday night so were on the way to The Chemical Brothers f**ked up and loving it.


    Don't know when but someone ran off with my hat late that night or I lost it and it killed my buzz so I hit the sack before it got too late, was quite late though.

    Sunday night I did allot of MDMA perfectly timed to produce the most incredible feeling, starting with a line and then dabs from then on. I went around for the night with two friends, one of my closest friends and a chick that we just met. She didn't like the idea of it at first but then wanted to experiment and I was throwing drugs at people at this stage afraid of having to take it home with me. The three of us walk off into the arena floating on air and fall completely in love with each other. This was a night of free love. Then I rang nearly every person in my phone book for a chat and had a weird phone call buzz for a while. Deciding that I needed a new hat I made for the shops, I picked a hat and approached a really sexy girl who worked there. She wanted €16 for it but I just gave her a hit of MDMA and we called it quits.

    The one thing I regret about the whole weekend was not asking her out and giving her more drugs and f**king her brains out like a porn star.

    She would have.. but by the time I though of that her shop had closed and she was gone.. gay!

    Later I get back to my soul mates with my brand new hat and we start getting very mushy in deed. My down fall was suggesting that I go back to the camp site for more alcohol and leaving the other two in body and soul.

    When I got back out the Hendrix and on my own I started to lose my mind. At this stage the yoke heads in my camp had attracted more yoke heads from Dublin and my gazebo got trashed. They were all walking around like headless chickens shouting Alan compulsively as loud as they could and I hand such a laugh off them. I meet two more friends while I'm on the booze mission and crawl into there tent for some cuddling and more drugs. At this point I lose my shades and my bag of MDMA :unsure:

    Really close to losing my buzz on the last night I get back onto my soul mates in body and soul and they say they will give me more MDMA just to finish the night and I find my shades :P

    Now I'm really buzzing and know not what is going on and lose my nodge but I don't care because I was in such a beautiful place with my soul mates.

    I end up trying to get into body and soul again but its closed so I hop the fence. Two security guards get out of a van and start shouting at me from behind I'm in no man's land in between the fences so I walk to the far fence completely ignoring the closing security and start grooving to the beats coming out of the body and soul main stage. 2 minutes pass and I realise that they just gave up and left me there. I'm still trying to find my soul mates now but they are in a tent at it like bunny's so I head to a hut at the very back of body and soul where there is a lock in stoner session on. One of the guys in there gave me an other dab of MDMA and I lose my mind again.

    6 of us total strangers of all different types are in the hut and I find my self telling endless story's that don't go anywhere for the rest of the night while they lap it up like gold. I love hippy's.


    MDMA is a quality drug B) buy as much as you can and share it around.

    Acid is a very good way of turning down time into trip time, I only take half a tab when I'm on MDMA.

    Don't try to sneak in just buy the ticket, saves you allot of hassle.

    Sneaking in is hard to do and takes balls and allot of luck.

    If your on MDMA try to take hits very 3-4 hours so you don't end up losing your mind or your buzz.

    MDMA is very good for taking with girls cause it makes you feel like a fluffy cuddly porn star

    If your taking MDMA always ware a disguise because its fun and keeps you safe from shouting retarded things like "Alan?". :P .

    If you insist on sneaking in here is what to do:-

    From when ever you arrive till 10 o'clock on Friday night you should be drinking and getting a gang together. As soon as its ten, security loosens and its already dark so rush the fence with your new buddy's and pile into the woods, safety in numbers. Any other way and your in danger of getting in trouble with the guards or beaten up.

    once your in, stay out of the arena till Saturday and lie your ass off to get a band at the box office. Your usually going to need a legitimate friend for this as well. And BOOM your in.

    Electric Picnic is an amazing festival and you should consider taking drugs at it.

    From this weekend on I'm changed and I'll never be the same again


    034nc.jpg By towly22 at 2011-09-06

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    Hey guy's, just a quick blog.

    I am 15 and currently doing a Creative and Media diploma. At the moment we are planning a festival. It will be held on the 14th January at Hillcrest school and sixth form centre in Bartley Green, Birmingham. It will be between the times of 2pm and 5pm (possibly later) and we are aiming to get an audience of over 200 people.

    We are looking for people to run small stalls at the festival. Its a family friendly festival and there will be a small fee.

    Please mail me if you are interested or need more information.



  1. Hi :bye:...

    i'd just like to ask if it would be possible for you to give me feedback for my uni work?

    I'm currently studying advertising and have been tasked with a project where I have to create something with the Apple brand for music festival goers via a form of social media. I have come up with a concept and would love to have some feedback from you as you are part of my target audience. My concept is the following;

    "Jam with a Music Artist" --

    Apple will be hosting an annual online music festival using facetime (an online media form where a person can talk to another person live via video calls), but using an altered format. Facetime will be tweaked to allow up to 6 people in any given video call/chat, and will also have a musical instrument component added to it, whereby a person who signs into facetime can select an instrument to play. There will be music artists online on facetime waiting for people to create music with and converse with. Non-apple users may join in by visiting an Apple store, all of which will be dedicated to this online festival for that day.

    The basic idea is that people who sign into this online festival can create/recreate music with a music artist live on facetime. There will also be an option to buy the track(s) you create on iTunes.

    To see rough visuals, please feel free to visit this blog; http://dfasocialmedia.tumblr.com/

    I would love to know if this concept appeals to you? If so/if not, why? Thank you

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    nice be join this great forum...

  2. Hi,

    I am currently in my final year of a BA (Hons) Event Management degree, and am doing my dissertation on waste management at Leeds and Reading festival.

    Please only complete the survey if you attended either festival in 2011. It will take 5 minutes and will be of huge help to my research.

    Thankyou very much for taking the time to complete the survey.

    (Just click on the link below and the survey will open automatically)


    Source: A survey of waste management initiatives at Leeds and Reading festival

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    Hi fellow festival goers!

    Im currently researching into traffic management at UK festivals for my third year dissertation.

    The majority of festivals i have attended i have spent hours stuck in traffic waiting to get into the festival and out! I want to find out why this happens and if there are any ways to improve it.

    I would find it incredibly helpful if you could take part in this very quick questionnaire to help with my research :)


    Any further opinions or further information about any probelms you have had with traffic management at festivals would also be highly appreciated!

    Thanks so much

    Sarah :)

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  3. Hey everyone :bye: ,

    Hope that you all doing well and not as stressed as me during the last few weeks of dissertations.

    I need your help and support guy and gals, please can you fill my survey in.

    its about event design/look/decor/features and how it can enhance your enjoyment at all kinds of events.

    plus if you like a bit of competition between boy and girls, then at the moment boys are winning !!!

    heres the link it will only take 3 mins to do http://www.smart-sur...sp?i=46877lxiap

    Thank you all :D

  4. swilk

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    I am currently looking for traders for a new festival in the South West area. We plan to only take on a few, as to not create a conflict of interest between exhibitors and to lessen competition. We are specifically looking for traders specialising in anything from face-painting, hula hoop sales, poi, etc - anything except food or drink. Expected ticket sales are in the region of 800+, the festival dates are 25th - 27th May and there will be a small exhibitor pitch fee.

    If you know anyone, or are interested (however big/small the business) and would like more information, please get in touch with the header 'Trading' to itsasecretfestival@gmail.com

    Thank you!


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    Hello Im doing my MSC on health and safety attitudes amongst festival attendees. If you would like to help it will only take 5 minutes of your time. Just go to the below link


    Thanks in advance

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    Hey festival lovers,

    I am currently at university in my 3rd year studying Events Management, writing my dissertation titled “Does service provision for festival goers meet their needs? Context of Reading festival”.

    For this I need to gather your thoughts and views about music festivals. The questionnaire should only take 5 minutes of your time and your answers will be kept completely anonymous.

    The link is below!


    Many thanks for your time.

    P.s. any thoughts where else this link can be posted?

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    People often ask who my favourite band are, or what the best album or best song ever made is, and my mind always goes blank, or I can't come up with a convincing argument for a single candidate. So I started thinking about what the best festival performance I've ever seen is. Now, firstly, I can't remember half of them, so this was from the beginning a fairly futile task, but everyone loves a good list, so this is what I came up with. Let me know what yours are, if you can remember.

    10: The Stooges - Glastonbury 2007

    Finally got to see one of my favourite bands, just before Iggy Pop decided car insurance adverts would be a good idea. Ended in the only full-scale stage invasion I've ever seen at a festival, with at least 200 people joining The Stooges on the Other Stage. Topless, and fast disappearing in a thickening crowd in the middle of the stage, Iggy's voice could be heard, hopefully declaring "We're clearing the stage now, we're moving out now" as more and more people flooded on. As loud, spontaneous and fun as it gets at a major festival these days.

    9: Buck 65 - Truck 2007

    The second of two years in which I saw Buck 65 at Truck - seemingly a perfect match of independent wandering hobo artist and small festival built on foundations of similar integrity. His set on the 'main' stage was full of invention, humour and touching moments. He preceded it with a spoken word performance, in which he appeard to hypnotise at least half of the people in the small tent and had the other half sat in silent wonder listening to his fascinating traveller's tales. His low, gravelly tones somehow succeed in making you want to immediately go and give him a hug and the keys to your house. The previous year, I had been sat in the same spoken word tent awaiting Buck's arrival. He was late, but eventually turned up with a rucksack on his back and went straight on stage, having just travelled from Heathrow by a mix of public transport and hitchhiking. If all artists had Buck's humility, pride in their work and encyclopedic musical knowledge, festivals would be a far more enjoyable experience. My friends and I spent the rest of the 2007 Truck festival walking round with an old video camera and a wizard's hat, pretending to be a film crew representing a fictional website called Wizardweb.com, and gaining interviews with a number of bemused bands and artists. Strange times.

    8: U2 - Glastonbury 2012

    This has been much maligned, with even Bono himself expressing disappointment at how it went in an interview with Q, and saying the band were "freaked out". However, I thought it was fantastic and the sort of spectacle that the Pyramid Stage headline slot is made for. The perpetual rain and low-key ending aside, it was assured, emotive and absolutely full of fine songs. U2 didn't attempt to hide behind pyrotechnics or expensive gimmicks. It was just the biggest band in the world going toe to toe with the biggest festival in the world for 12 rounds, in a torrential downpour. Also, how often do you get to leave a 'secret' Radiohead gig because you've 'got to go and watch U2'. An unforgetable night.

    7: The Strokes - Reading 2001

    The Strokes were the coolest band on the planet in August 2001. The NME had hyped them all the way to the other side of Saturn and back, and they didn't give a fuck. I was 21, had driven down to Reading in a shagged out black Renault 9 that I'd bought for £35. My friends and I had got hold of a promo copy of Is This Is It on cassette a month before it had been released and blasted it out of the car and a ghetto blaster all weekend. Every one of us wanted to be in The Strokes. The band's myth grew by the day, until just an hour before they were due to go on, early evening in the pretty pokey Radio One Tent, Reading's organisers realised the folly and potential danger of this move and announced that The Strokes would be switched to the Main Stage. It was like watching a band become massive before your eyes. Naturally, they breezed through the performance with nonchalance and returned the following year to headline. On that occasion, an extremely intoxicated Welshman tried to give me and my military-jacketed, floppy-fringed friends his credit card, demanding in return that we play a gig for him there and then, certain in his mind that we were in fact The Strokes. Shine on you crazy diamond.

    6: Gomez - Glastonbury 1999

    Glastonbury has the ability to make a band seemingly overnight. And watching Gomez as a 19-year-old on my second time at Worthy Farm felt like seeing a band go from a cherished cult act to something much bigger. Asked to headline the Other Stage, they'd asked instead to go on second from the top of the bill so they could watch REM headline the Pyramid after their set. The 'sunset slot' suited Gomez much better and they absolutely smashed it, Ben Ottwell's voice cutting through the warm summer air and Tom asking the crowd to turn their backs on the show for a second to "look at that beautiful sunset" before seizing the moment and cheekily demanding "now get back over here". Then we went to watch REM. Nice. 11 years later, I saw Gomez again at Worthy Farm, headlining the Avalon Stage, and regret to this day leaving half way through to leg it to an apparent Chemical Brothers secret gig in the Stonebridge Bar, which of course never materialised.

    5: Idlewild - Truck 2007

    Back when we were young, Truck seemed brilliant and its main stage really was the back of a truck, Idlewild's headline show was a comprehensive greatest hits set, covering fizzing pop punk, delicate folk and anthemic Americana with a Scottish accent. Watching a band that have been around for years and played the big gigs on the big stages turn up at such a small and humble venue as Oxfordshire's pretty little village fete of a festival can result in a bout of 'going through the motions' - see Supergrass' morbidly flat performance at this venue in 2009. However, Idlewild tore through their extensive back catalogue in front of a couple of thousand people as if they were headlining the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury. And what a back catalogue they have, too.

    4: The National - Glastonbury 2010

    The only guitar band I've cared about in about the last five years, at the only festival I care about, with a cloudless sky and temperatures approaching 30c. A no-lose situation, but the National smashed expectations out of the ball park. Unhinged singer Matt Berninger led the security a merry dance, climbing into the crowd during Mr November and taking a walk all the way to The Other Stage's sound desk during Squalor Victoria, without ever slipping out of his effortless aura of cool. A performance of majestic assurance, with all of the rough edges left on, leant majesty by flourishes of brass and strings. The National remain a cult but they're the natural successors to REM's crown as the thinking fan's mega-band, and should one day ascend to the role of headliners if there's any justice in the world.

    3: Pulp - Glastonbury 1998

    17 years old. At my first Glastonbury. Under-prepared. Border-line hypothermia and trenchfoot. Penniless. Sleep deprived. Weak with hunger. Fed up and convinced I was never coming to this watery death pit again. Then I went to watch Pulp headline the Pyramid Stage and have been every year since. Jarvis in his white trenchcoat - entertaining and charming - had the crowd in the palm of his hand. Even the dark, brooding moments from the terribly underrated This Is Hardcore were epic and celebratory from the first seconds of howling feedback at the start of set opener The Fear. Despite the hellish conditions, this was a life-altering 90 minutes for me at the end of my A-levels, about to leave the friends I was shoulder to shoulder with in the mud, and fly the nest to university. It ended with a massive Common People and the PA playing Ben E King's Stand By Me as we all waded away through the water holding hands. Aww.

    2: Coldplay - Glastonbury 2005

    It's cool to hate on Coldplay, but hey I'm not cool and I'm proud to declare this was one of the finest headline shows I've ever seen, eclipsed only by REM and Radiohead in 2003. I was taken ill during the early part of the show, deliriously convinced I had been standing on a Cotswold Stone bridge yards from the stage and being carried unconscious out of the crowd by my friends. I came to, delighted to find I hadn't died or been trampled into the Worthy Farm mud, and the rest of the set was a masterclass in performing to a large crowd on a stage where many more experienced bands have fallen short. The fireworks erupting from the top of the Pyramid as Fix You kicked in is an image that will forever stick in my mind, while my best mate, who watched the second half of the set convinced he was in the long, white inner corridors of a large spaceship with Coldplay playing at the other end, will probably have enjoyed them rather less.

    1: REM & Radiohead - Glastonbury 2003

    Two incredible nights back to back at what remains one of the finest festivals I've been to. Glastonbury 2003 seemed to be the year that the current trajectory of expansion, invention and growth began after the disappointment of a slightly underwhelming 2002, and having two of the biggest bands in the world on the Pyramid certainly helped. I watched REM on the Friday night alone, stood on a bench high up the right-hand side of the field. The bench gave me an extra two foot and an unobstructed view over 70,000 heads to the stage. Michael Stipe's vocal performance was the most complete and affecting I've witnessed at a gig of such scale, and REM were simply immaculate as 20-odd years of brilliant material rolled by. They looked thrilled to be there, too. Radiohead watched from the side of the stage and gave an equally captivating show the next night, finishing with Karma Police and an aboslutely huge crowd singalong of "FOR A MINUTE THERE, I LOST MYSELF". The bootleg of Radiohead live at Glastonbury 2003 is still one of my all-time favourite albums.

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    Dedonz Pup Cummings
    Latest Entry

    Girls Just want to have fun ..............

    Cindy Lauper hit the nail on the head with this 80's classic and we at G4G want to prove this.

    Our team are working our little cotton socks off to make the north east's very first all lesbian festival a HUGE success.

    Held at sedgefield race course, Stockton on tees the G4G festival is going to be packed with live music, comedy and games.

    from the 10th till the 13th of August us girls are gonna have fun, making new friends, laughing, smiling, singing and dancing and maybe a little blindating.

    G4G is a festival just for lesbians and their family's with entertainment for everyone from the little kids to the big one's.

    so come on all you gorgeous girlie's lets show them how its done...................

    for more details checkout www.g4gfestival.com

  5. We are looking for a festival or outdoor caterer to provide catering for Olympic staff Accommodation. The tented village will be just off Roding Valley on the Central line.

    The Site will be in operation from 25th July - 14th August with accommodation being provided for between 1000 - 3000 poeple.

    For more information please contact Jessica Bird, Oxygen Event Services at jessica@oxygen-events.com

  6. Taking place around the shores of a stunning lake from 28 July until 4 August 2012 (right in the heart of the Portuguese countryside), Boom kicks off once again for its 9th biennial edition, celebrating 15 years of psychedelic culture!

    Epic, beautiful, multi-sensory, overwhelming, eye-opening, creative, inspiring, stimulating, mesmerising, captivating, energising, invigorating... Activation for the mind-body-soul-spirit-senses... Such is Boom!

    The festival has become a trajectory for mass interaction and the exchange of ideas and ingenious insights that contribute to the positive evolution of our world on multiple levels.

    2012 is the year of the Maya and other prophecies that have depicted the shift in global consciousness. We are therefore happy to invite the awesome Daniel Pinchbeck, who will be giving a talk at the Liminal Village on just that. Nepali painter, Romio Shreshtha will also be joining us for a presentation on Tibetan enlightenment art while founder of MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies), Rick Doblin will give a special talk on the medicinal use of psychedelics.

    Meanwhile, the Dance Temple line-up follows the sun as we take it from the top with twilight to progressive to nu-Goa to Goa trance and full-on, right the way to forest and dark... Check out the line-up for the Dance Temple right here: http://boomfestival....m/dance-temple/

    This will of course be complimented by a sublime selection of progressive sounds from Alchemy Circle artists such as Grouch, Sensient, Hypogeo, Tom Cosm, Radioactive Cake, Extrawelt, Kaminanda and Two Fold amongst others... More info on Alchemy Circle line-up right here: http://boomfestival..../alchemycircle/

    Psychedelicious vibrations abound, crossing the boundaries of sound... Experience it at the Ambient Source, the place to unwind, meditate and be at one with the music, the self and the spirits of nature... Ashirvad (aka Darren Sangita), Cosmosophy, Mimicof, Mixmaster Morris, Pineal and Organic Shapes, Samadhi and Hataken are key highlights. Check out details here: http://boomfestival..../ambientsource/

    Come and join us for a phenomenal experience under the sun, the stars and a beautiful August full moon... Join the tribe for an incredible, awe-inspiring experience; bring your love, your energy, your art, your spirit and be part of Boom 2012!

    Source: Boom Festival - the gathering of the tribe...

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    Anyway. Might as well give this a shot...

    On offer for a limited time only: -----Your New Best friend!-----

    Cost: Your spear Rock Werchter ticket! Deal will include the full value you paid for it too- via paypal, online credit card transaction Or Cash In hand.

    Your are purchasing a one in a lifetime offer for a new best friend for the Rock Werchter Festival 2012. A chilled out, fun, 20year old student with an obsession with music and festivals

    Your new best friend will do awesome things for you!

    Single? He’ll be your full time wingman

    Not single? He’ll help you defend your misses from the French!

    Do drugs? He’ll share his and help you get some

    Don’t do drugs: He won’t do drugs and get drunk with you instead

    Don’t drink or do Drugs: He’ll walk around the festival in a Nun Costume preaching how bad it is to do drugs & Drink

    Smoke? He’ll roll your fags

    Don’t smoke? Good for you J

    Want to party all night? He’ll stay up with you

    Want to go to bed? He won’t keep you up

    Feeling down? He’ll give you a hug

    Feeling cold? He’ll lend you a blanket and give you a hug

    Can’t put up a Tent? He used to be a scout and is an expert at putting up tents

    Need help carrying stuff? He’ll try and help...

    Can’t Cook? Nor can he, But he knows how to fry an egg

    Need someone to see bands with you? He’ll go see them with you

    Can’t speak a foreign language? Nor can he, but is fun to try anyway

    Need someone to travel with? He’ll travel with you

    Want to laugh? Knows plenty of jokes


    Random Facts about the Ocean & science from a Marine Biologist

    Guitar* (may be played badly)

    Super Noodles! Gas stove and kettle

    Fully trained first aider (Hse First aid at work)

    Free Banter- generally up for doing most things :/

    Massages if necessary(No homo)

    Someone to laugh at, particularly as he’s prone to falling over and cocking up

    Fancy dress options available

    Terms And conditions

    The Best friend reserves to rights to see: The Cure, Justice, Mumford and sons, The XX and The chilles.

    The best friend reserves the right to not be exploited

    Your best friend will try and travel with you unless your flying, because he’s poor.

    Drugs refers to weed, your purchasing a heroin addict!

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    Latest Entry

    blog-0628261001337603045.jpgI went to a really cool festival a couple of years ago called SunDance. They are having another one this year in October.

    It is in Turkey. It had a really great vibe with lovely friendly people. It's small which I really liked as you feel completely safe with everyone looking out for each other.

    It was on a private beach, surrounded by mountains, forest and ancient ruins. We were dancing in the sea. Absolutely stunning!

    The music is a variety of different genres ranging from electro house, house, breakbeat and psy trance. The festival this year has got some good names including Tom Real, Aphid Moon and Aliji.

    Most of the tree houses have sold out but they've still got some Turkish tents and camping spaces available.

    I would really recommend it.

    Have a look on: www.facebook.com/#!/groups/110817288964897


  7. Hi,

    This is my first test blog post today is 25th May 2012 and i`m going to start my blog on my new business aventure.....More to follow.. hopefully

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    Hello All,

    Hopefully no one minds me using this forum for some unadulterated self promotion !!

    I just returned to the UK after 4 years working on international festivals. Im looking for employment and was wondering if anyone here was "in the know". My last project was launching RFID and cashless systems of payment at a 7 day music festival of 30,000 and as this hasn't yet been achieved large scale in the UK im hoping that might give me an edge.

    I was Event manager for this festival and im looking for similar roles in the UK or project manager roles that would compliment my skill set.

    Im currently in brighton but happy to relocate please e mail tomlobbett@gmail.com if there is any genuine interest out there.

    Thanks for reading.

  8. Hi,

    I'm looking at marketing of UK music festivals for my dissertation and would be extremely grateful if you could answer 10 quick questions for me.

    It will only take you 3 minutes but would be much appreciated!

    Please follow this link: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/GW7LLH7


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    blog-0400140001355419343.jpgThank you for viewing this blog. My overall intention is to provide people with first hand accounts of my festival experiences and in doing so give you advise and direction on planning your own tips/holidays.

    Sziget 2012

    The idea of traveling all the way across Europe to Hungary for a music festival is a large task. My first impressions where, "Why not stay local". I live in Belfast, Ireland so the availability of festivals across the Irish sea in Britain are many.

    People in Belfast are used to the annual trip to Oxegen festival down in the south of the Island but wasn't held in 2012 due to the site being overused like the Glastonbury site.

    My first alternative was Pukkelpop but wasn't sure it would be the same after the accident in 2011. Many of my friends got on board with the Sziget idea and I soon followed suit.

    Everyone will obviously research where they are going of too before booking flights/tickets etc. I found a worrying lack of information from previous Sziget goers. All i had to go on was the standard information provided by the two Sziget websites available and sparse forum posts. All the obvious questions i wanted answering like, "What type of people attend", "Is there sufficient security", "Will i be stabbed/raped/murdered for my hat", couldn't be answered with the information provided.

    So i basically booked onto the trip blind of detail with the attitude of "just go with it". Flights and ticket came to around £250 which wasn't bad. I brought a medium sized hiking bag packed with a tent and sleeping bag with all the other obvious items.

    You don't need to haul an entire camping setup with you. Just outside the island there is a superstore which has everything at very reasonable prices. I honestly would advise just waiting and buying your tent etc over there. A member of my group did which left room in his case for a beer bong haha.

    The superstore itself is a 15 minute walk down a straight road, so its impossible to get lost. Midday security won't let you enter via the front door so just go round to the left side of the building where there is an unguarded door. If you bring any backpacks you are asked to store them in a locker just outside the main store which are free of charge. Just make sure you remember the pin you chose for the lock.

    As i said the store has everything, you can buy yourself a TV if you fancy it.

    Food and drink on the island range from large pizza slices to McDonalds. I did find myself eating a lot of McDonalds because, well it is McDonalds. Honestly the drinks from there taste like the were made from toilet water and the chips are most of the time cold/under cooked. I recommend making trips to the supermarket and picking up bread, cheese and ham along with other nice food. Fruit juices are also a good choice.

    Alcohol on the island comes in a few forms. The local beer is fine, but not one person could pour a pint to save their lives so you end up with half pints every time. The beer also comes in cans, although slightly more expensive its a much better drink. Cocktail bars are everywhere aswell, not my cup of tea to be fair and are pretty expensive.

    One night we came across this sort of barrel hut which was selling this soda/wine.

    Frocas is a Hungarian drink which contains wine, fruit juice and soda water. The entire group fell in love immediately. They are a must try, they come in a decent sized bottle and are very refreshing but at the same time will get you plastered. If thinking about buying drink at the superstore and bringing it in be very careful. Security on the gate search your bags extensively and anything else you have. We did get drink in but it was well hid.

    I do experiment with drugs on the odd occasion. Drug dealers stick out like a sore thumb, they aren't very subtile. Weed comes in grams, about €15-20 a gram. Not a very good price but it is a good smoke. Ecstasy isn't good at all, my friend took about 4 pills on one of the nights and was absolutely fine. Again i suppose it all depends on who you buy it off.

    The island itself is huge and very beautiful. We arrived at night. We got the bus with no problems just outside the airport terminal and brought us a 5 minute walk away from the main gate. As we had arrived on the -1 day we had to buy a separate ticket to get in that night. We were all very tired from the traveling and keen to get our camp set up. We walked up one of the main roads with no idea where we were going. The place was really busy and all the stalls were open already. We found a good spot beside the Illuminarium (see Sziget map). Got set up and as Irish as you want went straight on the drink. We first went and got our cards full with credit. The pay card system is very convenient, which allows you to reduce the possibility of being mugged. You can also pin protect your card if you lose or get it stole via a free text message.

    We then got pissed and explored most of the available open clubs/bars.

    The next morning/afternoon was awful. At least the hottest weather i have every witnessed, 40C. as you could imagine the hangover was serious. Trying to sleep during the next day is next to impossible. Your tent becomes a greenhouse and you will be sweating until at least 7pm. So i advise not to go in hard on your first night if you are not yet used to hot temperatures. The main stage is particularly warm, it does have water spraying down on you but its like someone is spitting water through a straw at you

    Our group was about 15 strong and we attracted a lot of attention from festival goers with our beer bongs and Irish ways. I honestly cannot remember one person who i met throughout the trip that i didn't like. Everyone was so nice and friendly. I am used to having to deal with mud covered dickheads at Oxegen and i expected more of the same but was pleasantly surprised that i didn't. if you don't like Dutch people, shit one its full of them but equally full of Italians and Germans all of whom are dead on. There were also a surprising amount of Americans also (who annoy me the most).

    The showers are a God send. During the day you will want a shower to cool yourself down and rightly so. In the morning they are usually empty but around midday the lines are big enough. Don't let this put you of, the lines move very quickly and you will be in and out in no time. The island itself has hard ground which is good for walking on and kicking a football on but will break your back when slept on. I done it a few times and woke up fucked haha. The place is very very dusty which kicks up everywhere you go. You will wake up with your nose stuffed with dirt. You will obviously see pictures of the beach on the island, you are not allowed on this and swimming in the river is forbidden. You wouldn't want to anyway its disgusting.

    Personally i didn't have a problem with getting lost because my group was big and even if i went of somewhere by myself i seemed to bump into someone. Im sure a smaller group would have more trouble. Mobile phone charges aren't that much so keep yours charged at the charging station. The arena is huge and you could get lost very quick.

    There is not much else i can say. I won't talk about the actual experience, i will leave that end upto you.

    Anything else you would like to know as away.

    Cheers Kev :)

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    blog-0234273001355909643.pngHi I hope you guys don't mind but I wanted to share with you a new festival that I have just seen. Its called the "Rock & Metal Circus Festival" and is being held on September 20 - 22 2013 in Bromsgrove.

    Ity looks like a really cool festival for those who like Rock and Metal music. It is based around new and upcoming bands from the UK and will have a couple of really cool known headline bands as well. It seems there is camping and caravan hook up, hot showers, clean loo's and loads more. Looks like a small festival from what I have read but these kind of festivals need to be supported so our new bands have a place to be seen and heard so I'm going with a load of mates for the last festival of the summer and at £25 for the weekend including camping it's as chhep as a night out so you can't loose. Here is the link for you.


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    My only festival recommendation for 2013 is Sziget.

    "This is what the party at the end of history looks like" GQ Magazine

    Sziget Festival is a week long festival in Budapest. On an Island in the Danube. In the 30 degree sunshine. With showers. 24/7 HOT SHOWERS. And CLEAN toilets - with toilet paper.

    Seriously...why would you go to a cold muddy festival in the UK where beer costs a fiver and the food even more when you can go on a holiday and a festival in a oner for a week and spend the same money!

    Hungary doesn't have the Euro which means that a pint costs about £1.20 - the food is cheap and amazing. The people are incredible, and most of the aren't british. I think the British were 5th down the list of where the most visitors had come from. In my eyes this is a great thing - you meet people from all over Europe because when the festival describes itself as the European meeting point it really isn't joking.

    Lots of Dutch, Croatians, Germans, Italians, French, Hungarians (of course) Irish, even Australians (they get everywhere!) and Americans. It's a multicultural heaven and everyone wants to be your friend.

    I've been 4 times and have never seen any trouble. It's like a dream!

    You find yourself walking slower, thinking slower, you just forget about your real life for a week and enjoy the sunshine, the music, the city (which is insanely easy to get to for outdoor swimming pools/spas and an AMAZING zoo) and the people.

    I could go on and on. Now I've been to UK festivals before - The Isle of Wight Festival, V Festival, Glastonbury - they just don't compare.

    I even met Michael Eavis last year at Sziget - see! In his year off he decided to come over and see what all the fuss was about - needless to say he loved it!

    Sziget is "a fantastic festival, more colourful and probably a lot cleaner than Glastonbury." Michael Eavis

    Much like Glastonbury Sziget is about way more than just music. With music from all over Europe, encompassing all genres, from Romany Gypsy folk, to a 24/7 Drum n Bass tent and all sorts of arts and crafts (yes crafts!) including the always incredible giant street theatre (which one year ended in a huge outdoor foam party).

    You can easily walk around and see people covered in chocolate head to toe having just had a chocolate wrestle on a bouncy castle to then be hosed down by scantily clad women at the Lynx tent who take great pleasure in cleaning you off in front of a jealous crowd.

    Its hot. It can get dusty, sometimes its rains - but in a good way. Like the best storms you've ever seen - and then it's hot again. And what do they do with the puddles? They fill them with sand. Often the main stage looks like a beach by the end of it - great to chill out in. (May or may not have fallen asleep while watching the Hives back in the day - hey it was day 4 - I was tired!)

    I implore you to think about Sziget this year - tie it into a little bit of European travel - it's so easy to get to on the trains, and from the airport there are shuttle buses to the enormous supermarket down the road where you can buy your supplies.

    I love it, I think I'm going to go every year for as long as I can - UK festivals aren't even an option for me anymore, it doesn't make sense to go to them when you can have the best week of your life for the same money and get a holiday at the same time.

    This video does a much better job of explaining what its like than I ever could - check it out. I'm even in it! (3:26!)


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