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    Hi all,

    Please could I ask for some help with some research I am carrying out for my dissertation project. It will take under 5 minutes for you to complete.

    It is regarding the professionalism of security and stewarding at music festival, events and venues.


    Many Thanks In Advance.

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    When snapping bands at festivals I nearly always use continuous shooting mode and whizz off several frames at a time which increases the chances of getting a good shot. You're usually fighting against motion blur/camera shake due to the low shutter speed you're obliged to use but often one frame comes out nice and sharp (or with the performers eyes open instead of closed etc).

    Anyway, all those extra shots are usually pretty surplus to requirements but now by the wonders of Movie Maker here's a chance to see them and enjoy the 'stop-motion' animation effect they give.

    This is also a good opportunity for those lazy and unappreciative people who can't be arsed flick through the pictures in the photo section of efests and catch up on a whole festival weekends photography in 60 seconds or so!

    Just three fests from 2007 so far, I'll add more as I do 'em...

    Off The Tracks - Spring (219 frames)

    Sunrise Celebration (527 frames)

    Big Session (597 frames)

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  1. xXMessedUpXx
    Latest Entry

    Oh yes....this is going to be one hell of a long post. i think this is most of the poems i've ever written...

    One Day

    So often I have tried to understand,

    The complex workings of my mind.

    Why I am. Who I am.

    Yet still no answers I can find.

    In turmoil between heart and head,

    Wanting live, wishing I was dead.

    Hate and love. Confusion and clarity.

    Why can't life be simple instead?

    Will I be alone forever?

    Is this how life will always be?

    If I just stop to observe but still hope,

    Will there be someone who wants me?

    So many things I do not know.

    Maybe it's better to take time to breathe, take things slow.

    One day life will be as I dream.

    One day…

    …I'll be ok.

    -- - -

    The Explanation

    Red angry marks and faint white lines

    A map of my pain and the tears I've cried

    Rows of secrets, ordered in years

    A not so subtle way of, displaying my fears.

    Alone but also in clusters

    It takes all my might to muster,

    An explanation for my markings

    That cover the surface of my being

    Ten years of anger and torment

    This the only way that i can vent

    A maladaptive way to cope

    One that destroys yet also creates hope.

    Many friends think they know me so very well,

    Yet hardly any know of this personal hell

    A hell that manifests itself in ways that are not fair,

    A hell that is defined in the scars that I bear.

    - - - - -


    Unfair by me

    Stuck in a downward spiral,

    My thoughts running away with time.

    Trying to make sense of my actions,

    To understand what feelings are mine.

    Alone, yet not alone really,

    In mind but not in soul.

    Trying so hard to clamber my way out,

    Of this deep depression, this black hole.

    Will this craziness consume me?

    Perhaps only time will tell.

    Will I ever free myself,

    From living in my personal hell?

    Some days are good, some bad,

    Some are neither, nor do I care.

    I just want these feelings to stop,

    I just want my life to be fair.

    - - - - - - -

    Lost Souls

    They say the eyes are the window to the soul

    A place where secrets lie

    But all I see is a never ending hole

    A place full of the tears I've cried

    Maybe if I'd looked closer

    I'd have seen the sadness in your eyes

    I should have taken notice

    Of when your love for me died

    Or maybe it was never there

    It was a mirage I imagined, made up

    Something that was never real

    Wouldn't that be just my luck?

    Still my heart keeps beating

    Even though you broke it in two

    And still part of me needs you

    Though I'm not sure I'll ever trust you

    Why do I want what I cannot have?

    Why do I cry all these tears?

    Maybe it's because this happened

    Now I have to face my greatest fears.

    Of being alone, of being scared

    Of not knowing what to do

    Of trying to cope, take this all in my stride

    But the hardest, is to stop loving you.

    - - - - - - - -

    Fade Away

    I'm like a book without a page, like a play without a stage.

    Like a bird without a feather, like the sun without the weather.

    I don't know what to do, I don't know what to say.

    Faster, and faster, my life fades away.

    What do you see, when you look into my eyes?

    A handful of cries, someone who tries...

    Who tries to remember, how to explain

    How they could cause, all of this pain.

    So sit back and think, before you complain...

    Complain about your life, and all that you need.

    At least you had the chance, the chance to succeed.

    So don't be afraid, of what you lost.

    'Cause what I lost, my life it cost.

    Before I go, I want you know.

    Life is a treasure, cherish it forever.

    Enjoy each day, before you fade away.

    - - - - - -

    i had a whole book of them somewhere but i think i've lost it

    EDIT-i found the book

    So i came across a book/collection of poems i wrote from when i was 15-18! Haha i warn you they are mostly depressing/emo/crap but i thought i'd share them..with intros as well.

    - - - - -

    First up an angst ridden poem about strong emotions...haha. I can't remember who i wrote this about but suffice to say they must have made me feel pretty shite...


    If there's on thing i know, its that you hate me

    That's why you make me feel so bad

    I can tell, by the way you look at me

    You must enjoy making me feel so sad

    I know, life really ain't woth the trouble

    It seems to have got me in.

    The way you screamed, shouted at me

    Why my "crimes" really so much of a sin

    You've taken away life's meaning,

    Which is pretty damn typical of you

    I hope you're happy now

    'Cos this is my goodbye from me to you

    This feeling i have inside of me

    Has probably sealed my fate

    The feeling which is killing me

    Is the one, the one called hate

    - - - - - - -

    Next up, one which still strikes a chord. I wrote it when my Grandad died in 2001. A poem i later left at his grave. (btw i refer to him as gan-gan cos when i was younger i couldn't pronouce grandad so thats what stuck!)

    Wish You were Here

    I miss you.

    Why did you have to die?

    I'm sorry everytime, i stand beside your grave

    All i can do is cry

    Gan-Gan I wish you were here

    I miss you.

    We all foundit hard to say "goodbye"

    I guess we just weren't ready,

    To let go but not understand why.

    Gan-Gan i wish you were here

    I miss you.

    You were always there for me,

    The best grnadad someone could wish for,

    And the best person there ever could be.

    Gan-Gan I wish you were here

    I miss you.

    I know we can't bring you back now

    If only you'd never gone away

    If only you were here, back with us

    Even it was just for one more day

    - - - - - - -

    This one was written when i was 15. I guess it reflects my state of mind at the time. I was depresed back then and it was around thetime i was being bullied. Anyway judge for yourself

    Sweet Sixteen

    It used to be every so often

    that i got this way

    But now its becoming more frequent

    I feel this pain everyday

    I'm happy one moment,

    Its like i'm feeling on a high

    Then i feel so sad, so low

    And i just want to die.

    Why death becomes more appealing to me

    I just do not know

    Maybe i think i'll be happier

    Free from this freak show

    I wish i didn't feel like this

    I don't know if i can cope

    Whether I'll live to be sweet sixteen

    We'll just have to pray and hope

    - - - - - -

    The next 3 poems were written around the same time. I warn you i wasn't thinking clearly when i wrote them (maybe you can tell). I've never shared them with anyone before. The reason being they were written just after I'd OD, and i think the last one is the nearest thing to a suicide note. They aren't great poems but they do serve as a reminder of the lowest i've been. thankfully i've never felt as bad since then.

    Suicdal Tendancies

    I don't know what to do

    i'm scraed and afraid

    Scared i'll do something stupid

    Treble the problems made.

    My head is spinning

    I feel sick in my gut

    Wish i'd not f**ked up

    Wish i'd kept my mouth shut

    Don't know how much longer i'll last

    Got to make it through today

    I need to know how to make it stop

    And make these feelings go away

    I've got suicidal tendancies

    I'm screwed up in my head

    Need to find a way to sort this out

    Before i end up dead


    Make it Stop!

    Make it stop!

    Take me back to happier days.

    Make it stop!

    This isn't "just a phase"

    Make it stop!

    I don't really want to die.

    Make it stop!

    I'm sick of living this lie.

    Make it stop!

    Cure this pain.

    Make it stop!

    Don't let me take my life in vain.

    Make it stop!

    Help me last a few more years.

    Make it stop.

    I cry out for help but no-one hears.



    I need to tell you how i feel

    Before i do what i have to do

    I need to to know that no matter what

    I'll always love you

    I need to tell you why

    Why i'm doing what i am

    I need you to know that,

    Its not that i don't give a damn

    i need to tell you this

    I'm sorry for what happens to me

    I need you to know that

    I never meant for you, to pay the greatest fee

    I love and i'm sorry

    Please forgive me

    - - - - - -

    Ok... this was after my hnan had died, well on the year anniversary of that i think. Anyway here's another one

    And I Remember...

    One year later

    And I remember

    Six years later

    And i remember

    Two grandparents gone

    And i remember

    Illness and suffering

    And i remember

    Two people loved

    And i will never forget.

    - - - - - -

    Amusing the inspiration for this poem came from the fact i always seem to write poems when i'm down. And yes..i wrote a poem about it.

    The Poem

    Why do these poems bring me comfort?

    Is it beause i am to weak.

    Not strong enought o talk about it,

    My grief silences me, I cannot speak.

    In my times of greatest need, deepest sorrow

    I put my pen to paper and write

    My emotions flow onto my canvas

    In times of darknes, i can see light

    Sat alone, i am deep in thought

    Yet no-one else, my secrets i can tell

    Instead i engrave it to this paper

    My own, dark and personal hell.

    - - - -

    One i wrote not so long ago. (ok so maybe my mind is still a bit screwed up)


    No real reason for living

    No point in me existing

    Not knowing my place

    Yet hanging on, just in case

    Maybe, this wasn't a mistake

    Reasons for living

    Reasons for dying

    Reasons for giving up

    Reasons for still trying

    Please let me right this wrong,

    Please, let me be gone

    I no longer wish to be me

    Please just let me soul be free.

    - - - -

    AND FINALLY my only published poem =] It was published in an anthology called "Emotions" and i have a copy of it if you want to see the proof!

    Forget, Forgive

    Sometimes life moves so fast that it is hard to keep up,

    And sometimes we hurt the ones that we love.

    We say things we don't mean,

    Words that cause hurt and suffering.

    then we try to take it back,

    To stop the pain, and get "us" back on track.

    hoping out loved ones will forget and forgive

    Ignore the foolish words we've said but yet,

    They don't and they still hurt, but they still love

    And that's what keeps us strong, when times gte rough.



    And thne alone, and empty shell

    We condemn ourselves to hell

    - - - -


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  2. McLaren to be fined $100m (yes, thats $100,000,000) and kicked out of the constructors championship. And would have been kicked out completely for this year and next had Max got his way.

    I don't know who to be mad at most. Coughlan, Pedro and Alonso for being such idiots about communicating all of this clearly confidential information, or Max and the FIA for insiting on ruining one of the most exciting seasons for years for McLaren essentially doing what every team does every year.

    It infuriates me, really does. :(

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  3. . :( I love events and celebrations and environmental festivals.

    Anything going, live drama and music performance to close off this year. Love being part of an organisation, doing good for others. Seeing shows and concerts. Love theatres. Miss the trill of being on stage in theatres and behind the scene.

    Nothing like being part of something. Love mixing, being with a group of people sharing similar interests. No age limit. All abillities acceptable.

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    Artists I love :D ..... The Stone Roses, Ian Brown, Faithless, Doves, Shapeshifter, 1 Giant Leap, Pendulum, Recloose, Kasabian, Antiform, Fat Freddys Drop, The Black Seeds, John Butler Trio, Sneaky Sound System, The White Stripes, The Kooks, Salmonella Dub, Arctic Monkeys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, Muse, Bloc Party, Happy Mondays, Inspiral Carpets, 808 State, Joy Division, James, Silverchair, The Charlatans, A Guy Called Gerald, Ash, Blur, Boo Radleys, Cast, The Divine Comedy, Dodgy, Echobelly, Northern Uproar, Oasis, The Coral, Ocean Colour Scene, Pulp, The Real People, Sleeper, Suede, Supergrass, The La's, Lightning Seeds, Lush, Manic Street Preachers, Travis, Keane, Coldplay, The Killers, The Coral, Gorillaz, Paul Weller, Reef, The Smiths, Spitfire, Stereophonics, The Tears, The Verve, Massive Attack, Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers, Basement Jaxx, The Bravery, Fatboy Slim, Garbage, Kaiser Chiefs, Roots Manuva, Groove Amarda, Snow Patrol, Badly Drawn Boy, Morcheeba, Freestylers, New Order, The Beautiful South, Fekix Da Housecat, The Strokes, Bic Runga, Lily Allen, The Streets, The Zutons, The Beatles, Blondie, Primal Scream, Catatonia, Leftfield, Franz Ferdinand, The Fratelli's, Daft Punk, LCD Soundsystem, Goldfrapp, Air, Portishead, Roni Size, Armand van Helden, Josh Wink, Deep Dish, Bob Sinclair, Paul Oakenfold, The KLF, Black Grape, The Soup Dragons, The Strokes, Beck, Gwen Stefani, Paul van Dyk, Sasha, Madchester, Brit Pop, House, Drum n Bass, Breaks, Electronica.

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    The World on Your Doorstep festival is a new venture in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. It is a small but perfectly formed 2 day open-air festival held in the local park. 2008 is the festival's second year, 2007 having been a great success, despite the appalling weather!

    Festival headquarters is the famous Hebden Bridge Trades Club 'the best little music venue in the North' (don't know who said that but it's true)!

    The aim of the festival is to celebrate the diverse cultures of the north of England through music, dance and international cuisine. It's a world music festival, basically.

    We had a pretty good attendance by traders last year, but these things build up over time. We have a fair few contacts to be going on with but would really like more diversity and some more interesting and unusual stalls! We are trying to create a world marketplace effect, but without being overwhelmed with the usual ethnic tat.

    We have an anticipated audience of 5000 and hiring a pitch is cheap as it is a small but cozy event! The price for caterer's for 2 days is £150 to £250, depending on stall size, and other stalls are a bargain at £50 to £150.

    The World on Your Doorstep' 2008 takes place on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th July.

    If you are interested in booking a stall or just want to know more, then contact katie@tradesclub.info

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    Hi everyone the Festival at Grewelthorpe just outside of Ripon North Yorkshire is now taking shape the festival takes place on the 1st 2nd & 3rd of August 2008. It runs from 4pm Friday Afternoon until 4pm Sunday afternoon. This is to facilitate young families being able to pick their children up from school on the Friday and not miss a thing at our festival. The whole of the festival is all about interaction and is unlike most music and arts festival currently being promoted. I have been attending festivals for the past twenty years and my aim was to take all the good things that I had seen and incorporate them into one beautiful and lovingly created happening!

    Much of the live entertainment is local (to Yorkshire anyway) and gives the best of new indie as well as some sublime funk and soul, there will be comedy and movies within our multimedia arena. There is also a Northen Soulz tent palying the best in progressive sounds.

    My wife Karen is putting the finishing touches to our own healing field set around the sites own stone circle here you can relax have an indian head massage or have a crystal reading and many many more alternative therapies. The diversity is one of the main selling points of the Limetree festival.

    In essence the Limetree Festival is aimed at people who have the idea a festival is all about uncomfortable camping and warm cider!! We are limiting our numbers to 2000 so everyone has plenty of space and comfort, children are welcomed and encouraged. There will be no junk food or smelly toliets we have our own composting toilets on site and the rest we will be hiring in to ensure everyone has a pleasant experience.

    The site is a beautiful nature reserve and we only want visitors who will respect this ideal, as much of the proceeds is going back into providing more facilities for the whole site.

    Anyway I will be back to add more info

    Love peace and happiness

    Sean "thebun"

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    Just a short note on a Sunday morning to set the scene for this my newest blog.

    I have a few other online things floating about the ether so I'll be posting elsewhere for a while but I will be back to bring this blog up to speed. Till then any of the Dolehouse, Green Circus people still out there, Bevan and Co have an ongoing project for a few parties next year. We are currently contacting you all and getting all our ducks in a row before we start swimming.

    The Watchmen jacket guy. :D

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    Personally i Ride a 125 Motorcycle Cheap and uses less fuel, this helps the environment!

    But to get to Leeds or Wickerman from Glasgow? er i dont think so? What about a car, NO! too much traffic!!! and Co2!

    Coach or bus is ok but personally i think that LUXURY PRIVATE COACH is the future of travel to a festival, you can choose a DVD or Music for the journey and if you get a 77 seat coach then theres a toilet and a separate wash room, loads of space for luggage and a stop on the way for the smokers or to stretch your legs.


    But what do you think?

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    Hi all im Mark manager of Portsmouth band what is lfe for? the band have been booked to play at this years Guil Fest on Friday 15th July on the Rocksound stage. The band also release their new double a side single on the 16th April on the new Quay West Records which i am running check out www.mltmanagement@live.co.uk for up to date information

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    Well whats better than writing a first post in a pointless blog than now, when I really need to be doing something useful instead, some thing novel like housework.

    will I , won't I, do any that is the question??


    actually I think I will go see my mate Jack instead and pick up my drill.

  5. The Hop Farm Festival, this years line up is now complete. The View, Ash and British Sea Power are the latest hot acts to be added to the already scorching hot bill at this year’s eagerly awaited Hop Farm Festival. Joining them are highly acclaimed Irish rising stars Bell X1, the explosive Brummie indie trio Johnny Foreigner, brothers in arms The Chapman Family, fashion label Dior’s band du jour Eight Legs.

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    The Magic of WOMADelaide 2009


    Peter Dawson

    The Kaurna cultural custodians of the South Australia's Adelaide plains were represented by a trio of women elders, who warmly welcomed the festival-goers to the three-day event over the first weekend in March. Wrapped in dark furred cloaks Joan Lamont, Josie Agius and May Turner spoke in both Kaurna and English to welcome locals and visitors alike and explained aspects of the Red Kangaroo Dreaming of the area known as Tarndanyungga.

    Led by Karl Winda Telfer the ochre-painted Paitya dance group came onstage, carrying shields and clacking spear-like sticks to traditional song in a warlike but welcoming manner. Then the mood changed to a contemporary vibe as the graceful girls of the Port Adelaide based Kurruru Youth Performing Arts Company simulated the soaring of a flock of birds. One young dancer, Jessica Gray said that her nerves soon disappeared with the excitement of performing for such a huge crowd.

    First up on the main stage the Bedouin Jerry Can Band sat before a ‘desert shelter’ and sang, played flutes, hand drums, plus an ammunition case and jerry can (salvaged from the 1967 Sinai War). In tune with our own wide, dry land the band’s desert-wandering lifestyle, came through strongly in its music, echoing much of the cultural life of central Australian communities. As the turbaned musicians created such a good groove it was impossible for those in the crowd to sit still, the rhythms and haunting melodies positive and totally invigorating.

    Dan Sultan and his band were in full-tilt boogie mode at the Zoo stage, his fiery delivery backed by the ample force of a tight horn section, while guitarist Scott Wilson played some very tasteful licks, and I loved his version of the Rolling Stones’ ‘Happy’.

    Arte Kanela showed immense passion, as the Tedesco brothers led their Flamenco dancers and musicians through routines so full of precision, yet dripping with ardour.

    Natasha Atlas is an Egyptian-English diva who has collaborated with Transglobal Underground and Jah Wobble, and her grasp of fusion is marvellous, with Middle-Eastern intonation spicing up a cover of soul classic ‘I Put a Spell on You’, along with her exotic compositions.

    Sa Ding Ding thrilled the rapt audience with her well choreographed show, featuring a combination of Hong Kong film costumes, acrobatic male dancers and the lady’s operatic voice; all held together by the fusion of folksong and techno beats.

    Day two dawned sunny with the sky painted with clouds of all shapes and textures, and firing up stage one Nigeria’s grand master of drumkit Tony Allen had the early punters in the mood for some spicy African rhythms with his youthful vibrant band.

    Mikidache had been a guest artist at The Dreaming 2008, and this time he had brought a small ensemble, including two vivacious singers from Madagascar and a Guinean percussionist. His songs were soulful and his intricate and delicate guitar picking style was most impressive; from Mayotte in the Indian Ocean Mikidache was a dynamic entertainer at the All-Star Jam and in his own vibrant sets.

    At the Zoo end of the site Seckou Keita SKQ was in exceptional form as the bandleader tickled the 22-string kora with furious fire; his gorgeous singer Binta Susso warbling angelically through the melodious cadences from the violin of Samy Bishai; Italian bassist Davide Mantovani laying down a solid foundation with percussionist Surahata Susso.

    Heading for a late lunch I was totally sidetracked when I caught the northern English accent of Rachael Unthank & The Winterset, from Tyneside, UK performing traditional ditties, comic scenarios, a clog dance and an often dark and moody dirge.

    The star of the festival was undoubtedly Elcho Island legend Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu, having won ARIA and Deadly awards last year, plus being the subject of the winner of the Archibald Prize for Portraiture, who attracted a massive crowd mesmerised by his soaring voice. The Arnhemland saltwater songman is so special his spirituality goes straight to the heart like a spear of love and compassion. His humble delivery and sincerity had the audience spellbound, some with tears in their eyes! Later I sat with Gurrumul and some of his band to hear the equally superb voice of Sa Ding Ding, and he was obviously as entranced by the Chinese diva’s exquisite delivery as we all were!

    Aotearoa (New Zealand) diva Mihirangi was strong in her performance, her voice carried clearly through the cool evening from the cosy Zoo stage with the combination of techno layers and loops adding new dimensions to the traditional aspects of her songs.

    Quite a hot one Sunday and somewhat dusty; my nose feeling like sandpaper on the inside and a chilli for skin! But the music was equally hot, with the Papua New Guinea Tatana Village Choir backed by Melbourne progressive jazz combo VADA. The combination did not appeal to some, however under the direction of virtuoso pianist Aaron Choulai the villagers joyously sang with great gusto and verve; their modal harmonies floated freely juxtaposed with the avant-garde backing.

    Ska Cubano, those suave gents were a big crowd favourite with their reggae flavoured salsa beats, while at the other end of the site Kaki King amazed all with her guitar dexterity and showy finesse.

    Egos Lemos from East Timor is the first international artist to record for Darwin’s indigenous label SkinnyFish, and his is another strong voice for reconciliation, considering the trauma his people underwent in the savage Indonesian colonisation period from 1975 to 1999. His songs are about land, love and life, and as an advocate for permaculture to revitalise the degraded environment and grow sustenance for all, his music reflects his positivity. He also joined Gurrumul onstage to sing an anthemic number with the rousing refrain of ‘Timor Lorosae’, where the two voices intertwined in perfect harmony.

    Internationally renowned Yamitji didjeridu master Mark Atkins has played with Phillip Glass, Sinead O’Connor, London Philharmonic, Jimmy Page and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. Looking to re-connect with his own country he has been touring with The Black Arm Band. At WOMADelaide he wowed everyone with his professional virtuosity and solid stamina, cooking up an earthy beat. He was also invited to join the customary All-Star Jam on stage 2 on Sunday where performers from West Africa, England, Papua New Guinea, Europe and the Sahara poured their sounds into a multi-cultural mix.

    WOMADelaide has developed into one of the finest festivals on the planet and is a fabulous showcase for our own Australian musicians, our Australasian neighbours as well as others from all over our world.

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    Welcome one and all, if there are any requirements out there for SIA Qualified Security Personnel here in the UK, please contact me with your details for an immediate response. Jays

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    Does anyone have any spare Campervan tickets for Glasto? SeeTickets have cocked up and left us with no tickets!!!

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    It's true - we are going to have a new music stage at Glastonbury 2009 supporting new music in true Glastonbury spirit... we are centrally located and so pop in and see what we have going on...

    Lots of bands, surprise guests and DJs over the festival and we are hoping you'll be there to see some of the surprise acts.

    Twitter us up for more secret news: www.twitter.com/dirtybootsclub


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    Lilly Baby
    Latest Entry


    Hey Gang,

    This is my first post here and luckily I've found this website and hopes to meet more like minded people who love enjoyed festive celebration like me!

    I was hoping my husband would bring my to travel this year but he's too busy with his job lately. My dream locations are:

    Santorini, Greece

    Tokyo, Japan

    The World Tallest Mountain, Everest



    Just too much to talk about it. Will going to show those list to my hubby later.. haha. Hopefull he will not fainted.


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