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    It's true - we are going to have a new music stage at Glastonbury 2009 supporting new music in true Glastonbury spirit... we are centrally located and so pop in and see what we have going on...

    Lots of bands, surprise guests and DJs over the festival and we are hoping you'll be there to see some of the surprise acts.

    Twitter us up for more secret news: www.twitter.com/dirtybootsclub


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    Well, i'm LOVING season three of lost. Episode 3 was one of the best episodes yet I think, shame it'll all be over for another 3 months in 16 days.

    Will try and keep this blog updated on my freshers uni life. Will prevent me from doing actual work anyway! :ph34r:

  1. in5omniac
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    Yeah, I haven't blogged in a while, couldn't be arsed.

    So on saturday Deutsche Harru moved into my house, I went to a wedding do on saturday evening, then had a meal in York on sunday, and a meal in Sheffield on monday before going out drinking with Sophie, harru and some work mates. Today is mine and Sophies one year together so its all good.

  2. McLaren to be fined $100m (yes, thats $100,000,000) and kicked out of the constructors championship. And would have been kicked out completely for this year and next had Max got his way.

    I don't know who to be mad at most. Coughlan, Pedro and Alonso for being such idiots about communicating all of this clearly confidential information, or Max and the FIA for insiting on ruining one of the most exciting seasons for years for McLaren essentially doing what every team does every year.

    It infuriates me, really does. :(

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    blog-0400140001355419343.jpgThank you for viewing this blog. My overall intention is to provide people with first hand accounts of my festival experiences and in doing so give you advise and direction on planning your own tips/holidays.

    Sziget 2012

    The idea of traveling all the way across Europe to Hungary for a music festival is a large task. My first impressions where, "Why not stay local". I live in Belfast, Ireland so the availability of festivals across the Irish sea in Britain are many.

    People in Belfast are used to the annual trip to Oxegen festival down in the south of the Island but wasn't held in 2012 due to the site being overused like the Glastonbury site.

    My first alternative was Pukkelpop but wasn't sure it would be the same after the accident in 2011. Many of my friends got on board with the Sziget idea and I soon followed suit.

    Everyone will obviously research where they are going of too before booking flights/tickets etc. I found a worrying lack of information from previous Sziget goers. All i had to go on was the standard information provided by the two Sziget websites available and sparse forum posts. All the obvious questions i wanted answering like, "What type of people attend", "Is there sufficient security", "Will i be stabbed/raped/murdered for my hat", couldn't be answered with the information provided.

    So i basically booked onto the trip blind of detail with the attitude of "just go with it". Flights and ticket came to around £250 which wasn't bad. I brought a medium sized hiking bag packed with a tent and sleeping bag with all the other obvious items.

    You don't need to haul an entire camping setup with you. Just outside the island there is a superstore which has everything at very reasonable prices. I honestly would advise just waiting and buying your tent etc over there. A member of my group did which left room in his case for a beer bong haha.

    The superstore itself is a 15 minute walk down a straight road, so its impossible to get lost. Midday security won't let you enter via the front door so just go round to the left side of the building where there is an unguarded door. If you bring any backpacks you are asked to store them in a locker just outside the main store which are free of charge. Just make sure you remember the pin you chose for the lock.

    As i said the store has everything, you can buy yourself a TV if you fancy it.

    Food and drink on the island range from large pizza slices to McDonalds. I did find myself eating a lot of McDonalds because, well it is McDonalds. Honestly the drinks from there taste like the were made from toilet water and the chips are most of the time cold/under cooked. I recommend making trips to the supermarket and picking up bread, cheese and ham along with other nice food. Fruit juices are also a good choice.

    Alcohol on the island comes in a few forms. The local beer is fine, but not one person could pour a pint to save their lives so you end up with half pints every time. The beer also comes in cans, although slightly more expensive its a much better drink. Cocktail bars are everywhere aswell, not my cup of tea to be fair and are pretty expensive.

    One night we came across this sort of barrel hut which was selling this soda/wine.

    Frocas is a Hungarian drink which contains wine, fruit juice and soda water. The entire group fell in love immediately. They are a must try, they come in a decent sized bottle and are very refreshing but at the same time will get you plastered. If thinking about buying drink at the superstore and bringing it in be very careful. Security on the gate search your bags extensively and anything else you have. We did get drink in but it was well hid.

    I do experiment with drugs on the odd occasion. Drug dealers stick out like a sore thumb, they aren't very subtile. Weed comes in grams, about €15-20 a gram. Not a very good price but it is a good smoke. Ecstasy isn't good at all, my friend took about 4 pills on one of the nights and was absolutely fine. Again i suppose it all depends on who you buy it off.

    The island itself is huge and very beautiful. We arrived at night. We got the bus with no problems just outside the airport terminal and brought us a 5 minute walk away from the main gate. As we had arrived on the -1 day we had to buy a separate ticket to get in that night. We were all very tired from the traveling and keen to get our camp set up. We walked up one of the main roads with no idea where we were going. The place was really busy and all the stalls were open already. We found a good spot beside the Illuminarium (see Sziget map). Got set up and as Irish as you want went straight on the drink. We first went and got our cards full with credit. The pay card system is very convenient, which allows you to reduce the possibility of being mugged. You can also pin protect your card if you lose or get it stole via a free text message.

    We then got pissed and explored most of the available open clubs/bars.

    The next morning/afternoon was awful. At least the hottest weather i have every witnessed, 40C. as you could imagine the hangover was serious. Trying to sleep during the next day is next to impossible. Your tent becomes a greenhouse and you will be sweating until at least 7pm. So i advise not to go in hard on your first night if you are not yet used to hot temperatures. The main stage is particularly warm, it does have water spraying down on you but its like someone is spitting water through a straw at you

    Our group was about 15 strong and we attracted a lot of attention from festival goers with our beer bongs and Irish ways. I honestly cannot remember one person who i met throughout the trip that i didn't like. Everyone was so nice and friendly. I am used to having to deal with mud covered dickheads at Oxegen and i expected more of the same but was pleasantly surprised that i didn't. if you don't like Dutch people, shit one its full of them but equally full of Italians and Germans all of whom are dead on. There were also a surprising amount of Americans also (who annoy me the most).

    The showers are a God send. During the day you will want a shower to cool yourself down and rightly so. In the morning they are usually empty but around midday the lines are big enough. Don't let this put you of, the lines move very quickly and you will be in and out in no time. The island itself has hard ground which is good for walking on and kicking a football on but will break your back when slept on. I done it a few times and woke up fucked haha. The place is very very dusty which kicks up everywhere you go. You will wake up with your nose stuffed with dirt. You will obviously see pictures of the beach on the island, you are not allowed on this and swimming in the river is forbidden. You wouldn't want to anyway its disgusting.

    Personally i didn't have a problem with getting lost because my group was big and even if i went of somewhere by myself i seemed to bump into someone. Im sure a smaller group would have more trouble. Mobile phone charges aren't that much so keep yours charged at the charging station. The arena is huge and you could get lost very quick.

    There is not much else i can say. I won't talk about the actual experience, i will leave that end upto you.

    Anything else you would like to know as away.

    Cheers Kev :)

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    Lilly Baby
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    Hey Gang,

    This is my first post here and luckily I've found this website and hopes to meet more like minded people who love enjoyed festive celebration like me!

    I was hoping my husband would bring my to travel this year but he's too busy with his job lately. My dream locations are:

    Santorini, Greece

    Tokyo, Japan

    The World Tallest Mountain, Everest



    Just too much to talk about it. Will going to show those list to my hubby later.. haha. Hopefull he will not fainted.

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    Welcome one and all, if there are any requirements out there for SIA Qualified Security Personnel here in the UK, please contact me with your details for an immediate response. Jays

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    Well just woke to find our country is in dissoray over terrists. Lifes a blast (no pun intented). I have just had a nutritious breakfast, pot noodle. I've just applied for a job in a care centre as a chef, hmm life doesn't get any better.

    Well i write anymore as ive done nothing else sooooooo over and out.

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    I don't know whether I've got insomnia or whether it's my working patterns but it's now 2.11 am on a Monday morning, and I've got so bored (and keep losing at poker) that I decided to start writing this. Actually I'm also up because Sarah's been really ill for the last few days, and I can't be arsed waking her up.

    I'm a little bug-eyed because I've not had a fag since about 8 o'clock, and can't be arsed walking to the garage to buy some more.

    I know that I've said I can't be arsed twice already so far. One of my old housemates used to tell me that the phrase that I use that he'll always remember is "sack it". "Sack this, sack that, sack the other" it's the story of my life. I really am a lazy gobshite. On the other hand I spent 9 out of the last twelve months working a 37.5 hour week, followed by DJing 2-5 nights a week. When the last night became regular I sacked off the day job because I was falling apart mentally and physically, plus my DJing was suffering as I just didn't have time to listen to all the stuff I should have.

    Anyway it's been about four months since I quit my day job. At first it was ace, my sets were fun, energetic, brave, drunk, unique. My life was fun again. I actually got to spend time with the people I was working with; I was able to go out with Sarah when I wasn't working and not fall asleep; and I could get up late and f**k about.

    That's given way to a slightly hollower existence. I don't really engage in any intelligent conversations with anybody apart from Sarah. Unfortunately her knowledge of current affairs is worse than a a dead baboon, I actually have to explain the news to her. It's a crazy situation as she is one of the most intelligent people I've ever met, and on a social and personal level she is really sharp, but no political awareness whatsoever.

    This is turning into a rambling, self-pitying lament and I didn't really want it to, but it must be what's on my mind. I guess I shouldn't complain as I've got it pretty cushty, but I am up at 2.28am on Monday morning dicking about on the internet.

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    Artists I love :D ..... The Stone Roses, Ian Brown, Faithless, Doves, Shapeshifter, 1 Giant Leap, Pendulum, Recloose, Kasabian, Antiform, Fat Freddys Drop, The Black Seeds, John Butler Trio, Sneaky Sound System, The White Stripes, The Kooks, Salmonella Dub, Arctic Monkeys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, Muse, Bloc Party, Happy Mondays, Inspiral Carpets, 808 State, Joy Division, James, Silverchair, The Charlatans, A Guy Called Gerald, Ash, Blur, Boo Radleys, Cast, The Divine Comedy, Dodgy, Echobelly, Northern Uproar, Oasis, The Coral, Ocean Colour Scene, Pulp, The Real People, Sleeper, Suede, Supergrass, The La's, Lightning Seeds, Lush, Manic Street Preachers, Travis, Keane, Coldplay, The Killers, The Coral, Gorillaz, Paul Weller, Reef, The Smiths, Spitfire, Stereophonics, The Tears, The Verve, Massive Attack, Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers, Basement Jaxx, The Bravery, Fatboy Slim, Garbage, Kaiser Chiefs, Roots Manuva, Groove Amarda, Snow Patrol, Badly Drawn Boy, Morcheeba, Freestylers, New Order, The Beautiful South, Fekix Da Housecat, The Strokes, Bic Runga, Lily Allen, The Streets, The Zutons, The Beatles, Blondie, Primal Scream, Catatonia, Leftfield, Franz Ferdinand, The Fratelli's, Daft Punk, LCD Soundsystem, Goldfrapp, Air, Portishead, Roni Size, Armand van Helden, Josh Wink, Deep Dish, Bob Sinclair, Paul Oakenfold, The KLF, Black Grape, The Soup Dragons, The Strokes, Beck, Gwen Stefani, Paul van Dyk, Sasha, Madchester, Brit Pop, House, Drum n Bass, Breaks, Electronica.

  3. Developments on the efestivals forums today saw a user by the name of Cultseeker declaring that contributing posts to a thread was a "monumental effort". The selfless act to attempt to educate the forum users was the latest in an ongoing struggle to bring light into the darkness of the depths of internet as some kind of later-day mission which has seen Cultseeker, 43 from Teeside make as many as twenty three different posts in one thread. Cultseeker, 43 from Teeside, has previously been involved in several "no mean feats" before escalating to "serious challenges" before finally arriving at "monumental efforts". A spokesperson for Cultseeker said the effort had left him drained, but he expected to have fully recovered by the weekend. Upon being asked what Cultseeker had planned to top his monumental efforts, the answer was a little vague. "He's considering a 'Herculean task’ that might see him post as much as forty times on a subject. "He's waiting for the right subject" added his spokesperson, but refused to comment on whether "outrageous over-the-top self-publicity on the internet" would be such a possible thread.

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    People often ask who my favourite band are, or what the best album or best song ever made is, and my mind always goes blank, or I can't come up with a convincing argument for a single candidate. So I started thinking about what the best festival performance I've ever seen is. Now, firstly, I can't remember half of them, so this was from the beginning a fairly futile task, but everyone loves a good list, so this is what I came up with. Let me know what yours are, if you can remember.

    10: The Stooges - Glastonbury 2007

    Finally got to see one of my favourite bands, just before Iggy Pop decided car insurance adverts would be a good idea. Ended in the only full-scale stage invasion I've ever seen at a festival, with at least 200 people joining The Stooges on the Other Stage. Topless, and fast disappearing in a thickening crowd in the middle of the stage, Iggy's voice could be heard, hopefully declaring "We're clearing the stage now, we're moving out now" as more and more people flooded on. As loud, spontaneous and fun as it gets at a major festival these days.

    9: Buck 65 - Truck 2007

    The second of two years in which I saw Buck 65 at Truck - seemingly a perfect match of independent wandering hobo artist and small festival built on foundations of similar integrity. His set on the 'main' stage was full of invention, humour and touching moments. He preceded it with a spoken word performance, in which he appeard to hypnotise at least half of the people in the small tent and had the other half sat in silent wonder listening to his fascinating traveller's tales. His low, gravelly tones somehow succeed in making you want to immediately go and give him a hug and the keys to your house. The previous year, I had been sat in the same spoken word tent awaiting Buck's arrival. He was late, but eventually turned up with a rucksack on his back and went straight on stage, having just travelled from Heathrow by a mix of public transport and hitchhiking. If all artists had Buck's humility, pride in their work and encyclopedic musical knowledge, festivals would be a far more enjoyable experience. My friends and I spent the rest of the 2007 Truck festival walking round with an old video camera and a wizard's hat, pretending to be a film crew representing a fictional website called Wizardweb.com, and gaining interviews with a number of bemused bands and artists. Strange times.

    8: U2 - Glastonbury 2012

    This has been much maligned, with even Bono himself expressing disappointment at how it went in an interview with Q, and saying the band were "freaked out". However, I thought it was fantastic and the sort of spectacle that the Pyramid Stage headline slot is made for. The perpetual rain and low-key ending aside, it was assured, emotive and absolutely full of fine songs. U2 didn't attempt to hide behind pyrotechnics or expensive gimmicks. It was just the biggest band in the world going toe to toe with the biggest festival in the world for 12 rounds, in a torrential downpour. Also, how often do you get to leave a 'secret' Radiohead gig because you've 'got to go and watch U2'. An unforgetable night.

    7: The Strokes - Reading 2001

    The Strokes were the coolest band on the planet in August 2001. The NME had hyped them all the way to the other side of Saturn and back, and they didn't give a fuck. I was 21, had driven down to Reading in a shagged out black Renault 9 that I'd bought for £35. My friends and I had got hold of a promo copy of Is This Is It on cassette a month before it had been released and blasted it out of the car and a ghetto blaster all weekend. Every one of us wanted to be in The Strokes. The band's myth grew by the day, until just an hour before they were due to go on, early evening in the pretty pokey Radio One Tent, Reading's organisers realised the folly and potential danger of this move and announced that The Strokes would be switched to the Main Stage. It was like watching a band become massive before your eyes. Naturally, they breezed through the performance with nonchalance and returned the following year to headline. On that occasion, an extremely intoxicated Welshman tried to give me and my military-jacketed, floppy-fringed friends his credit card, demanding in return that we play a gig for him there and then, certain in his mind that we were in fact The Strokes. Shine on you crazy diamond.

    6: Gomez - Glastonbury 1999

    Glastonbury has the ability to make a band seemingly overnight. And watching Gomez as a 19-year-old on my second time at Worthy Farm felt like seeing a band go from a cherished cult act to something much bigger. Asked to headline the Other Stage, they'd asked instead to go on second from the top of the bill so they could watch REM headline the Pyramid after their set. The 'sunset slot' suited Gomez much better and they absolutely smashed it, Ben Ottwell's voice cutting through the warm summer air and Tom asking the crowd to turn their backs on the show for a second to "look at that beautiful sunset" before seizing the moment and cheekily demanding "now get back over here". Then we went to watch REM. Nice. 11 years later, I saw Gomez again at Worthy Farm, headlining the Avalon Stage, and regret to this day leaving half way through to leg it to an apparent Chemical Brothers secret gig in the Stonebridge Bar, which of course never materialised.

    5: Idlewild - Truck 2007

    Back when we were young, Truck seemed brilliant and its main stage really was the back of a truck, Idlewild's headline show was a comprehensive greatest hits set, covering fizzing pop punk, delicate folk and anthemic Americana with a Scottish accent. Watching a band that have been around for years and played the big gigs on the big stages turn up at such a small and humble venue as Oxfordshire's pretty little village fete of a festival can result in a bout of 'going through the motions' - see Supergrass' morbidly flat performance at this venue in 2009. However, Idlewild tore through their extensive back catalogue in front of a couple of thousand people as if they were headlining the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury. And what a back catalogue they have, too.

    4: The National - Glastonbury 2010

    The only guitar band I've cared about in about the last five years, at the only festival I care about, with a cloudless sky and temperatures approaching 30c. A no-lose situation, but the National smashed expectations out of the ball park. Unhinged singer Matt Berninger led the security a merry dance, climbing into the crowd during Mr November and taking a walk all the way to The Other Stage's sound desk during Squalor Victoria, without ever slipping out of his effortless aura of cool. A performance of majestic assurance, with all of the rough edges left on, leant majesty by flourishes of brass and strings. The National remain a cult but they're the natural successors to REM's crown as the thinking fan's mega-band, and should one day ascend to the role of headliners if there's any justice in the world.

    3: Pulp - Glastonbury 1998

    17 years old. At my first Glastonbury. Under-prepared. Border-line hypothermia and trenchfoot. Penniless. Sleep deprived. Weak with hunger. Fed up and convinced I was never coming to this watery death pit again. Then I went to watch Pulp headline the Pyramid Stage and have been every year since. Jarvis in his white trenchcoat - entertaining and charming - had the crowd in the palm of his hand. Even the dark, brooding moments from the terribly underrated This Is Hardcore were epic and celebratory from the first seconds of howling feedback at the start of set opener The Fear. Despite the hellish conditions, this was a life-altering 90 minutes for me at the end of my A-levels, about to leave the friends I was shoulder to shoulder with in the mud, and fly the nest to university. It ended with a massive Common People and the PA playing Ben E King's Stand By Me as we all waded away through the water holding hands. Aww.

    2: Coldplay - Glastonbury 2005

    It's cool to hate on Coldplay, but hey I'm not cool and I'm proud to declare this was one of the finest headline shows I've ever seen, eclipsed only by REM and Radiohead in 2003. I was taken ill during the early part of the show, deliriously convinced I had been standing on a Cotswold Stone bridge yards from the stage and being carried unconscious out of the crowd by my friends. I came to, delighted to find I hadn't died or been trampled into the Worthy Farm mud, and the rest of the set was a masterclass in performing to a large crowd on a stage where many more experienced bands have fallen short. The fireworks erupting from the top of the Pyramid as Fix You kicked in is an image that will forever stick in my mind, while my best mate, who watched the second half of the set convinced he was in the long, white inner corridors of a large spaceship with Coldplay playing at the other end, will probably have enjoyed them rather less.

    1: REM & Radiohead - Glastonbury 2003

    Two incredible nights back to back at what remains one of the finest festivals I've been to. Glastonbury 2003 seemed to be the year that the current trajectory of expansion, invention and growth began after the disappointment of a slightly underwhelming 2002, and having two of the biggest bands in the world on the Pyramid certainly helped. I watched REM on the Friday night alone, stood on a bench high up the right-hand side of the field. The bench gave me an extra two foot and an unobstructed view over 70,000 heads to the stage. Michael Stipe's vocal performance was the most complete and affecting I've witnessed at a gig of such scale, and REM were simply immaculate as 20-odd years of brilliant material rolled by. They looked thrilled to be there, too. Radiohead watched from the side of the stage and gave an equally captivating show the next night, finishing with Karma Police and an aboslutely huge crowd singalong of "FOR A MINUTE THERE, I LOST MYSELF". The bootleg of Radiohead live at Glastonbury 2003 is still one of my all-time favourite albums.

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    Does anyone have any spare Campervan tickets for Glasto? SeeTickets have cocked up and left us with no tickets!!!

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    So yesterday I got confirmation that I’ll have press access to NASS Festival 2011. I’ve been the past few years as a punter and it has never failed to disappoint. This year looks even crazier than before!

    The festival has certainly upped its game in terms of music and sports. With Nero and Sub Focus- two of the biggest dubstep and drum and bass producers playing the main stage on the Friday night and then Tinie Tempah fronting the main stage on the Saturday night. With Millencolin, Cancer Bats and We are the Ocean playing the Kerrang Stage over the weekend there’s something to keep everyone partying long into the early hours of the morning!

    However, my highlight of the weekend has got to be the absolutely nuts line up on the Drum and Bass Arena. You have the who’s who of drum and bass and dubstep on this stage across the weekend. Not many festivals can boast having acts the calibre of Dirty Phonics Live, DJ Fresh, DJ Hype, Breakage, Netsky, Loadstar, and Flux Pavilion all on one stage over two nights. Having witnessed this stage the past few years I’ve attended the atmosphere will definitely be absolutely electric in there!

    If you’re going for the sports you are definitely not going to be disappointed. The World Cup of Street skateboarding competition will be rolling into town again for NASS with big names such as Mike Vallely, Rodolfo Ramos and Ben Grove all competing. The World Rolling Series which is inline skating’s international league will be at Relentless NASS for it’s 3rd year running and is bound to be another massive hit with riders such as Sam Tufnell, Nick Lomax and Chaz Sands in attendance.

    However, year on year the festivals highlight is always the BMX park competition with riders putting their bodies on the line to win the cash prize. This year is not going to be any different with an increased prize purse and a brand new park. With riders such as Mark Webb, Harry Main and Ben Wallace all fighting for the top prize of £5,000 this year is going to be one of the best yet.

    Other sports on offer are FMX, which this year has a brand new competition format, King of Dirt MTB Championship, slalom skating and many more.

    I will be covering all aspects of the festival so keep an eye out for photos, ramblings and general goings on about the Relentless NASS Festival 2011. Photos will be published throughout the weekend so even if you’re not at the festival (and if so why the hell not?) you will be kept up to date with what is happening.

    There’s so much more to this festival that I can’t fit into this release so if you want even more information on the festival then please visit www.relentlessnass.co.uk. The festival runs from 8th-10th July at Bath and West Showground.

    Nice one,

    Richard Cook


    Photo Credits – www.relentlessnass.co.uk

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    "Flying with the Wolves"

    It started as a mad cap idea, but now it really looks as if it's happening – a group of Cardiff City fans will literally be taking to the air on Saturday, January 20th 2006 to show support to their team in their Championship match against Wolverhampton Wanderers.

    As is well known now, Wolves' Board, on the advice of the West Midlands Police, are banning all Cardiff fans from attending the match on January 20th due to "a history of past violence at the fixture".

    Last year, 17 people were arrested at the game, and Cardiff City FC was charged by the FAW for failing to control their fans. This, it would appear, is what the decision to ban Cardiff fans has been based upon. However, what most of the media fail to report is;

    1. Of the 17 arrests, not all were Cardiff fans

    2. Subsequently, only 1 charge was bought against those 17 arrests

    3. The FAW, after lengthy deliberation, dropped all charges against the football club, saying there was no case against them.

    Therefore, what is the justification, on these facts, to ban Cardiff fans from attending the game on the 20th ?

    Naturally, Cardiff City fans are aggrieved at this perceived injustice – but now, the Football Supporters Federation, a non-partisan, voluntary body representing the interests of all football fans, have organized a peaceful protest in Wolverhampton on the morning of the game – fans from all across the UK, representing the vast majority of football clubs, have shown huge support to the cause. They believe that the ban imposed on Cardiff fans sets a very dangerous precedent that could have all sorts of negative implications for football fans all across the UK.

    So why are a small bunch of Cardiff fans sidestepping the ban by taking to the air ?

    In some peoples view, it's just a bit of a laugh, or a bit of an empty gesture to protest in this way. A little bit of hot air even !

    In reality, there is a lot more substance to the event. This novel way of supporting the team will have a lot of pragmatic outputs;

    1. It will raise the profile of the injustice of the ban, and get all parties talking to find more constructive ways forward in the future.

    2. Cardiff City Supporters groups have proved that constructive dialogue with clubs, police and football authorities over the years have had a tremendously positive effect on the amount of trouble and subsequent arrests made around football matches over recent times – indeed, Cardiff's approach is now being used as a model on a much broader scale.

    3. There is no argument whatsoever with the Wolves players or fans – indeed, the Wolves fan groups have been the most supportive of all to the protest taking place on the 20th. Which group of fans wants to attend home matches with no opposition fans to sing to, shout at and have some friendly banter with – as well as enjoying a drink and a chat with them before and after games ? So the appearance of the airship whilst the match is on will give the Wolves fans an opportunity to have something to direct their passions towards – it will help in a very small way to make the occasion more enjoyable for them.

    4. Players from both sides thrive on atmosphere – the appearance of the airship will make Wolves players realize that their opposition has support, and this will spur them on to greater efforts. But this won't be a self destructive move on the Cardiff aviators' behalf – hopefully, the Cardiff players will also appreciate that a huge number of their fans will have been showing support to them in Wolverhampton that day, and the appearance of a small group of those fans in the airship will be a symbol of that support. So the net result will be two groups of players trying that bit harder – a positive outcome all round.

    These are just some of the reasons why a few Cardiff fans will be flying the flag in Wolverhampton on January 20th.

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    Me and the man, the BooBoo, went to the Black Cat Cafe on Mill Road in Cambridge for a smoothie and some cake. Cambridge was very humid and we were sweating lots and lots!

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    Latest Entry

    Well here goes with my 1st blog entry.

    Haven’t posted much recently because I’ve been having loads of hassle with my internet. BT Yahoo are a bunch of inept w*nkers. 2 months of constant breaks in connection, download speeds similar to 512k dial up when I’m meant to be on 6.5meg & their lack of response to numerous emails ended in me cancelling my direct debit to try and speed them up. Result – an invoice telling me to pay up the rest of my contract by today. Don’t know if there is an ‘or else’, will just have to wait and see. This is actually being written on Word so I can copy/paste it without fear of my connection freezing in the middle.

    So, Happy New Year. Except it wasn’t. Over a year ago, the company I work for, cashline machine makers NCR, said they were going to open a new production plant in Hungary that would compliment the Dundee factory in the expansion into Eastern Europe/Russia. NCR already have production plants here, Canada, USA, Brazil, China & India. We immediately started questioning the company about the future of Dundee. ‘Don’t worry’ they said.

    Speculation had been building up towards the end of last year with our weekly production totals tumbling as Hungary took more & more of the orders and the company refusing to comment to the workers, union, local councillors & MSPs/MPs about fears. This led to a rather tense Christmas/New Year and culminated in last weeks events.

    Last Tuesday the company gave us a meeting telling us they were going to issue a statement telling us when they would issue a statement telling us when they would be having a meeting giving a statement of what was going to happen to the company. WTF!!!!!

    So last Thursday a mass meeting took place. 650 shop floor workers & about 150 office/management. Did the bigwig CEO come to talk to us? NO! He sent a video telling us how sorry he was that he couldn’t be there personally and gave the usual corporate bullsh*t about restructuring & changing markets. A minion, sent on the CEO’s behalf, then gave a PowerPoint slideshow telling us how many job cuts there would be. Even the minion wouldn’t verbally tell us. 650 job losses in Dundee, made up of roughly 550 shop floor & 100 office/management. Canada, USA & Brazil all effectively closing with about 500 jobs lost. Don’t yet know who exactly is going but to be honest I don’t see the company being in Dundee for much longer so I think its time to get out.

    My first thought? I’ll be luck to get to 1 festival this year, let alone the 3-4 I was planning. Aye, Happy New Year.

    So what am I going to do now? I’m not going to get a job anywhere near my current salary without having a major skill. I was a plumber’s labourer for 3 years and know the basics so doing a plumbing course to get a certificate is a serious thought. I’ve worked in bars & a hotel so that’s a fall back. I’d like to get into the building/renovating property market but would need a lot of capital. I quite fancy finding out about midwifery (NOT for the reasons, those of you that know me, might think!). The most radical idea is to sell my flat, pay off all my debts and go travelling. My redundancy won’t be great as I’ve only been at NCR for 7 years. I reckon after paying the mortgage & credit cards I would have a substancial amount left, not that I would want to use it all. Would I be running away from finding a job or using this opportunity to do something I’ve always wanted to do? Who knows?

    It’s been an emotional weekend so the mind may be a bit cloudy and any decisions will have to be seriously thought about. Time will tell.

    Anyway, until I see you in a field or at a meet, enjoy.


  5. xXMessedUpXx
    Latest Entry

    Oh yes....this is going to be one hell of a long post. i think this is most of the poems i've ever written...

    One Day

    So often I have tried to understand,

    The complex workings of my mind.

    Why I am. Who I am.

    Yet still no answers I can find.

    In turmoil between heart and head,

    Wanting live, wishing I was dead.

    Hate and love. Confusion and clarity.

    Why can't life be simple instead?

    Will I be alone forever?

    Is this how life will always be?

    If I just stop to observe but still hope,

    Will there be someone who wants me?

    So many things I do not know.

    Maybe it's better to take time to breathe, take things slow.

    One day life will be as I dream.

    One day…

    …I'll be ok.

    -- - -

    The Explanation

    Red angry marks and faint white lines

    A map of my pain and the tears I've cried

    Rows of secrets, ordered in years

    A not so subtle way of, displaying my fears.

    Alone but also in clusters

    It takes all my might to muster,

    An explanation for my markings

    That cover the surface of my being

    Ten years of anger and torment

    This the only way that i can vent

    A maladaptive way to cope

    One that destroys yet also creates hope.

    Many friends think they know me so very well,

    Yet hardly any know of this personal hell

    A hell that manifests itself in ways that are not fair,

    A hell that is defined in the scars that I bear.

    - - - - -


    Unfair by me

    Stuck in a downward spiral,

    My thoughts running away with time.

    Trying to make sense of my actions,

    To understand what feelings are mine.

    Alone, yet not alone really,

    In mind but not in soul.

    Trying so hard to clamber my way out,

    Of this deep depression, this black hole.

    Will this craziness consume me?

    Perhaps only time will tell.

    Will I ever free myself,

    From living in my personal hell?

    Some days are good, some bad,

    Some are neither, nor do I care.

    I just want these feelings to stop,

    I just want my life to be fair.

    - - - - - - -

    Lost Souls

    They say the eyes are the window to the soul

    A place where secrets lie

    But all I see is a never ending hole

    A place full of the tears I've cried

    Maybe if I'd looked closer

    I'd have seen the sadness in your eyes

    I should have taken notice

    Of when your love for me died

    Or maybe it was never there

    It was a mirage I imagined, made up

    Something that was never real

    Wouldn't that be just my luck?

    Still my heart keeps beating

    Even though you broke it in two

    And still part of me needs you

    Though I'm not sure I'll ever trust you

    Why do I want what I cannot have?

    Why do I cry all these tears?

    Maybe it's because this happened

    Now I have to face my greatest fears.

    Of being alone, of being scared

    Of not knowing what to do

    Of trying to cope, take this all in my stride

    But the hardest, is to stop loving you.

    - - - - - - - -

    Fade Away

    I'm like a book without a page, like a play without a stage.

    Like a bird without a feather, like the sun without the weather.

    I don't know what to do, I don't know what to say.

    Faster, and faster, my life fades away.

    What do you see, when you look into my eyes?

    A handful of cries, someone who tries...

    Who tries to remember, how to explain

    How they could cause, all of this pain.

    So sit back and think, before you complain...

    Complain about your life, and all that you need.

    At least you had the chance, the chance to succeed.

    So don't be afraid, of what you lost.

    'Cause what I lost, my life it cost.

    Before I go, I want you know.

    Life is a treasure, cherish it forever.

    Enjoy each day, before you fade away.

    - - - - - -

    i had a whole book of them somewhere but i think i've lost it

    EDIT-i found the book

    So i came across a book/collection of poems i wrote from when i was 15-18! Haha i warn you they are mostly depressing/emo/crap but i thought i'd share them..with intros as well.

    - - - - -

    First up an angst ridden poem about strong emotions...haha. I can't remember who i wrote this about but suffice to say they must have made me feel pretty shite...


    If there's on thing i know, its that you hate me

    That's why you make me feel so bad

    I can tell, by the way you look at me

    You must enjoy making me feel so sad

    I know, life really ain't woth the trouble

    It seems to have got me in.

    The way you screamed, shouted at me

    Why my "crimes" really so much of a sin

    You've taken away life's meaning,

    Which is pretty damn typical of you

    I hope you're happy now

    'Cos this is my goodbye from me to you

    This feeling i have inside of me

    Has probably sealed my fate

    The feeling which is killing me

    Is the one, the one called hate

    - - - - - - -

    Next up, one which still strikes a chord. I wrote it when my Grandad died in 2001. A poem i later left at his grave. (btw i refer to him as gan-gan cos when i was younger i couldn't pronouce grandad so thats what stuck!)

    Wish You were Here

    I miss you.

    Why did you have to die?

    I'm sorry everytime, i stand beside your grave

    All i can do is cry

    Gan-Gan I wish you were here

    I miss you.

    We all foundit hard to say "goodbye"

    I guess we just weren't ready,

    To let go but not understand why.

    Gan-Gan i wish you were here

    I miss you.

    You were always there for me,

    The best grnadad someone could wish for,

    And the best person there ever could be.

    Gan-Gan I wish you were here

    I miss you.

    I know we can't bring you back now

    If only you'd never gone away

    If only you were here, back with us

    Even it was just for one more day

    - - - - - - -

    This one was written when i was 15. I guess it reflects my state of mind at the time. I was depresed back then and it was around thetime i was being bullied. Anyway judge for yourself

    Sweet Sixteen

    It used to be every so often

    that i got this way

    But now its becoming more frequent

    I feel this pain everyday

    I'm happy one moment,

    Its like i'm feeling on a high

    Then i feel so sad, so low

    And i just want to die.

    Why death becomes more appealing to me

    I just do not know

    Maybe i think i'll be happier

    Free from this freak show

    I wish i didn't feel like this

    I don't know if i can cope

    Whether I'll live to be sweet sixteen

    We'll just have to pray and hope

    - - - - - -

    The next 3 poems were written around the same time. I warn you i wasn't thinking clearly when i wrote them (maybe you can tell). I've never shared them with anyone before. The reason being they were written just after I'd OD, and i think the last one is the nearest thing to a suicide note. They aren't great poems but they do serve as a reminder of the lowest i've been. thankfully i've never felt as bad since then.

    Suicdal Tendancies

    I don't know what to do

    i'm scraed and afraid

    Scared i'll do something stupid

    Treble the problems made.

    My head is spinning

    I feel sick in my gut

    Wish i'd not f**ked up

    Wish i'd kept my mouth shut

    Don't know how much longer i'll last

    Got to make it through today

    I need to know how to make it stop

    And make these feelings go away

    I've got suicidal tendancies

    I'm screwed up in my head

    Need to find a way to sort this out

    Before i end up dead


    Make it Stop!

    Make it stop!

    Take me back to happier days.

    Make it stop!

    This isn't "just a phase"

    Make it stop!

    I don't really want to die.

    Make it stop!

    I'm sick of living this lie.

    Make it stop!

    Cure this pain.

    Make it stop!

    Don't let me take my life in vain.

    Make it stop!

    Help me last a few more years.

    Make it stop.

    I cry out for help but no-one hears.



    I need to tell you how i feel

    Before i do what i have to do

    I need to to know that no matter what

    I'll always love you

    I need to tell you why

    Why i'm doing what i am

    I need you to know that,

    Its not that i don't give a damn

    i need to tell you this

    I'm sorry for what happens to me

    I need you to know that

    I never meant for you, to pay the greatest fee

    I love and i'm sorry

    Please forgive me

    - - - - - -

    Ok... this was after my hnan had died, well on the year anniversary of that i think. Anyway here's another one

    And I Remember...

    One year later

    And I remember

    Six years later

    And i remember

    Two grandparents gone

    And i remember

    Illness and suffering

    And i remember

    Two people loved

    And i will never forget.

    - - - - - -

    Amusing the inspiration for this poem came from the fact i always seem to write poems when i'm down. And yes..i wrote a poem about it.

    The Poem

    Why do these poems bring me comfort?

    Is it beause i am to weak.

    Not strong enought o talk about it,

    My grief silences me, I cannot speak.

    In my times of greatest need, deepest sorrow

    I put my pen to paper and write

    My emotions flow onto my canvas

    In times of darknes, i can see light

    Sat alone, i am deep in thought

    Yet no-one else, my secrets i can tell

    Instead i engrave it to this paper

    My own, dark and personal hell.

    - - - -

    One i wrote not so long ago. (ok so maybe my mind is still a bit screwed up)


    No real reason for living

    No point in me existing

    Not knowing my place

    Yet hanging on, just in case

    Maybe, this wasn't a mistake

    Reasons for living

    Reasons for dying

    Reasons for giving up

    Reasons for still trying

    Please let me right this wrong,

    Please, let me be gone

    I no longer wish to be me

    Please just let me soul be free.

    - - - -

    AND FINALLY my only published poem =] It was published in an anthology called "Emotions" and i have a copy of it if you want to see the proof!

    Forget, Forgive

    Sometimes life moves so fast that it is hard to keep up,

    And sometimes we hurt the ones that we love.

    We say things we don't mean,

    Words that cause hurt and suffering.

    then we try to take it back,

    To stop the pain, and get "us" back on track.

    hoping out loved ones will forget and forgive

    Ignore the foolish words we've said but yet,

    They don't and they still hurt, but they still love

    And that's what keeps us strong, when times gte rough.



    And thne alone, and empty shell

    We condemn ourselves to hell

    - - - -


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    I was scammed last month by attempting to buy concert tickets at tickettout.com, who went into administration last week. 7,000 suctomers have lost around 1.4m pounds, and of course have no tickets for the events they wanted. The campaign website http://www.tickettout.org is in contact with the administrators of 'Ticket Tout Ltd'. If you have any information that may be relevant or credible in the investigation of tickettout.com please email through their site with any relevant facts which can be passed directly on to the administrators, who will be able to inform the DTI. The DTI are currently investigating the directors of Ticket Tout Ltd, and are seeking useful information that will also link tickettout Ltd to other online sites under investigation. tickettout.org is also interested in hearing from anyone in relation to any other unscrupulous online ticketing sites? Has anyone else been victim to online touts? If so, which sites and what happened? Thanks!

  6. Taking place around the shores of a stunning lake from 28 July until 4 August 2012 (right in the heart of the Portuguese countryside), Boom kicks off once again for its 9th biennial edition, celebrating 15 years of psychedelic culture!

    Epic, beautiful, multi-sensory, overwhelming, eye-opening, creative, inspiring, stimulating, mesmerising, captivating, energising, invigorating... Activation for the mind-body-soul-spirit-senses... Such is Boom!

    The festival has become a trajectory for mass interaction and the exchange of ideas and ingenious insights that contribute to the positive evolution of our world on multiple levels.

    2012 is the year of the Maya and other prophecies that have depicted the shift in global consciousness. We are therefore happy to invite the awesome Daniel Pinchbeck, who will be giving a talk at the Liminal Village on just that. Nepali painter, Romio Shreshtha will also be joining us for a presentation on Tibetan enlightenment art while founder of MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies), Rick Doblin will give a special talk on the medicinal use of psychedelics.

    Meanwhile, the Dance Temple line-up follows the sun as we take it from the top with twilight to progressive to nu-Goa to Goa trance and full-on, right the way to forest and dark... Check out the line-up for the Dance Temple right here: http://boomfestival....m/dance-temple/

    This will of course be complimented by a sublime selection of progressive sounds from Alchemy Circle artists such as Grouch, Sensient, Hypogeo, Tom Cosm, Radioactive Cake, Extrawelt, Kaminanda and Two Fold amongst others... More info on Alchemy Circle line-up right here: http://boomfestival..../alchemycircle/

    Psychedelicious vibrations abound, crossing the boundaries of sound... Experience it at the Ambient Source, the place to unwind, meditate and be at one with the music, the self and the spirits of nature... Ashirvad (aka Darren Sangita), Cosmosophy, Mimicof, Mixmaster Morris, Pineal and Organic Shapes, Samadhi and Hataken are key highlights. Check out details here: http://boomfestival..../ambientsource/

    Come and join us for a phenomenal experience under the sun, the stars and a beautiful August full moon... Join the tribe for an incredible, awe-inspiring experience; bring your love, your energy, your art, your spirit and be part of Boom 2012!

    Source: Boom Festival - the gathering of the tribe...

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    When snapping bands at festivals I nearly always use continuous shooting mode and whizz off several frames at a time which increases the chances of getting a good shot. You're usually fighting against motion blur/camera shake due to the low shutter speed you're obliged to use but often one frame comes out nice and sharp (or with the performers eyes open instead of closed etc).

    Anyway, all those extra shots are usually pretty surplus to requirements but now by the wonders of Movie Maker here's a chance to see them and enjoy the 'stop-motion' animation effect they give.

    This is also a good opportunity for those lazy and unappreciative people who can't be arsed flick through the pictures in the photo section of efests and catch up on a whole festival weekends photography in 60 seconds or so!

    Just three fests from 2007 so far, I'll add more as I do 'em...

    Off The Tracks - Spring (219 frames)

    Sunrise Celebration (527 frames)

    Big Session (597 frames)

  7. sandalwood's Blog

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    It was quite a good weekend all in all. On Friday, we went to a free punk gig featuring First Among Equals in a local pub, and the atmosphere was quite lively, though nobody was pogoing! Then we had another band on that we hadn't expected, so that was cool. And there was a little more jumping around, because there had been a little more imbibing by then.

    There was even a fight behind the scenes, though all we saw of it was the barmaid with the first aid kit. So a pretty good grassroots rock 'n roll night.

    Then last night, we had a really good free bonfire display in the castle grounds. I always love it, because the atmosphere's electric. There's a funfair and stalls, and lots of music. It's good fun.

    And free's a really good word just now. :ph34r:

  8. swilk

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    I am currently looking for traders for a new festival in the South West area. We plan to only take on a few, as to not create a conflict of interest between exhibitors and to lessen competition. We are specifically looking for traders specialising in anything from face-painting, hula hoop sales, poi, etc - anything except food or drink. Expected ticket sales are in the region of 800+, the festival dates are 25th - 27th May and there will be a small exhibitor pitch fee.

    If you know anyone, or are interested (however big/small the business) and would like more information, please get in touch with the header 'Trading' to itsasecretfestival@gmail.com

    Thank you!



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