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Posted by jacketspud , 17 November 2007 · 300 views

Yes we are seeing the the wood - Darren has had a job offer and its through in black and white - money quite good, distance not bad, car allowance and they called him to see if he wanted a business trip to Rome for a few days in December - :( So things are looking up!! We were not going to cancel Christmas but we were going to dive into our last bit of savings and keep our fingers crossed for next year so this really is a bonus. I'm very proud of him. We may still have to get at the savings as he wont get paid till End of December/Jan if he starts on the 3rd but we are not complaining far from it.

I have shed a bit of lard since going to Canada (not much but its a start) so I'm feeling better for that and started my Open University course too so that's a bit exciting. Oh and our little True is going to be Mary in the school play - something that I never thought id see - shes always got the tiniest part in all of the plays that shes done over the last 3 and a bit years so its really nice that she will get her moment I can see her beaming already and the good thing is she doesn't have to say a word so there will be no nerves.

Not sure how many festivals that we will do this year as we have another expense looming (A wedding in Mexico in May!) but I do intend to do the hush hush one and Endorse it too if we can - only problem is we cant take advantage of any early bird offers not this close to Christmas but as I say not complaining just not used to holding back on this sort of stuff.

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Glad to hear things are looking up for you, I think we will see you at some point over the summer.
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