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published: Tue 30th Sep 2014

Camping is only available to those with a weekend ticket with camping. You cannot access the campsite without this ticket.

Opening Times:
The campsite opens at midday on the Friday but we recommend you get there as early as possible because it gets very busy. The campsite closes at midday on Monday but a lot of people will choose to leave on the Sunday evening, having packed their tents up earlier that morning.

Arriving at the campsite:
There are drop off points for cars and busses nearby the campsite. Please see the travel section for more information.

Car Parking:
Unfortunately the car park isn't located anywhere near the campsite, in fact it's probably just about the furthest point away from the site and it can be tiring at times to lug all your gear back and forth from your car to your tent so it's best to do it all in one go if possible.

The campsite is separated from the arena, much like The Carling Weekend Festivals but is fairly open and does not have sections fenced off with entrances and exits like at the V festival.

There is a 'quiet area' in the campsite (ask a steward for directions upon arriving on the site), but admittedly you're at a festival and loud noise until the early hours of the morning is practically a given.

Pitching your tent:
The organisers say that pitches are allocated on a first come first serve basis and suggest that if you want to camp with your friends you should arrive together. Realistically, if you want to camp with people who haven't arrived yet it is best to pitch somewhere further away from the arena where it is less likely to be crowded.

There is no limit to the size of tent you can bring, but remember that space is limited.

Toilets and wash facilities:
The toilets in the campsite are fairly standard as far as festivals go, which generally means they aren't somewhere you want to spend too much of your time.

The majority of the toilets are portajohns, but there are also urinals. There are four main areas in the campsite where the toilets are situated. Ask a steward for directions to the closest toilets from your tent.

One of the main problems at T in the Park is the amount of people who choose to urinate elsewhere despite there being free toilets. This is a prevailing problem at the festival and is much worse than at any of the other festivals around the UK.

Please do not do this, the level of ammonia in urine can kill fish and other wildlife when it hits the watercourse. It is also unhygienic as it means people are standing, walking and lying in others waste, it's inappropriate at a festival attended by all ages and could result in problems securing a licence for the festival in the future, not to mention it really does stink.

There are no showers at T in the Park but there are sinks provided in most of the toilets.

Food and Drink:
There are three bars located in the campsite, all serving up Tennents. The bars also provide cider and red and white wine for those that are not particularly partial to the sponsors lager.

Don't worry if you haven't brought much food to T as there are plenty of food stalls but beware meals are not cheap and you can soon find yourself out of pocket.

There is drinking water available at various points around the site, please ask a steward for directions. It is a good idea to refill bottles with this water as it can be expensive to buy bottled water from one of the vendors on site.

Entertainment on the campsite is severely lacking. There are only three types of entertainment for campers that are located in the campsite itself and none of these run very late into the night. The campsite at T does have a great vibe, but that's created more by the people than by the entertainment laid on.

In 2006 the 'Fluid Grooves' bus (a bus with a DJ mixing from the side) carried the music on until 1 in the morning. The bus is located in the campsite activity zone and is close to a bar and food stalls.

The other place for music, the Duracell Powerhouse, is a battery shaped tent that has DJs playing a varied mix of styles including electronic and funky house. There's also a battery exchange here where festival goers can swap their old batteries for new ones.

In 2006 a cinema screen was erected in the campsite and was screening from 7pm to 1am on Friday and 10pm to 1am on Saturday and Sunday.

Arena Access:
Organisers stress that if you purchase a weekend with camping ticket, access to the site must be gained via the Campsite Entrance only; access to the campsite through the Main Arena Entrance is not allowed.

Don't worry about putting on weight at T in the Park either. It can be a long jaunt from the campsite to the arena (depending on where you've pitched) and it is worth leaving a good fifteen minutes before a band is due to start if you hope to catch their full set.

Please note that the arena will open on Saturday and Sunday at 11am.

There are bins situated around the campsite so please don't drop litter. It is a good idea to take a couple of black plastic bin bags with you so you only need to make one or two trips to the bins.

There is 24 hour security on the campsite and stewards are there to help you if you have any questions. Please remember that not everyone at festivals is of an honest nature so make sure you keep your valuables on you at all times or don't bring them at all.

Padlocking your tent is by no means a secure way of protecting your valuables; it just attracts potential thieves.

What's not allowed?
Campfires are prohibited at T in the Park. So are barbecues, candles, gazebos, and any glass. These are the requirements of health and safety and are done not to spoil your enjoyment of the festival but to make the campsite a safer place.

If you plan to cook something then we recommend you bring a camping stove and some matches. No glass bottles are allowed on site, and anything considered an offensive weapon is not permitted in the camp site.

Campervan tickets can be purchased separately. This ticket will only allow you access to the site with your campervan if you and your entire party all have Weekend tickets with camping. If you just have weekend tickets without camping then you will be refused entry into the campsite. The ticket will entitle you to one pitch which is 7m x 7m. If you require more space you would have to buy another campervan ticket.

The organisers do not currently permit caravans on site.

Disabled Camping:
There is a disabled car park and campsite located next to the arena with toilets provided as well.

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festival information by: Scott Johnson

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