Strummercamp 2018 line-up and rumours

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Oldham Rugby Union Club, Byrth Road, Oldham, Lancashire, OL8 2TJ, England MAP
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£65 for a weekend ticket
daily capacity: 500
last updated: Wed 7th Mar 2018

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour
(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

day TBC, unknown stage(C) Adventures of Salvador
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Antistar
Sun 27th, Main Stage(C) Black Balled
Sun 27th, Main Stage(C) Brassneck
Sun 27th, Main Stage(C) Clash City Rockers
Sat 26th, Main Stage(C) Comrade X
Sat 26th, Main Stage(C) Desperate Measures
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Dom Dudhill
Sat 26th, Main Stage(C) Eddie And The Hot Rods
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Eliza P
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Ellaney Hayden
Fri 25th, Main Stage(C) Filf
Sat 26th, Main Stage(C) George Borowski
Sat 26th, Main Stage(C) Headline Maniac
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Ian Bell
Sat 26th, Main Stage(C) Il Complesso
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Laura Taylor
Fri 25th, Main Stage(C) Los Pistups (pt 2)
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Martin Black
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Marv Willers
Sun 27th, Main Stage(C) Matildas Scoundrels
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Mauri (CCR)
Fri 25th, Main Stage(C) Northern Embezzlers
Sat 26th, Main Stage(C) Red Light Effect
Sun 27th, Main Stage(C) Rory McLeod
Sun 27th, Main Stage(C) Roughneck Riot
Sat 26th, Main Stage(C) Ruff Trade Band
Fri 25th, Main Stage(C) Run Out The Guns
Sun 27th, Main Stage(C) Straighten Out
Sat 26th, Main Stage(C) The Kut
day TBC, unknown stage(C) The Lone Groover
Sat 26th, Main Stage(C) The Media Whores
Sun 27th, Main Stage(C) The Members
Sun 27th, Main Stage(C) The Papashangos
day TBC, unknown stage(C) The Uke Punk
Fri 25th, Main Stage(C) Time for Action
Fri 25th, Main Stage(C) Tony Auton
Sat 26th, Main Stage(C) Toxic
Fri 25th, Main Stage(C) TV Smith
Sun 27th, Main Stage(C) Urban Voodoo Machine
Sat 26th, Main Stage(C) V2.2
Fri 25th, Main Stage(C) Verbal Warning

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Strummercamp 2018
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Strummercamp 2018
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