Hockley Hustle 2016

Sunday 9th October 2016
various venues, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG1 2ED, England MAP
daily capacity: 3000
last updated: Mon 26th Sep 2016

Hockley Hustle is back on Sunday 9th October 2016 for its 10th anniversary, happening across 24 venues in Nottingham.


Bad JuJu: Basslayerz (Mc $pyda, Slipz & Bomma), Blessing Magore, World Music Ensemble, Lisa Hendricks & The Project-Us Band, Hemulen Soundz, Danny Ladwa, Hemulen Soundz, Mendi Singh, Arian, Hemulen Soundz, Emily Franklin, Iamstarz, Yelitza, Louis Scott, Just Jude, and Shaan Kaur.

BBC Introducing: Indiana, Nina Smith, Joseph Knight, Tusk, Ellie Keegan, Green Ratt, JNCTRE, Billie, One Giant Causeway.

Broadway: Unknown Era, The Petebox, Natalie Duncan, Bud, Manière des Bohémiens, Keto, Daudi Matsiko, Tash Bird, Mouthy Poets, Sheep Soup and Major Labia, and Major Oak Chorus.

Bunkers Hill: The Spangle Corps, DH Lawrence and the Vaudeville Skiffle Show, In Isolation, The Herron Brothers, The Idolins, Cameron Sinclair-Harris, Nick Aslam, Paul Carbuncle, LiSa de’Ville, The Mithered, Strange Currencies, King of Rome.

Das Kino: The Henry Claude Band, Eclectic Band, Angels in the Architecture, Fabric Sounds, Ed Marchewicz, The Jeanie Barton Band, Shell's Belles.

Edin's Kitchen: Adam Peter Smith And Band, Matt Wyatt, Dan Chapman, Sifaka, Robyn Hughes Jones, Will Jeffery, Alex Milne, Putin And The Dolphin, Sian Alex, George Gadd, Joey Marcantonio.

Poetry is dead good: Mouthy Poets Showcase, Cleo Asabre-Holt, Milla Tebbs, Jeiran Ganiyeva, Katie Roberts, Seb King, DIY Poets Showcase, Richard C. Bower, Lytisha Tunbridge, Hazel Monaghan, Barbara Schaefer, Grace Bernard, Hazel Warren, Dead Good Poetry Open Mic, Mini Book Fair, Readings from: Chris McLoughlin, Neal Pike, Jim Hall, and other Nottingham writers.

Forever Records: Game City, Confetti, Garton, Beetone & Friends, Alice Short Scarlett Ridge, Steve McGill, Emily Martin, Jonny Olley, Confetti Competition Winner, Cecille Grey, Holly Taylor-Gamble, The Chase, The Golden Troubadours, The Ed James Band, Lowrie, Ashmore & Motormouf, Sonder.

Rattle: Deadbeat At Dawn, Nacht Und Nabel, Juneau, Hockley arts club, Under the tree, Daisy Godfrey, Ryan Farmer, Melissa Danial-Ward, The Baker Sisters, Kate Auburn, Louis Antoniou, Alexa Hawksworth, Bron & Sally, Edi Johnston, Midnight Special, April Towers, Eyre Llew, Milk Disco, 94 Gunships, Ady Suleiman, Raphael Blake, Tray Electric, Leo and The Seraphim, QM Barbershop Quartet, Cherry Hex & The Dream Church Lee Gillyon & King Kahlua DJ.

HomeMade: Ellie Keegan, Raphael Blake Benjamin Ziec, Parisa East, Alexa Hawksworth, Another Poet, Alex Motormouf Young, RVR, Onkaur.

JamCafe: The Damn Heavy, 8MM Orchestra, I Am Lono, Alex Blood & The Diggers, Hhymn, Same Streets, Three Girl Rhumba, Tiger.

Lee Rosy's: Jam Session, Sura Susso, Sarah Curtis, Waqas Chaudry, Lance Hume & Friends, Bread and Roses, Ling Peng, The New Apostles, Zacc Rogers.

Lord Roberts: The Superkings, Idle Empire, The Tom McCartney Band, Webbo & the Softboys, The Lunadogs, Blind Thieves, The Age of Stella, Short Weekends, Dreaded Monkey.

Revolution: Nastee Boi, Darkzy [Hosted By Bru-C], Window Kid [Plus Special Guest MCs], DJ Curtz, J Kingdom, Spitz Semis Vs. Micky Worthless, Ill Citizen, Youthoracle, Stan, Fancy a go at rap battle (Royal Rumble), Jah Digga, Notts' Hip Hop Cypher, Phidizz, Nartz, Special Guest, Grime set Ft. Notts' MC’s, Kinell Vs. Special Guest, Open Mic.

Rough Trade: Johnny Foreigner, Fists, Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam, Babe Punch, Kermes, Queen Zee & The Sasstones, Pet Crow, Twin Kidd.

Suede Bar: Antonio Vendone, Soul Buggin, Ron Basejam, Secret Headliner, Goshawk, DJ Fever, Vienna Ditto, Mike Greenwell, Ella Knight, Soul Buggin', Just her, Daddio, Will Killen.

The Angel: Widows, Lord Haha, Mannequin, Future Shinjuku, Thee Eviltones, Little Bribes, Riff Bastard, Black Shiver, X-Rays, Catbone, The Species, The Madeline Rust, No Drone, No Nothings, Seas Of Mirth, Lucille, Hallouminati, Revenge Of Calculon, La Bete, Blooms, Joel Sarakula, Whisky Stain, The Most Ugly Child, Super Furniture, Minatore, With Josh III on the decks!.

The Bodega: Secret Headliner, Molly & Jack, Ajay Henry, Jamie Moon, Scribble Victory, Sunflower Thieves, Alta Pueblo, The Girl & The Stone.

The Bowery Club: Skippin', Ollie Wilson, Toby FM, James Grey, Jaust.

The Lofthouse: Living Body (Ft. Members of Sleater Kinney, Juffage, Wild Beasts, Vessels), Body Hound, Irk, Memory of Elephants, Goddesses, Cheap Jazz, Pre Birds, Le Chuck, Them Are They.

Vita: Blades (Dj Set), Congi, Mimm DJs, Yazmin Lacey & The Echoes, Shelter Point, Mimm DJs Three Body Trio, Mimm DJs.

Wax Bar: Skimask/Plates records DJs, Mr Switch, Citrus Penguin, Revenu, 3 body DJs/Guohan, Rick n Parisa, DJ Skimask, Plates records DJs.

Wired: Cecil Chamberlain, We Show Up On Radar, Apples For Faces, Stacey McMullen, Marita, Chris McDonald.


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Sunday 9th October 2016
various venues, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG1 2ED, England MAP
daily capacity: 3000
last updated: Mon 26th Sep 2016

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