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published: Tue 22nd Sep 2009

The market areas are a huge part of the Festival. The 700 + stalls offer a wide variety of stuff ... food, clothing, jewellery, camping equipment, wellies, haircuts, massage, facepainting, in fact just about anything (but not kids dummies ... if you are taking your kid and they use a dummy, take spares!)

The Festival is always looking for bright, original stalls with unique products, or stalls that will add to the range of food available.

Market trader applications are normally welcomed from October to around the end of December for the following Festival.

There is no fixed price for market stalls: the cost you are charged depends on who you are (charity, good cause, "fairtrade" trader, commercial trader, etc.), what you are selling (food stalls are, we believe, charged the most), etc.

When you buy anything, why not consider who's going to make the profit from you - perhaps you'd rather the profit went to a charity or good cause. Shop around!
festival information by: Neil Greenway

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