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published: Mon 5th Oct 2009

Commercial vans no longer class as "campervans" - and so are not now permitted to use the Campervan fields.

They now define a campervan as one having living accommodation with fitted sleeping and washing facilities - only these campervans will be allowed in the campervan fields.

As well as campervans, caravans and factory constructed trailer tents will be permitted in the campervan fields.

The field security team will make the final decisions about the suitability of vehicles. Drivers of any unsuitable vehicles - including unconverted vans - will be refused entry, and referred to alternative car parking. Note that sleeping in any vehicles in car parks is not permitted (as a condition of the licence) and security patrols will be enforcing this.

If you want to take a campervan, caravan or trailer tent for sleeping in (rather than just parking) you require a Campervan Pass (£75 in 2010) for each vehicle. Each person with that vehicle still requires a Festival ticket. It is best (as in "easiest" - don't cause yourself unnecessary hassle!) to buy your Campervan Pass at the same time as paying for your ticket.

The campervan fields are outside the main site, some of which are a long way from the gates. Although a campervan provides a comfortable and dry sleeping environment, the downsides are the distance from the site, and the amount of time that can be spent getting between your vehicle and the site.

In 2010 there will be two campervan fields which will be situated on the East or the West side of the site. The campervan fields are a secure area protected by steel fencing and security staff.

Each campervan ticket allows the holder to park in a 6m x 6m space. The Fire Service has agreed with the Festival that tents may be erected within the space, as long as vehicles are at least 3m apart.

Toilets, standpipes and grey water disposal facilities are all provided close to each field, but not electric hook ups.

East is the campervan area which has been traditionally used. The access is from the East side of the site, along Pylle Road from the A37. It has a high elevation and a bit of a climb up to your campervan and also great views of the site - it is nearer the Acoustic, Kids Field, Trash City/Shangri-La end of the site - so if you tend to go to these areas, have kids, or like your late night entertainment this could be a better option. This side of the Festival is easier to reach when approaching from the East side of Glastonbury.

The new West campervan area - is being used for the first time in 2010, the location is expected to be nearer to The Park, Dance Village, and John Peel end of the site and won't include a hill climb return to the campervan field, but is lower and could possibly be more prone to flood in high rain. This side of the site is also easier to get to if you live further West than Glastonbury.

The access is from the East side of the site, along Pylle Road from the A37. Along with your ticket you will be allocated a windowscreen sticker - this will help stewards or the police direct you to the right area. You will need to follow the blue routing signs.

There are terms and conditions related to these fields, and infringements will lead to expulsion - basically, you need to behave yourselves! Always observe the Country Code, and think of others - the fields include a high proprotion of families.

Rules include NO : trading, soundsystems, animals, fireworks, generators, glass containers, potential weapons, or open fires (tho BBQ's are permitted).

Campervan tips - from Moose (many thanks!)
Levelling blocks can be handy if you don't like sleeping on an angle, but planks (or very thick cardboard) under the wheels as you park up are essential in case it turns muddy.
The blue label that comes with your camper ticket should be in a prominent place on the windscreen as you drive in - works like a dream with traffic coppers who will wave you through.
You are unlikely to have much choice about where you park, so if you want to camp with mates, meet them and their van well away from the site and drive in together.
It can be a long walk from van to inside the festival, so travel light and stay out for the day. Wear your key on your body so you don't lose it. Whatever the passout system is, look after it very carefully.
Don't move your van around in the dark. Be extra vigilant about fire risks. Turn the gas off at the top of the cylinder as well as turning the cooker off. Don't use flares/garden candles near vans. No camp fires. Barbecues are OK as long as you keep them off the ground and well out of the way of vehicles.
Turn your engine over every other day for a couple of minutes, especially if you've been caning the stereo. But be considerate.
Get to know your neighbours and look out for each other's stuff. Don't take anything you can afford to lose. If you know you have an bad oil leak (hello, fellow VW owners!) put something under the van to catch it - cows have to eat there after you're gone.
Take plenty of bin bags - you can put your wet stuff in them to stop water rusting your van any more, and sit on them if it's muddy. There are toilet blocks in every campervan field, (and most likely a tea/coffee/donut type place too), so it's not far to walk. Please don't piss in the hedges.
As elsewhere at Glastonbury, take care about food hygiene - if you're bringing your own food, make sure you keep it and cook it properly, and wash your hands before eating - you don't want to ruin your festival with a bug. Bag up all your rubbish and leave it at the collection points when you leave.

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festival information by: Neil Greenway

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