photos - Glastonbury Festival 2004

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last album photo added: Wed 1st Oct 2008

all photos

all photos (batch 1) 250 photos
all photos (batch 2) 242 photos

general galleries

Green Kids 2 photos
Greenfields 1 photos
Jazzworld Field flags 2 photos
Lost Vagueness Chapel of Love & Loathing 1 photos
mud monsters 1 photos
Queue here to complain.... 1 photos
sculptures 5 photos
sweeping up 1 photos
The Glade in the daytime 7 photos
the Kidz Field 4 photos
the Other Stage 1 photos
Thursday - football 3 photos
Thursday - Gaiaspace Dome 1 photos
Thursday - Greenpeace 2 photos
Thursday - Jazzworld field 2 photos
Thursday - Sacred Space 9 photos
Thursday - sunrise 2 photos
Thursday - the Green Fields 6 photos
Thursday - Tipi Field 6 photos

performer galleries

80s Matchbox B-Line Disaster (Other Stage, Sunday) 13 photos
Adrian Sherwood + special guests (Avalon Stage, Sunday) 1 photos
Amy Winehouse (Jazzworld, Sunday) 9 photos
Astrid Williamson (Avalon Stage, Sunday) 4 photos
Ben Harper (Pyramid Stage, Saturday) 4 photos
Billy Bragg & Derek Simpson (Left Field, Saturday) 1 photos
Black Eyed Peas (Pyramid Stage, Saturday) 14 photos
BlackBud (Avalon Stage, Friday) 9 photos
BlackBud (New Tent, Saturday) 10 photos
British Sea Power (Other Stage, Saturday) 16 photos
cabaret - David Rovics 1 photos
cabaret - Flight of the Conchords 1 photos
cabaret - Jason Webley 2 photos
cabaret - Jeff Green 1 photos
cabaret - John Otway & the Big Band 4 photos
cabaret - Jovanka Steele 1 photos
cabaret - Ladies Of The Wave 2 photos
cabaret - Phil Kay 1 photos
cabaret - Rhythm Wave 4 photos
cabaret - Simon Munnery 1 photos
cabaret - The Great Voltini 2 photos
cabaret - Woody Bop Muddy 8 photos
Christy Moore (Pyramid Stage, Sunday) 2 photos
crowd @ Black Eyed Peas (Pyramid Stage, Saturday) 3 photos
crowd @ Joss Stone (Pyramid Stage, Sunday) 2 photos
crowd @ Keane (Other Stage, Saturday) 4 photos
crowd @ Muse (Pyramid Stage, Sunday) 1 photos
Divine Comedy (Other Stage, Sunday) 12 photos
Eat Static (The Glade, Sunday) 5 photos
English National Opera (Pyramid Stage, Sunday) 15 photos
fireworks @ Paul McCartney 7 photos
Franz Ferdinand (Other Stage, Friday) 4 photos
Here & Now (Avalon Stage, Sunday) 6 photos
Hydrophonic (The Glade, Sunday) 1 photos
I Am Kloot (Other Stage, Friday) 8 photos
Jamie Cullum (Jazzworld, Saturday) 1 photos
Joss Stone (Jazzworld, Saturday) 18 photos
Joss Stone (Pyramid Stage, Sunday) 14 photos
Keane (Other Stage, Saturday) 12 photos
Kings of Leon (Pyramid Stage, Friday) 13 photos
Lamb (Jazzworld, Saturday) 7 photos
Love Grocer (Avalon Stage, Saturday) 6 photos
Michael Franti and Spearhead (Jazzworld, Friday) 6 photos
Morrissey (Pyramid Stage, Sunday) 20 photos
Muse (Pyramid Stage, Sunday) 21 photos
My Morning Jacket (Other Stage, Saturday) 11 photos
Oasis (Pyramid Stage, Friday) 18 photos
Orbital (Other Stage, Sunday) 5 photos
P J Harvey (Pyramid Stage, Friday) 18 photos
Paul McCartney (Pyramid Stage, Saturday) 18 photos
Scissor Sisters (Pyramid Stage, Saturday) 13 photos
Snow Patrol (Other Stage, Friday) 6 photos
Space Ritual (Avalon Stage, Sunday) 15 photos
Supergrass (Pyramid Stage, Sunday) 13 photos
The Long Ryders (Acoustic Stage, Saturday) 6 photos
The Sadies (Acoustic Stage, Saturday) 4 photos
The Zutons (Other Stage, Sunday) 3 photos
Toots and the Maytals (Jazzworld, Saturday) 2 photos
Weapons Of Sound (Saturday) 6 photos

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