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published: Wed 9th Oct 2013

Festival Number 6 is a medium sized festival offering a huge variety of entertainment from international headlining acts to interactive theatre, spoken word and comedic performance. 

Festival No. 6 is staged at the historic Port Merion, the site is split into a main ‘standard’ festival site, and ‘The Village’ with many different diverse stages, ranging from the Italian style ‘Piazza stage’ to the many woodland hidden stages. 

There is no car parking on site, and all festivalgoers are bused in, on a ten-minute ride from the car parks at Port Madoc Football Club. 

There is a range of accommodation available on site, from standard camping, rooms in the on site Castle, you can even stay in many of the cottages inside Port Meirion village it self. The camping is a 2-minute walk from the main top festival site. 

A festival very much run in the spirit of the hey day from the Hacienda, with a huge Manchester scene influence, very friendly up market aimed festival.

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festival information by: Jamie Licence

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