Bloom Festival 2008 line-up and rumours

Friday 8th to Sunday 10th August 2008
Seven Springs, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England MAP
adults £85, Kids (5-15yr) £30, under-5s FREE; campervans £25
last updated: Thu 7th Aug 2008

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Fri 8th, Funk Tent(TBC) Akil The MC
Sun 10th, Lost Disco(C) Ame
Fri 8th, Lost Disco(C) Another Fine Mess
Fri 8th, Beats Bubble(C) Audio Sculptors
Fri 8th, Lost Disco(C) AutoKratz
Fri 8th, Main Stage(C) Barry Adamson
Sun 10th, Funk Tent(C) Beardyman
Sun 10th, Funk Tent(C) Benga
Fri 8th, Lost Disco(C) Buoyancy
Sat 9th, Cabaret Lounge(C) Butterside Up DJs
Sun 10th, Funk Tent(C) Caspa
Sun 10th, Beats Bubble(C) Chew the FAT!
Sun 10th, Lost Disco(C) Chris Mimo
Sat 9th, Lost Disco(C) Dan Foat
Sun 10th, Lost Disco(C) Darius Syrossian
Sat 9th, Lost Disco(C) Deepgroove
Sat 9th, Beats Bubble(C) DJ Charras & MC Mantmast
Sun 10th, Main Stage(C) Dom Coyote
Sat 9th, Main Stage(C) Domino State
Sat 9th, Beats Bubble(C) Drum Club
Fri 8th, Beats Bubble(C) Drumattic Twins
Fri 8th, Main Stage(C) El Mahico
Sun 10th, Beats Bubble(C) Elite Force
Fri 8th, Beats Bubble(C) Evil Nine
Sat 9th, Lost Disco(C) Ewan Pearson
Fri 8th, Beats Bubble(C) Finger Lickin'
Sat 9th, Main Stage(C) Flipron
Sat 9th, Main Stage(C) Florence + The Machine
Fri 8th, Funk Tent(C) Freeform Five
Fri 8th, Beats Bubble(C) Fresh Out The Box DJs
Fri 8th, Funk Tent(C) Funk From The Trunk
Sat 9th, Cabaret Lounge(C) Funny Valets
Sat 9th, Lost Disco(C) Futureboogie
Sat 9th, Cabaret Lounge(C) Giggs
Fri 8th, Main Stage(C) Global Trucking Company
Sat 9th, Funk Tent(C) Good Groove
Fri 8th, Funk Tent(C) Grant Little
Fri 8th, Lost Disco(C) Guy Williams
Sat 9th, Beats Bubble(C) High Contrast
Fri 8th, Lost Disco(C) Hold Tight DJs
Sun 10th, Main Stage(C) Hot 8 Brass Band
Sun 10th, Funk Tent(C) I Ruff
Sun 10th, Funk Tent(C) I-Dread
Sun 10th, Funk Tent(C) Jalapeno Sound System
Sun 10th, Main Stage(C) James Yuill
Sat 9th, Beats Bubble(C) Jujuman and the Program
Sun 10th, Lost Disco(C) Just Jack
Fri 8th, Lost Disco(C) Justin Robertson
Sat 9th, Funk Tent(C) Kathy Diamond
Sun 10th, Beats Bubble(C) Kid Blue
Sat 9th, Funk Tent(C) Kid Fiesta
Fri 8th, Lost Disco(C) Kissy Sell Out
Fri 8th, Cabaret Lounge(C) Kizzy Black
Sat 9th, Cabaret Lounge(C) Kizzy Black
Sun 10th, Main Stage(C) Kraak & Smaak
Sun 10th, Lost Disco(C) Lasermagnetic
Fri 8th, Cabaret Lounge(C) Lippicool
Fri 8th, Beats Bubble(C) Lizzie Curious
Sun 10th, Cabaret Lounge(C) Lizzyspit
Fri 8th, Main Stage(C) London Breakbeat Orchestra
Sat 9th, Lost Disco(C) Luke Solomon
Sat 9th, Funk Tent(C) Matt iDJ
Sun 10th, Funk Tent(C) MC Tenja
Sun 10th, Main Stage(C) Me My Head
Sun 10th, Beats Bubble(C) Meat Katie
Sat 9th, Beats Bubble(C) Moe Foe
Sat 9th, Cabaret Lounge(C) Morven Melindi
Sat 9th, Cabaret Lounge(C) Nero Bonaparte
Sat 9th, Funk Tent(C) Nick Luscombe
Fri 8th, Cabaret Lounge(C) Nodbin Oddbin & Ontrack
Sun 10th, Cabaret Lounge(C) Noke
Sat 9th, Beats Bubble(C) Nookie
Sun 10th, Cabaret Lounge(C) Notorious Duvet Gang DJs
Fri 8th, Cabaret Lounge(C) Orla la
Fri 8th, Funk Tent(C) Paddy Freeform
Sat 9th, Funk Tent(C) Paddy Freeform
Sat 9th, Main Stage(C) Part Time Heroes
Sat 9th, Lost Disco(C) People Get Real
Fri 8th, Funk Tent(C) Pete Flude
Sat 9th, Beats Bubble(C) Qumulus
Sat 9th, Cabaret Lounge(C) Rainy and The Dust
Sun 10th, Cabaret Lounge(C) Rebecca Rothwell
Sun 10th, Beats Bubble(C) Riton
Sat 9th, Lost Disco(C) Rob Mello
Fri 8th, Main Stage(C) Roisin Murphy
Sat 9th, Main Stage(C) Roni Size Reprazent
Fri 8th, Beats Bubble(C) Salon Kitty
Sat 9th, Cabaret Lounge(C) Sam Kills Two
Sun 10th, Funk Tent(C) Scratch Perverts
Fri 8th, Main Stage(C) Scubaroots
Sat 9th, Lost Disco(C) Shane Watcha
Sat 9th, Main Stage(C) Shmoo
Sat 9th, Cabaret Lounge(C) Shuffle
Fri 8th, Beats Bubble(C) Simon Pisani b2b Chris Hughes
Fri 8th, Beats Bubble(C) Slyde
Fri 8th, Beats Bubble(C) Soul of Man
Fri 8th, Cabaret Lounge(C) Stanley Forbes
Sat 9th, Main Stage(C) Stereo MC's
Sun 10th, Lost Disco(C) Steve Brockerton
Sun 10th, Funk Tent(C) Tawdry-G
Sat 9th, Beats Bubble(C) The Bays
Sun 10th, Beats Bubble(C) The Blast
Fri 8th, Cabaret Lounge(C) The Decors
Sat 9th, Main Stage(C) The Mandibles
Fri 8th, Cabaret Lounge(C) The Strutts
Sat 9th, Cabaret Lounge(C) Thundershock
Sat 9th, Cabaret Lounge(C) Tin Dogs
Sun 10th, Funk Tent(C) Trojan Sound System
Sun 10th, Main Stage(C) Tunng
Fri 8th, Main Stage(C) Turbowolf
Sat 9th, Beats Bubble(C) Two Spot Gobi
Sun 10th, Lost Disco(C) Unabombers
Sun 10th, Funk Tent(C) Urbanite
Fri 8th, Funk Tent(C) We Like to Party
Fri 8th, Cabaret Lounge(C) Wild West Burlesque
Sat 9th, Cabaret Lounge(C) Wild West Burlesque
Sun 10th, Cabaret Lounge(C) Wild West Burlesque
Sat 9th, Main Stage(C) XX Teens

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