Bearded Theory 2018 line-up and rumours

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Catton Hall, Walton upon Trent, Derbyshire, DE12 8LN, England MAP
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£115 for the weekend
daily capacity: 9999
last updated: Fri 23rd Feb 2018

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour
(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Sat 26th, Woodland Stage(C) 3 Daft Monkeys
Fri 25th, Convoy Cabaret(C) 51st State
Sun 27th, Maui Waui(C) Aartwork
Fri 25th, Magical Sounds(C) Altern-8
Fri 25th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Anthrax
Sun 27th, Magical Sounds(C) Astralasia
Thu 24th, unknown stage(C) Back To The Planet
Fri 25th, Magical Sounds(C) Back To The Planet
Sat 26th, Woodland Comedy(C) Barry Dodds
Sat 26th, Magical Sounds(C) Benny Page
Sat 26th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Billy The Square
Fri 25th, Pallet Stage(C) Blossoms
Sat 26th, Woodland Stage(C) Blue Rose Code
Sat 26th, Woodland Stage(C) Cara Means Friend
Fri 25th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Chris The Poet
Sat 26th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Circus Insane
Sat 26th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Clusterfuck
Fri 25th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Cosmo
Sun 27th, Pallet Stage(C) Crazyhead
Fri 25th, Maui Waui(C) Crinkle Cuts
Fri 25th, Magical Sounds(C) Darren Emerson
Sat 26th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Dead Happy
Sun 27th, Maui Waui(C) Delta Belta Dance Band
Sat 26th, Magical Sounds(C) Dirty Saffi
Fri 25th, Magical Sounds(C) Dissident Noize Factory
Sat 26th, Magical Sounds(C) DJ Andy Mason
Sat 26th, Magical Sounds(C) DJ Clumsey
Fri 25th, Magical Sounds(C) DJ Evolution
Sun 27th, Magical Sounds(C) DJ Flo
Fri 25th, Magical Sounds(C) DJ Ginge
Sun 27th, Magical Sounds(C) DJ Merv Pepler
Fri 25th, Magical Sounds(C) DJ Michael Dog
Sat 26th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Doghouse
Thu 24th, unknown stage(C) Don Letts
Sat 26th, Woodland Comedy(C) Doug Segal
Sun 27th, Pallet Stage(C) Dub Pistols
Sun 27th, Pallet Stage(C) Dubioza Kolektiv
Sat 26th, Woodland Comedy(C) Duncan Oakley
Sat 26th, Magical Sounds(C) Eat Static
Sat 26th, Magical Sounds(C) Ed Solo / MC Darrison
Sat 26th, Magical Sounds(C) Ed Tangent
Sun 27th, Woodland Stage(C) Eliza Carthy and The Wayward Band
Sun 27th, Pallet Stage(C) Everly Pregnant Brothers
Sat 26th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Flap Sandwich
Sun 27th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Fobzy
Sat 26th, Pallet Stage(C) Fun Lovin' Criminals
Sun 27th, Woodland Stage(C) Gentleman's Dub Club
Sat 26th, Magical Sounds(C) Greg Zogg
Sat 26th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Hagar the Womb
Fri 25th, Magical Sounds(C) Hans Delbruck
Sun 27th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Herbie Jack
Sat 26th, Woodland Stage(C) Holy Moly & the Crackers
Fri 25th, Maui Waui(C) Hot Tramp
Sat 26th, Pallet Stage(C) IDLES
Sat 26th, Woodland Stage(C) Jake and the Jellyfish
Sun 27th, Pallet Stage(C) Jake Bugg
Sun 27th, Maui Waui(C) Jenova Collective
Fri 25th, Woodland Stage(C) Jeramiah Ferrari
Fri 25th, Woodland Stage(C) Jesus Jones
Sun 27th, Pallet Stage(C) Jimmy Cliff
Thu 24th, unknown stage(C) Jon McClure
Sun 27th, Magical Sounds(C) Kaya Project
Sat 26th, Magical Sounds(C) Keepers Brew
Sat 26th, Pallet Stage(C) Kerri Watt
Thu 24th, unknown stage(C) King Kong Company
Sat 26th, Maui Waui(C) Kirk McElhinney
Sun 27th, Maui Waui(C) Klonk
Sun 27th, Woodland Stage(C) Life
Sat 26th, Maui Waui(C) Lit FM
Sat 26th, Maui Waui(C) Lounge Cat Ideals
Sat 26th, Woodland Stage(C) Lucy Spraggan
Sun 27th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Mad Dog Collective
Sun 27th, Maui Waui(C) Man The Life Boats
Sat 26th, Maui Waui(C) Mik Artistik's Ego Trip
Sun 27th, Woodland Stage(C) Mik Artistik's Ego Trip
Fri 25th, Woodland Stage(C) Milburn
Sun 27th, Woodland Stage(C) Millie Manders and The Shutup
Sat 26th, Maui Waui(C) Mista Beat
Sat 26th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Monsterometer
Sat 26th, Convoy Cabaret(C) My Bad Sister
Fri 25th, Woodland Stage(C) Myoke
Sat 26th, Convoy Cabaret(C) NFA
Sun 27th, Magical Sounds(C) Nodens Ictus
Fri 25th, Pallet Stage(C) October Drift
Fri 25th, Convoy Cabaret(C) One Eyed God
Sun 27th, Convoy Cabaret(C) P.A.I.N.
Fri 25th, Woodland Stage(C) PINS
Fri 25th, Woodland Stage(C) Pizzatramp
Sat 26th, Maui Waui(C) Punch The Sky
Sun 27th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Punk Karaoke
Fri 25th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Radical Dance Faction (RDF)
Fri 25th, Pallet Stage(C) Radio Riddler
Sat 26th, Pallet Stage(C) Random Hand
Fri 25th, Magical Sounds(C) Rev Dr D Wayne Love
Sun 27th, Magical Sounds(C) Rev Phil Dread
Thu 24th, unknown stage(C) Reverend And The Makers
Fri 25th, Woodland Stage(C) REWS
Sun 27th, Maui Waui(C) Rhino & The Ranters
Fri 25th, Woodland Comedy(C) Rob Mulholland
Fri 25th, Magical Sounds(C) Robert Leiner
Sun 27th, Woodland Stage(C) Ruts DC
Sat 26th, Woodland Comedy(C) Scott Bennett
Sat 26th, Woodland Comedy(C) Sean Percival
Sat 26th, Maui Waui(C) Shackleton Trio
Sun 27th, Pallet Stage(C) Sheafs
Fri 25th, Pallet Stage(C) Show of Hands
Thu 24th, unknown stage(C) Skaciety
Sat 26th, Pallet Stage(C) Sleaford Mods
Fri 25th, Pallet Stage(C) Sleeper
Sun 27th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Sporadics
Sun 27th, Maui Waui(C) Steamchicken
Sat 26th, Magical Sounds(C) Stig Of The Dub
Fri 25th, Woodland Comedy(C) Sully O'Sullivan
Fri 25th, Woodland Comedy(C) Susan Murray
Fri 25th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Sweethearts
Sun 27th, Magical Sounds(C) Tarantism
Sat 26th, Woodland Stage(C) The Autumn Saints
Fri 25th, Woodland Stage(C) The Bar Stool Preachers
Fri 25th, Convoy Cabaret(C) The Blunders
Fri 25th, Woodland Stage(C) The Brandy Thieves
Fri 25th, Pallet Stage(C) The Coral
Fri 25th, Maui Waui(C) The High Points
Fri 25th, Pallet Stage(C) The Jesus and Mary Chain
Fri 25th, Maui Waui(C) The Last Great Dreamers
Sun 27th, Convoy Cabaret(C) The Majestic
Sun 27th, Magical Sounds(C) The Mushroom Project
Sun 27th, Woodland Stage(C) the RPMs
Sun 27th, Pallet Stage(C) The Rumjacks
Fri 25th, Pallet Stage(C) The Shimmer Band
Sat 26th, Maui Waui(C) The Urban Voodoo Machine
Fri 25th, Maui Waui(C) The Vagaband
Thu 24th, unknown stage(C) The Whip
Sat 26th, Maui Waui(C) The Wooden Men
Sat 26th, Woodland Stage(C) Therapy?
Sat 26th, Pallet Stage(C) Tide Lines
Fri 25th, Woodland Comedy(C) Tom Wrigglesworth
Fri 25th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Trav Chav
Sat 26th, Pallet Stage(C) UK Subs
Sun 27th, Woodland Stage(C) UKE Keef
Fri 25th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Ukulele Subs
Fri 25th, Maui Waui(C) Water For Dogs
Fri 25th, Woodland Comedy(C) Wes Zaharuk
Sat 26th, Woodland Stage(C) Will Varley
Sat 26th, Magical Sounds(C) Zion Train
Fri 25th, Magical Sounds(C) ZubZub

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